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Synonyms: Dancer AU
Related: Dancing in Fanworks, Alternate Universe
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Dance AU is a multifandom trope. It covers fanworks in which characters are professional dancers, students or teachers at a dance school, or enter a dance competition (when said characters do not do these things in canon).

Generally the dancing plays a part in the work's plot.

Example Fanworks



  • His Perfect Partner (on AO3) by fountainofthought. (Glee, Kurt/Blaine) After five disappointing seasons on Dancing with the Stars, professional dancer Kurt Hummel finally has his chance at ballroom glory. With actress and fan favorite Kim Schrodinger as his partner, Kurt vows to channel all his focus into winning that mirrorball trophy--distractions, including men, be damned. Enter Blaine Anderson, a gorgeous, confusing pop star who may turn out to be the biggest distraction of them all. (2012)

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