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Name: Alex Suarez
Also Known As: Suarez, Suareasy
Occupation: Musician (bass, keyboard, backup vocals for Cobra Starship, This Is Ivy League)
Medium: Music
Works: Cobra Starship discography
This is Ivy League discography
Official Website(s): Twitter account
Fan Website(s):
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Alex Suarez is best known as bass player for Bandom band Cobra Starship. He trained as a chef before going into music. He and Ryland Blackinton also have an indie side-project, "This Is Ivy League". Alex appears in

He is also known for an interview he gave regarding fanfiction. See Bandom and the Fourth Wall.

See Wikipedia for detail.


Alex Suarez appears in a number of Bandom fanworks, mostly as a supporting character.

As of Sept 21, 2014, there were 134 works tagged 'Alex Suarez' on AO3.[1] Most popular ship tags:


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