Old Friends (Professionals zine)

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Title: Old Friends
Publisher: Chained-to-the-Typewriter Press
Date(s): 1994-1995
Medium: print zine
Fandom: The Professionals
Language: English
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cover issue #1

Old Friends is a slash Professionals anthology.

Issue 1

Old Friends 1 was published in 1994 and contains 80 pages.

It is a memorial zine, published in the memory of the editor's friend who died in a car crash as the result of an AIDS-induced black-out. After his death, attendees at the Mile Hi Con (a Colorado convention) dedicated a party fund in his memory. "Anyone who wants to put on a room party can apply for a "starter" of two cases of pop from the Doug Lott Memorial Party Fund."

The zine's table of contents includes two "blank spaces" -- "The spaces left above are so we can hand-write in any last minute things which might arrive! We had two "maybe's" any hope springs eternal! If they arrive after the mail date, we will just send them along."

From the zine's editorial: "Actions speak louder than words—an old cliche which is still true. After bemoaning the loss of the circuit, and realizing that as folks who occasionally produce zines were straddling both sides of the fence, we decided to do both types of zines. Old Friends is the first of these zines designed to be copied and passed from friend to friend, we hope to do another one in 95. To do that, we need help—stories. It seems strange to have editorial policies for a zine which lacks other zine-ish attributes, but you might as well know that I am doing this for the sheer fun of it, and so avoid stories with aspects that are too dark. No death stories and s & m. So, for two contrib copies and the glory of it, I encourage folks to send me their stories.}}

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

[The Christmas Story]: When I was checking the past recs I saw that DVS has been recced [at Crack Van] a number of times, but it's for very good reason, and this is possibly my favourite Christmas story, so here it is. *grin* It's a lovely first time story with an original yet subtle twist to how it works out, and the atmosphere it creates is just fantastic. I actually felt as if I was cut off from the world, surrounded by snow, yet just warm enough wrapped up in the story, in Bodie and Doyle's world, watching as they shared a Christmas and a peaceful job together, fulfilling a few wishes and warming my heart. And it's the details which help to build up this atmosphere; of the surroundings, of Bodie and Doyle's thoughts, and of their very interactions, including, of course, the banter. DVS has a real way with words (unlike me, unfortunately), and it was anything but a chore to read through this again, to experience it all over again, and then try to put it across in words. All I can suggest is reading it (or even rereading it) for yourself to fully understand what I'm trying to explain so poorly *blushes* -- it's just that good. [1]
[zine]: This is an unusual fanzine of about 80 pages long. It was published around 1994/1995. According to the editor, it was an attempt to link up the circuit and fanzines - Old Friends was designed to be copied and passed on. Indeed, it does look like a bunch of circuit stories stapled together. There are blank pages and different typefaces. Altogether, it is very plainly printed and put together, with no artwork. The majority of the writing is by DVS and it is her story which gives the fanzine its title. There are five sequels to 'Old Friends,' by DVS and others, plus a prequel. All in all, the standard of writing is average, though I have come across some very good stories by DVS in other fanzines. The best story, to my mind, and my favourite of the whole collection, is The King's Birthday Gift" by DVS It's a very much tongue-in-cheek A/U: little unicorns and curses ... This is a fanzine that passes the time but it's not, in my opinion, really worth ordering from America as I think most fans would feel disappointed with it. [2]

Issue 2

cover issue #2

Old Friends 2 - "Old Friends Too" was published in 1995 and contains 78 pages.

From On the Double:
The second issue of this free B/D zine. Due out at Mountain Media Con in August. Stories are still being collected for future issues. Contributors get two copies of the zine and are expected to copy this one for friends. It is a thank you to the circuit and fandom... Please note: on the theory that the circuit was a wonderful thing and activity there is greatly missed, and that the only way to keep it alive is for all of us to make an effort. Chained-to-the-Typewriter Press will be doing two kinds of zines. One type is for the usual for-sale type, the other will be circuit zines, designed to be passed around and copied. This memorial to the good old days started with Old Friends. We would like to be able to do one of these a year. These will be B/D stories. Please contribute or it will take a LONG time to get enough for an issue. These zines will be having-fun sorts of things. Sometimes they will have a story. Sometimes there will be a story-starter. Not all items there might be fiction (sic). Everybody is guaranteed to play. The rules are: a general avoidence of the death, disaster and pain sorts of themes, camera ready copy, B/D (i.e. slash!), first time is good (first time stories, first time writers).


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  2. from DIAL #9