This Happy Breed of Men, This England

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Title: This Happy Breed of Men, This England
Publisher: Triffid's Leg Press
Date(s): 1998
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
External Links: Triffid's Leg Press
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This Happy Breed of Men, This England is a 125-page slash anthology. The publisher sometimes refers to it simply as "This Happy Breed of Men."

  • Professional Sex by Lindar (Professionals)
  • Pathetic/Pathetique by Olympian Heights (Professionals) (3 pages)
  • With Roughest Courage by Sandi (Soldier, Soldier) (12 pages)
  • Avon in Mourning by Anon (Blake's 7)
  • Holmes, Sweet Holmes by J.H. Watson (Sherlock Holmes) (a Watson-POV first-person, first time story set after an original case.) (4 pages)
  • In the Smoking-Room by Lindar (Sherlock Holmes) (Watson-POV, first person, one reviewer calls it a one-page drabble)
  • Curious Case of the Dusty Coat by Ophelia (Sherlock Holmes) (Watson-POV, first person story, established relationship.) (6 pages)
  • Fu Manchu's Victory by Lindar (Smith/Petrie) (Fu Manchu)
  • In the Interests of Science by Jan (The Champions) (7 pages)
  • No More Alibis by The Romatic Celt (Perfect Scoundrels) (20 pages)
  • The King's Lament by Lindar (King Arthur)
  • Journey of Discovery by Lindar (Journey into Space) (8 pages)
  • Merlin by Lindar (Merlin)
  • A Casual Affair by Jan (The Champions) (7 pages)
  • Under My Skin by The Romantic Celt (Perfect Scoundrels) (35 pages)
  • Other Days, Other Ways by A Public School-Boy (Tom Brown)/(Flashman) (5 pages)
  • Rect-Quiem by Rubber Johnnie (Dr. Who)

Reactions and reviews

This is a zine featuring all British characters and very nice it is too. It has a well laid out 124 pages with a brief introduction to each fandom for those who have not come across them before. Although with such stalwarts of slash as Holmes and Watson, this is unlikely, there are at least two stories in the zines with characters that I had not come across before, so I found that particularly useful. The zine contains some lovely stories, my favorite being the opener 'With Roughest Courage', a Soldier Soldier story by Sandi. Bittersweet and beautiful, it made me look at the relationship between Paddy Garvey and Dave Tucker with new perspective. There were two very nice Perfect Scoundrels stories from The Romantic Celt. My only niggle with them (and this is only a personal view) is that condoms that come out every time the guys make love. The thought of oral sex though one of those makes me feel a bit sick. Never mind though. The stories loosely follow each other, deepening the relationship between Buchanan and Cassidy and are well written and enjoyable. Other offerings are of the The Champions, Journey into Space, The Professionals and a perfectly lovely follow on from Tom Brown's Schooldays.[1]


  1. ^ from Pillow Talk #1.