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Name/s: greedy_dancer, greedydancer, G_D, GD, gee_dee
Fandom/s: Bandom, One Direction, The Eagle, The Hour, Skyfall, Avengers, QAF (US), Lotrips, SPN, Inception
You can find me at: Twitter, Tumblr
AO3, audiofic archive
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Slasher, reader, commenter, podficcer, cover artist, wiki editor and occasional writer. Born in the 20th century. Bisexual. French.

I started my fannish career in 2001 on QAF message boards, Yahoo Groups and the like, before creating a LiveJournal in October 2003. I was primarily journal-based (LJ then DW) until about 2014, when most of my activity shifted to Twitter. Also intermittently active on Tumblr, and more recently on Discord.

Became an "advanced editor" in May 2022.

Fandom History

Mostly media fandoms, mostly slash, mostly RPF.

Start dates:

Love(d), but not fannish about: (some) Battlestar Galactica, BtvS, Black Books, (some) Grey's Anatomy, (some) House MD, (some) How I Met Your Mother, Misfits, (some) Prison Break, Project Runway, Scrubs, The OC, The Great British Bake Off, The Good Wife and The Good Fight, The West Wing, Top Chef, Veronica Mars, Schitt's Creek, Brooklyn 99...

Fanlore contributions


Worked On

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