Tokio Hotel Fiction

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Name: Tokio Hotel Fiction
Date(s): 2007 – present
Archivist: Haylzee and others
Founder: undrockroll and cynical_terror
Type: Fanfiction
Fandom: Tokio Hotel
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Tokio Hotel Fiction is a members-only Tokio Hotel fanfiction archive. It was originally part of the fansite Tokio Hotel Does America.

Welcome to Tokio Hotel Fiction! This is a website for fan fiction about characters involving Tokio Hotel. Here you can read and write fan fiction, and you can also meet a community of fans of the band. [...]

THF runs moderated submissions, which means that when you submit your fanfic, it goes into a queue to be approved. If there is a moderator online at the time, they will look at your fic in the “holding area” and if it complies with the site guidelines, your fanfic will be published!

Tokio Hotel Fiction FAQ