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Name/s: greedy_dancer, greedydancer, G_D, GD
Fandom/s: Bandom, One Direction, The Eagle, The Hour, Skyfall, Avengers, QAF (US), Lotrips, SPN, Inception
You can find me at: Twitter, Tumblr
AO3, audiofic archive
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Slasher, reader, commenter, podficcer, occasional writer, cover artist, wiki editing n00b. Bisexual. French.

Fandom History

Mostly media fandoms, mostly slash, mostly RPF.

Start dates:

Love(d), but not fannish about: (some) Battlestar Galactica, BtvS, Black Books, (some) Downton Abbey, (some) Grey's Anatomy, (some) House MD, (some) How I Met Your Mother, Misfits, (some) Prison Break, Project Runway, Scrubs, The OC, The Great British Bake Off, The Good Wife, The West Wing, Top Chef, Veronica Mars...

Fanlore contributions


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