Did She Mention My Name?

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The Professionals Fanfiction
Title: Did She Mention My Name?
Author(s): Kate Santi
Date(s): 1993
Genre: gen
Fandom: The Professionals
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Did She Mention My Name? is a Professionals story by Kate Santivani.

It was published in British Takeaway #6.

The story is a sequel to Walking Through the Broken Glass and both stories utilize Mr. Doyle's Neighborhood Series by Kate Nuernberg.

From Kate Nuernberg

From the editorial of British Takeaway #6:
Kate Santovani wrote a sequel to her 'Walking Through the Broken Glass' which got started in CF. 'Broken Glass,' by the way, is available in digest form for $4.50 from Poison Pen Press, [address redacted]. I recommend it, though you don't have to read it to enjoy 'Did She Mention My Name?' This latter was a special treat for me since one of the characters from Broken Glass — Ray's sister Meg — is introduced to the Neighborhood. This is unofficial alternate universe, although she did discuss it with me while she was writing. I hope she continues to write these (she promised!).

"An Explanation"

Printed in British Takeaway #6:

To begin at the beginning this story is a sequel turned about ninety degrees west. In 1991, or thereabouts, I wrote a story called "Walking Through the Broken Glass", which I subsequently published as a one-shot pamphlet in conjunction with Devra Langsam's Poison Pen Press.

For those of you who have come in through the side door, here is how the universes mesh.

In "Broken Glass", Doyle runs into his sister Margaret, usually called Meggie or Meg, when the VIP who has been keeping her winds up dead on her front carpet Eddy Bramley was a member of the House of Commons, had more enemies than a dog had fleas, a wife a couple of social classes above him, and a lot of money.

Meg is obviously the first suspect There turn out to be two other candidates for the position of Murderer "Blackie" Woodward, a just-released ex-con, and Lord Anthony Godalming who actually wants to marry Doyle's sister.

The situation is complicated, because Doyle has not seen his sister in twelve years. She ran away at sixteen, after spending some years with her Aunt Pam in Greater Pagford, with a boy Doyle says "1 told her to steer clear of."

Meg and the boy, Davey Shaunessey, did get injured. Davey died in an auto accident and their baby died not long after, which started Meg on her less than respectable way down.

Doyle doesn't think his sister killed Eddy Bramley, or so he tells Murphy and Bodie. But he's not as sure as he sounds. People change in twelve years. A lot of muddy ground is between his sister and him: their mother's death, his abandonment of his sister to their aunt, Meg's marriage and the nephew Doyle never met; her husband's death; and, of course, her entirety unsuitable cast of lovers.

However, Ray perseveres, and in the end proves that Meg is not guilty of murder.

The question of what his sister will do now that she is financially independent is delayed when she announces she's going back to Greater Pagford because their Aimt Pam is ill and needs someone to take care of her.

Two minor notes: In the original of "Broken Glass", Amadeus is referred to a Lhasa Apso. My mistake. Amadeus informs me that he is a Pomeranian, and much superior to a modem fad dog. Also, I have given Ray and Meg's mother's name as Arm Alice Thirkell Doyle. The Neighborhood universe calls her Mary. In this ninety-degrees-off sequel, her name is Mary. Possibly Mary Ann.