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Name: Greta Salpeter
Also Known As: Greta Morgan Salpeter, Greta Morgan
Occupation: Musician: vocalist and pianist (The Hush Sound, Gold Motel, others)
Medium: Music
Works: The Hush Sound discography, Gold Motel discography
Official Website(s): Twitter account
Fan Website(s):
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Greta Salpeter, later known as Greta Morgan (born 1988) is best known in fandom as on of the vocalists and the keyboard player of peripheral Bandom band The Hush Sound.

See Wikipedia for detail.

She features in a number of fanworks, often without the rest of her band, being cast by virtue of being one of the very few women in the Bandom canon.


As of Sept 28, 2014, there were 193 works tagged 'Greta Salpeter' on AO3.[1] She appears mostly as a supporting character. Note that it is likely other fics were written on Livejournal and elsewhere which have not been reposted to AO3.

Most popular ship tags, according to the AO3 sidebar:

Other Bandom characters that have been written with Greta in het fanfics: Spencer Smith, Ryan Ross, Joe Trohman, Mike Carden, The Butcher etc, either in tourfic or in AUs. In femslash pairings: Maja Ivarsson, Hayley Williams, Tennessee Thomas etc.

Example Fanworks

As part of the main ship:

As a significant supporting character:

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