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Name: no_tags
Date(s): Created 29 December 2009 - Last updated 6 January 2013
Moderator(s): As of 2014, mods are jrho and inlovewithnight
Founder: AirgiodSLV
Type: fic exchange
Fandom: Bandom
Associated Community: livejournal; dreamwidth
URL: AO3 collection
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no_tags is an anonymous Bandom ficlet exchange with a turnaround of one week between claiming a prompt and posting the ficlets.

The name presumably refers to the fact that ficlets are posted anonymously, like presents with no tags attached.

The challenge usually takes place in January.


AirgiodSLV created the challenge on Livejournal in 2010. In 2012, she handed the community over to inlovewithnight and jrho.[1]

The challenge was moved to dreamwidth in 2013.


How this works!

1. There will be a sign-up post where everyone can leave their preferred pairings and prompts, screened. If you sign up, you are saying you commit to writing a ficlet for someone over the next week.

2. I’ll post the pairings and prompts in a list, and then everyone can anonymously claim one for their very own! It will be first-come, first-served, so I’ll try to post it at an hour that’s good for as many time zones as possible.

3. One week from the prompt claim post, everyone will post their ficlets through the challenge journal (I’ll give everyone the password) so that they remain anonymous. Ficlets should be a minimum of 1,000 words. The sky’s the limit, but this is a ficlet exchange and you’ll only have a week to write, so try to limit yourself to the length of one lj post.

4. Feedback and guessing will ensue.

5. The great reveal!

If you’re interested, drop your name into the screened sign-up post along with your requested pairings and prompts! Any questions can be addressed here in the comments![2]

After all ficlets have been posted, mods put up a guessing post where readers can speculate on who wrote what, and eventually a claiming post for authors to reveal what they wrote.


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  2. Ficlet Exchange Rules! by AirgiodSLV, posted to LJ community on Jan 2nd, 2010.