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Tropes and genres
Synonym(s)Personal imagine, personals
Related tropes/genresImagine (genre), Y/N
See alsoself insertion
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Personals are a subcategory of the imagine genre of fanfiction found primarily on Tumblr, Wattpad and Twitter in younger fandoms, which are written for readers that request stories about themselves and their favourite celebrities. Personals are closely related to Y/N imagines, in that they are usually written in a second person point of view, but personals are by definition customized (with varying degrees of effort) to the requester's name, age, interests etc. Personals are generally het.


(Wow, well this was my first imagine. Request a personal if you'd like)[1]

Send in some imagine requests I do personals, give me your name (for personals) and a scenario I can make one up if you want I also do preferences just request them too xxx :)[2]

Anonymous asked: "Hi, I'm Paris - I was wondering if you could please do an imagine for me? It would mean a lot. :) I'm 17, with long, wavy brown hair, red highlights, and green eyes. I'm pretty short and curvy. I'd like it to be with Louis, where you two were best friends, and then you dated for over a year. He broke it off and broke your heart, but you never fell out of love with him, and the two of you best friends, despite everything. And then he finally realizes that you're meant to be together. :) xx"



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