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Name: Magog83
Alias(es): Sally
Type: archivist, writer, vidder, reader
Fandoms: History, Radio 1 RPF, Merlin etc.
Communities: 1066andallthat
URL: Twitter
Archive of Our Own page
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Magog83 is a notable fan, fanfiction writer, vidder and archivist.


As listed on her various profiles, Sally has taken part in the following fandoms:

Merlin fandom

Sally was active as a writer in Merlin fandom from 2009 to 2011. She wrote 25 stories, all Arthur/Merlin, including The Route to Advancement Series.

Many of her stories have been made into podfic.[1] Podficcer lunchee recorded at least ten, including the first part of the Meeting the Minister series and The Route to Advancement Series, which was repodded in 2014 by kalakirya.

Sally also created two Merlin fanvids.[2][3]

Radio 1 RPF

At the time of writing, Sally is most active in Radio 1 RPF-Nick Grimshaw fandom as the creator of near-daily clips of the best of the Breakfast Show links.

Sally was an early supporter of "Grimmy" as the new host of the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show, having followed him from his night-time slot on the same station.

The first Breakfast Show aired Sept 23, 2012, she posted her first clip Nov 7, 2012[4] and continued posting memorable quotes, screencaps, notable interviews etc, first sporadically and then more and more regularly until it became a daily occurrence.

The clips are carefully cropped, dated, tagged with any notable participants or objects of discussion, and uploaded to her Tumblr, to Youtube, Soundcloud or other platforms (depending on length and occasional copyright claims) along with a relevant image and short, often humorous summary. They are found under the Breakfast Show tag.

She has also created a number of audio compilations of the best of the Breakfast show, which tend to reflect her fondness for former Breakfast Show producer Matt Fincham. Examples:

  • finchymix, posted in 2013: Just a silly mix I made of my favourite Breakfast Show clips from the show so far featuring Matt Fincham trying to maintain some semblance of control over proceedings and Grimmy having none of it.
  • Songs for Fincham, posted May 2015: In honour of my new FUNCTIONAL laptop (and of Matt Fincham of course. RIP) I give you Songs for Fincham - aka those times Nick serenaded his beloved producer ;)
  • The Giggle Fits: The 2014-2015 Edition, posted June 6, 2015.

Sally also created a primer to the show: Sally's Overlong Guide to the Radio 1 Breakfast Show Team :), posted to her Livejournal April 2nd, 2013.


"@magog83 Thank you - and for all the hard work you put into clipping our best bits every single day. It's appreciated loads :)"

From celebrities

In a fandom-typical break of the Fourth Wall, Sally's archiving work was acknowledged by Matt Fincham himself on Twitter.

From fellow fans

The reactions to stupidgorgeousbritishboys's Tumblr post screencapping Matt's reply exemplify how valued Sally's work is to many fen. Various members of the fandom reblogged the post, using tags such as:

  • "WE LOVE YOU SALLY FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK TOO!! we should tell you this more" - Tumblr user stupidgorgeousbritishboys
  • "honestly magog83 does the lord's work" - Tumblr user dickviolin
  • "sally you deserve all this praise and so much more" - Tumblr user ladsfm
  • "you totally deserve all the props" - Tumblr user hinickgrimshaw
  • "yay for sally" - Tumblr user thattomlinsonass

The archive also serves as inspiration and reference for a number of fanworks. See for example the writer's notes to pod_together project You and I and No One Else by hllangel and greedydancer:

While technically I wrote it and she read it, there’s a lot more collaboration behind the scenes. We brainstormed together to come up with the idea, passed pieces back and forth to edit while I wrote, and spent a lot of time listening to audio clips to find exactly the right ones. (so many thanks to magog83 for her vast archive. You are a gift to this fandom.)

Other Fanworks

Magog also wrote in The Eagle fandom (Marcus/Esca), and owns the history-oriented Livejournal community 1066andallthat.

In 2015, she became active as a supporter of the BBC in the #BacktheBBC campaign.[5]



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