Panic 2.0

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Synonyms: Panic! at the Disco
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Panic 2.0 is a term commonly used to describe the second incarnation of Bandom band Panic! at the Disco, namely the Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie, Spencer Smith, Jon Walker line-up which formed in 2006 and lasted until the 2009 Divorce.

It is the most popular version of the band in fandom, inspiring many GSF fics, amongst others.

Examples of Use

So as you perhaps already know and as I have already alluded to, in 2009 Panic At The Disco as we knew them (Panic 2.0, as Panic 1.0 means Brent) split up because of musical/creative differences, with Brendon and Spencer staying in Panic and Ryan and Jon forming a different band, The Young Veins (also called TYV in shorthand).[1]

Bandom: Spencer Smith—this was a tough one, but Panic 2.0 was totally my favorite bandom band, and I am weak to the competence and bitchface and HIPS[2]

Wee bb!Panic 2.0, on a tour bus, getting waylaid by mysterious darkness, eerie noises, and zombies.[3]