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Name: Perrie Louise Edwards
Also Known As: Pez, Pezza
Occupation: Musician (member of Little Mix)
Medium: Music
Works: Little Mix discography
Official Website(s): shared band Twitter account
Fan Website(s):
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Perrie Edwards is an English singer in the girl-band Little Mix. She features in a number of fanworks.

See the Little Mix Wiki for details.

Fandom Presence and Ships

As the ex-fiancée of former One Direction member Zayn Malik, Perrie is the Little Mix member who attracts the most attention from the mainstream media and from fandom.

As of April 30, 2015, Perrie was tagged in 2331 works on AO3, approximately five times as many as the next most popular LM member.


  • The Zerrie (Zayn/Perrie) ship utterly overwhelms other LM ships with 1527 works posted on AO3 as of April 30, 2015. The ship can appear as endgame, but is often a background ship in stories focusing on other One Direction ships. It can also be broken up, cheated on or made into an open or poly relationship to facilitate shipping Zayn with another male (usually one of his bandmates).
  • The next most popular ship is Perrie/Jade which only boasted 66 works at the same date.

Fan Attitudes and Controversies

Perrie has been the target of a lot of criticism, some gratuitous, some deserved.

Jealousy and Hate

Like many women in relationships with popular men, Perrie has been the target of fan jealousy and hate. She has been derided as not good/pretty enough for Zayn, a gold-digger, and blamed for Zayn's departure from One Direction.[1]

Other fans tend to point out and condemn this behaviour.[2]

"Zerrie Is Fake"

A number of fans are convinced that the relationship was fake, designed for PR purposes to leverage One Direction's success to promote Little Mix.[3]

This theory sometimes comes with a side of tinhatting, in which Perrie is cast as the beard who provided a cover for Ziam (Zayn/Liam). See for example this analysis post, posted in March 2013:

Perrie and Zayn - A Ziam Masterpost [...]

So naturally, something had to be done to prove Zayn was straight as a fucking arrow, and in late April/May 2012 the Zerrie “relationship” went official.

April 27, 2012 (X) the Zerrie show opens with a couple of tweets between Perrie and Zayn. Is it just me or does everyone else just feel awkward on Zayn’s behalf?

May 23, 2012 brought us the HQ pics of Zayn and Perrie on a scooter outside his house while he waited to be picked up by the boys who were leaving on the North American leg of the UAN tour (X) And again I cringe. I mean that quite literally. Zayn just looks so awkward with her[4]

Problematic Behaviour

Not all criticism of Perrie can be dismissed as hating. Perrie can be considered as the worst offender in Little Mix in terms of cultural appropriation (she has been pictured wearing a Native American headdress, bindis etc.[5]) and has made thoughtless, problematic remarks to defend herself from haters.[6]


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