As Smooth as a Waltz

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Title: As Smooth as a Waltz
Publisher: in Belgium
Editor(s): A.M. Calwaert
Date(s): 1989
Medium: print
Fandom: Professionals
Language: English
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As Smooth as a Waltz is a Professionals gen anthology of fiction, non-fiction, clippings, ads, photos, and LoCs. There are at least four issues. One issue has a story called "Operation Impossible" by Brian Clemens that appeared in an issue of the letterzine, Mixed Doubles. [1]

A 1990 ad says: "Genzine dedicated to Lewis Collins. This zine is for Lewis Collins fans -- who like to stay in touch with his career and each other! It will feature -- news, comments, clippings from British/Euopean magazines, artwork, ads, swops, zine/shop lists, photos, LOC's, reviews, synopsis, and fiction based on any of Lewis Collins [sic] many characterizations in movies/t.v./theatre... Each issue will have about 60 to 80 pages, photocopied with hardcover in A5 size booklet. All issues will stay available -- if the one you order is out of print, please, allow a longer time of delivery. Contributions welcome! Free copy for artists/writers."

In a 2007 posting to a fanzine mailing list, "As Smooth as a Waltz " was described as a letterzine and 3 issues were offered for sale.

In a 2010 Livejournal community posting, it was described as being made up of black and white "photocopied articles about Lew and some gen fanfiction about Bodie and Doyle". The zine was published in Belgium in the 1990s. [2]

Issue 1

Issue 2

As Smooth as a Waltz 2 was published in 1989 and contains 90 pages.

Issue 3

Issue 4


  1. "More recently, "Operation Impossible" was reprinted in the Belgium genzine for Lewis Collins' roles, As Smooth as a Waltz. That zine was available in '89 and '90 and might still be available now." -- from Cold Fish and Stale Chips #8
  2. The Safehouse