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Name: Alex Suarez
Also Known As: Suarez, Suareasy
Occupation: Musician (bass, keyboard, backup vocals for Cobra Starship, This Is Ivy League)
Medium: Music
Works: Cobra Starship discography
This is Ivy League discography
Official Website(s): Twitter account
Fan Website(s):
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Alex Suarez is best known as bass player for Bandom band Cobra Starship. He trained as a chef before going into music. He and Ryland Blackinton also have an indie side-project, "This Is Ivy League". Alex appears in


Alex Suarez appears in a number of Bandom fanworks, mostly as a supporting character in works involving the other members of Cobra Starship.

He is also known for an 2007 interview he gave regarding fanfiction. See Bandom and the Fourth Wall:

Question: What is the craziest rumor you've heard about yourself?
Alex Suarez: What's that stuff called? Fan... Fan fiction. [...] So, there's one that's like, Ryland and Alex got into a fight - cause they always do that. So Gabe says, why are you guys fighting? But it turns out we're actually having sex in the middle of the bunks, I guess.
Vicky-T, in the background: Which, you know, happens regularly.
Alex: [unintelligible] we just get naked and bang each other, which is pretty sweet. But I thought the funniest part about it though is, they really make me seem like a bitch. [...] How do they figure this stuff out? I mean, not that it's true, but.
Vicky-T: You know, Alex after he read it, he wasn't like 'oh, this is so gross,' he was like, 'why do they make me out to look like the bitch? Why am I getting fucked? [...]

Question: Do you guys actually read any of it?
Alex: Yeah.
Q: All of you? Do all of you do it?
Alex: Yeah, we usually sit down and read together over like, hot chocolate in the morning.

Question: So what's your favourite fanfiction pairing?
Alex: There's some really crazy ones, where people create these scenarios from their favourite dudes in bands. It's like, I stole Ryan Ross from Pete Wentz. I thought that was pretty funny. I was flattered that they thought of me. Maybe I would steal Ryan Ross from Pete Wentz, you know, why not? So I thought that was pretty sweet. I just got so excited that they were like, "yeah, let's throw Alex Suarez something."[1]

As of January, 2019, there are over 210 works tagged 'Alex Suarez' on AO3.[2]



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