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Name: Arianne, Adelaide
Alias(es): cynical_terror, veryrarelyred
Type: Fan writer, podficcer, vidder
Fandoms: Tokio Hotel, Lotrips, Harry Potter, The X-Files, Final Fantasy VII, Supernatural, MDZS/The Untamed
Communities: Tokio Hotel Fiction
Other: Cynical Terror, Very Rarely Red (author sites)
URL: cynical_terror on Archive of Our Own
cynical_terror on LiveJournal (friendslocked)
cynical_terror on Tokio Hotel Fiction
take_the_slip, updates Yahoo! group (archive link)
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Arianne, also known as cynical_terror, is a fanfiction writer formerly[1] in fandoms including Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Tokio Hotel.

She was a co-founder of the Tokio Hotel Fiction archive.

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  1. ^ cynical_terror - Profile, Archived version on Archive of Our Own, accessed 30 September 2023: "Former fanfic author and unruly fangirl..."