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Title: Just Words
Publisher: Siochan
Editor(s): Siochan & Jen Lynn
Date(s): July 2005
Series?: no
Medium: print
Fandom: Lotrips
Language: English
External Links: Just Words Livejournal
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Just Words fanzine Back Cover
Just Words fanzine Front Cover

Just Words: A Collection of Viggorli art & fiction is a Lotrips slash fanzine focused on the Viggorli pairing. It was thought up and compiled by Siochan to benefit the charity Médecins Sans Frontières. It was published in 2005 through cafepress.


The zine is 292 pages long and features cover art by hazyshade, 16 pieces of original Viggorli fanfic, a poem and 5 original illustrations. It also features meta in the form of an essay and some "surveys" (questionnaires) filled in by 5 of the fandom's writers. Most of the contributors used different names/pseudonyms than those they were known by on LiveJournal.

From the zine's Cafepress page:

From the Contributor:

Just Words fanzine aims to be a diverse and distinctive glimpse into the Viggorli Slash Fandom, exploring many aspects of Viggorli; from New Zealand and LA to AU and Fantasy.With contributions from both promising new authors and long time favourites, Just Words contains stories of varied ratings, lengths and styles. Published in July 2005 it contains 17 exclusive stories and illustrations as well as essays and thoughts on the fandom from a variety of perspectives. All proceeds from the sale of this fanzine go to the charitable organisation, Médecins Sans Frontières.[1]

From Siochan's Foreword:

When I initially put the idea of creating a fanzine to the Viggorli Community to co-operation I received from people was tremendous. Almost everyone I approached was both interested and very willing to put time and effort into producing or editing something exclusively for the project.

As my aspirations grew and the project developed from a fanzine into what is now a sizeable book everybody involved came along for the ride. My hope was that - since it would be an impossibility to accomodate stories from all of our many authors - the book would represent a cross-section of the fandom, including both high profile authors and new, emerging talent. With contributions and assistance from over 50 people, it is truly a team effort [...].

The contributors were asked not to post their stories for at least one year after publication.[1]

Readers were encouraged to leave feedback on the zine's LiveJournal community: justwords-zine.livejournal.com

The zine was priced at $18.25 and earned at least $475 for the charity.[2] Fans organised methods of buying and shipping for those who did not have credit cards.[3]


The stories range from G to NC-17 in ratings.

  • Romeo & Romeo by Bailey – In Elizabethan England, comely young men filled the women's roles in plays. Viggo Mortensen is a playwright known as the Dane. Orlando Bloom is a wealthy nobleman's son who longs to act. Circumstance conspires to bring them together on opening night. NC-17.
  • Stop / Start by Razzle. Illustrated by Reafre. – Viggo and Orlando share an addiction. With one another's help, can they learn to come to terms with their needs? NC-17.
  • Doghouse by Viggosterri – Somebody is in the Doghouse. G.
  • An Unlikely Pair by Tiniowien. Illustrated by Reafre. – It doesn't matter who or what you are. What if you just... don't belong? Fantasy. NC-17.
  • Shades of Night by nienna – Sometimes things are clearer in darkness. PG-13.
  • Like, Totally Soy, Y'know? Fer Sure! by alliwantisanelfforchristmas and PuterPatty – Where you can have whatever you want on the bottom and get a top too. PG.
  • Living A Dream by Katlinn – New Years in Hawaii. PG-13.
  • Diamonds and Rust by ElaineThe past echoes down the line; semantics and dogs; an antiquated radiator; snow in July. Roma tomatoes, and a full moon. Pencilled scrawl, and dust motes. PG - soft R.
  • Hold Me by Loyaldreamer – Just a moment in time. PG-13.
  • Meeting the Tide by Darcy and Arianne. Illustrated by Reafre. – The moon controls the tide, and everything stands still. NC-17.
  • More Than Words by Claireyfairy1 – A Mortensen family affair brings Orlando and Viggo closer together. NC-17.
  • CinderOrli by Soar. Illustrated by Mair Perkins. – A modern retelling of a classic fairytale. PG-13.
  • Real by pseudonihilist – Orlando's theories about acting get in the way. R.
  • Never Say Goodbye by Jen Lynn. Illustrated by Shun Acho. – Do all roads lead Orlando to Viggo's arms? A simple twist of fate, two very different outcomes. NC-17.
  • Colony by Aleathiel – In 1607 a small group of brave men set out to make new lives in a new world. Facing storms and famines and natives, they battled to create a community. With a new life came new opportunities and the possibility of new love. NC-17.
  • A Home at the Far Side of the World" by Lostiawen – Orlando needs a break from the public eye, and he receives an offer from his ex-lover Viggo to spend some time in New Zealand at his new house. The catch? The place needs a little work. BDSM. NC-17.
  • Moments by Jassy. Illustrated by Leia. – The evolution of a relationship seen through the moments that define it. NC-17.
  • Fandom essay by Melacita
  • Fandom Surveys by Sakurazukaloti & Orlisheart
  • It's eleven before you glow red-orange by Helethmiel


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