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Name: Joseph Trohman
Also Known As: JoeTroh
Occupation: Musician (bassist for Arma Angelus, guitarist and backup vocalist for Fall Out Boy, The Damned Things)
Medium: Music
Works: FOB discography
The Damned Things discography
Official Website(s): Twitter account
Fan Website(s):
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Joe Trohman is a musician from Chicago, best known as guitarist for core Bandom band Fall Out Boy. He is known for his geekiness, curly hair and on-stage spinning jumps. He is the only Jewish member of the band.

Joe appears in a number of Bandom RPF fanworks, mostly as a supporting character. Because of his openness about smoking weed, he is often depicted in fanfiction as a stereotypical stoner.


As of April 2017, there were 2,585 works tagged 'Joe Trohman' on Archive of Our Own. Most popular ship tags:

Joe's real-life wife Marie also sometimes appears as a background character.

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