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Name: Summer Podfic Swap
Date(s): 2021-
Moderator(s): silverandblue, secretsofluftnarp
Founder: silverandblue, secretsofluftnarp
Type: gift exchange
Fandom: podfic/multifandom
Associated Community:
URL: Summer Podfic Swap 2021 AO3 Profile
Summer Podfic Swap Twitter account
Summer Podfic Swap at DW
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Summer Podfic Swap is a podfic gift exchange created in 2021 and run by silverandblue and secretsofluftnarp on AO3.

The first edition had 41 participating podficcers and produced 92 works in 54 fandoms.[1]


Are you looking for some low commitment podfic fun this summer? Sign up for Summer Podfic Swap, a new multi-fandom, no-minimum podfic exchange!
Summer Podfic Swap AO3 profile


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