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Name: Darcy
Alias(es): undrockroll, undrockroll483, dmbdragonfly, dmb_dragonfly, copacetic_fic[1]
Type: Fan writer, moderator, reccer, podficcer
Fandoms: Tokio Hotel, Lotrips, Harry Potter, others
Communities: Tokio Hotel Fiction, thfics_on_tape, de_garfed, deagol_watch, gyllenguire
Other: cynicalrockroll (fiction journal with cynical_terror)
a_novel_idear (recs journal with cynical_terror)
URL: undrockroll at LiveJournal (friendslocked)
undrockroll at Dreamwidth (friendslocked)
undrockroll at Tokio Hotel Fiction
Copacetic (author site, archived link)
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undrockroll, previously known as dmbdragonfly, is a multifandom fan and fanfiction writer. She was particularly prolific in Tokio Hotel fandom, where she co-founded the archive Tokio Hotel Fiction and authored around 70 stories.

She frequently collaborated with Arianne (cynical_terror), and the two share the fic journals cynicalrockroll (Tokio Hotel) and lymphomaniacs (Lotrips, deleted) for their joint fanfiction. Darcy and Arianne also ran the Lotrips recs journal a_novel_idear.

Darcy was also a LiveJournal community moderator. She co-ran the small Tobey Maguire/Jake Gyllenhaal RPS community gyllenguire and the sparse newsletter community deagol_watch for Thomas Robins, the actor who potrays Déagol in The Lord of the Rings. She founded the Garfield community de_garfed in 2006 and the Tokio Hotel podfic comm thfics_on_tape in 2009.

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