Walking Through the Broken Glass

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You may be looking for the Phantom Menace story Walking on Broken Glass.

Title: Walking Through the Broken Glass
Publisher: Poison Pen Press
Author(s): Kate Santovani
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print zine
Size: digest-sized
Genre: gen
Fandom: Professionals
Language: English
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cover by Mary Otten

Walking Through the Broken Glass is a 36-page digest-sized gen novel by Kate Santovani.

It is a prequel to Did She Mention My Name?, as well as related to Kate Nuernberg's Mr. Doyle's Neighborhood Series.


From the editorial in British Takeaway #6 (1993):

Kate Santovani wrote a sequel to her 'Walking Through the Broken Glass' which got started in CF. 'Broken Glass,' by the way, is available in digest form for $4.50 from Poison Pen Press, [address redacted]. I recommend it, though you don't have to read it to enjoy 'Did She Mention My Name?' This latter was a special treat for me since one of the characters from Broken Glass — Ray's sister Meg — is introduced to the Neighborhood. This is unofficial alternate universe, although she did discuss it with me while she was writing. I hope she continues to write these (she promised!).


From British Takeaway #6:

Doyle runs into his sister Margaret, usually called Meggie or Meg, when the VIP who has been keeping her winds up dead on her front carpet. Eddy Bramley was a member of the House of Commons, had more enemies than a dog had fleas, a wife a couple of social classes above him, and a lot of money. Meg is obviously the first suspect. The situation is complicated, because Doyle has not seen his sister in twelve years. She ran away at sixteen, after spending some years with her Aunt Pam in Greater Pagford, with a boy Doyle says "I told her to steer clear of." Doyle doesn't think his sister killed Eddy Bramley, or so he tells Murphy and Bodie. But he's not as sure as he sounds. People change in twelve years. A lot of muddy ground is between his sister and him: their mother's death, his abandonment of his sister to their aunt, Meg's marriage and the nephew Doyle never met; her husband's death; and, of course, her entirety unsuitable cast of lovers.