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Name: shiningartifact
Type: podficcer, fanficcer, icons and picspam creator
Fandoms: Bandom, Teen Wolf, American Idol RPF, etc.
URL: LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, Tumblr, Twitter, AO3
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Shiningartifact is a podficcer, fanfic writer, and a maker of icons and picspams.

According to her LJ masterlist, she posted podfic as early as 2009 in Kradam fandom.[1] She was a popular MCR podficcer from 2010 to 2013, focusing primarily on Frank/Gerard podfics.

Example Works



Other Works

Recs and Feedback

Rec for "Might I Have a Bit of Earth" on podfic_love, by akamine_chan:

shiningartifact has a lovely, clear voice that’s well suited to vocal performances, with just a hint of huskiness that’s keeps things interesting. The way she voices Frank and Gerard in this work, Frank cocky and bold, Gerard more cynical, weary and wary, are perfect. shiningartifact guides us along on a treacherous journey with Frank and Gerard, through the deepest reaches of the Grit, and makes us believe in space pirates and bounty hunters and strangest of all, hope.
shiningartifact’s pacing is perfect, deliberate and thoughtful, and it just adds so much depth to her performance, bringing out the sharpness of life in an unforgiving universe. Hands down, one of my favorite podfics ever.[2]

Comment on "[Podfic of] Training Exercise, by sinsense" by rivers_bend:

aaah! I could listen to you reading forever, and this was just SO PRECIOUS. I love your stiles voice, how he's so perfectly balanced between awkward and assured, and oh my GOD hottest kissing. I am so glad you did this <3[3]

Comment on "PodFic - New Rule, by bexless" (primer/picspam + podfic) by aneas:

Oh, thank you very much for this fantastic introduction to Bandom. The guys are gorgeous, the pic spam is really hilarious and sweet and kind of addictive and I think this has been the loveliest way to meet them.
As always, your work is amazing, your voice is tender and hot and funny and all around awesome. Sometimes I think that I'd download and listen to the Yellow Pages if you were to read them.[4]