No Night So Dark

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Title: No Night So Dark
Publisher: Spyder Writings
Author(s): Elaine Leeke/Spyder
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1989
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Professionals/Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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No Night So Dark is a slash crossover 116-page novel by Elaine Leeke. It was originally a circuit story.

Author's Comments

In 1998, the author wrote:

I was passed a copy of DIAL to read ... Reading through the letters, however, I came across someone asking how they could get to read 'No Night So Dark' ... I mention this only because I wrote it and I thought I would let you know that it is currently being re-written. "No Night" was one of the first things I ever wrote and whilst it was all right at the time, when I look at it now, I cringe a bit. My writing style has changed considerably over the years and although I think that "No Night" is one of the best story ideas I have ever had, I don't think I did the story justice in the writing of it. Because of this it is being totally re-vamped. Doyle is still the hot-headed healer/sorcerer and Bodie is still the lord of the manor in waiting but I am adding a lot of other bits in and making it a bit more 'grown up.' Also, lots more Will and Nasir! 'There is also a sequel, tentatively titled 'Darkfall', which has been several years in the writing but should be finished next year. [1]

Fan Comments

This story is a Pros/Robin of Sherwood crossover, featuring Bodie as a disowned son and Ahrenray Doyle, a witch. At their first meeting, Doyle talks himself into a fight with Bodie which he loses. To get his own back he then makes a condition for helping out Bodie's village, that Bodie becomes his servant and bedmate for seven whole days afterwards. Bodie agrees to the terms, and so starts an entertaining adventure that includes dragons, a black witch, and tragedy.

"No Night So Dark" can be read as a one-off story, but I'm sure by the way it was written that it was meant to have a sequel. However, I haven't come across it yet so far.

I enjoyed re-reading this story, as the Doyle in it is fascinating and Bodie is as steady as ever. Their relationship matures slowly but surely. Altogether, it is a lovely story. [2]


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