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This is a list of fanzines that have Sentinel content. For a more complete list, see Category: Sentinel Gen Zines and Category:Sentinel Slash Zines.

Two other good sources of fanzine information are the Loft Library - Slash Zines and Loft Library - Gen Zines, both of which have been a source of fanzine covers and details. Thanks also to the many other fanzine publishers and zine collectors for their data.



Sentinel zines and crossovers

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
24 Hours Agent With Style 2007
Ace in the Hole novel by Lynn Montgomery 1999
Author's Choice - DawnC]] also SG-1 AllGen Press
The Best of Donna Gentry 1, 2 reprints net stories Tria Demens Press
Blended Spirits AllGen Press 2002
Bonds of Friendship Requiem Publications 2009
Broken Wings both slash and gen versions exist The Presses 1999
Brothers in Limbo crossover with The Real Ghostbusters and Quantum Leap by Emilie Renee Karr 1999
Brothers of the Bond crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean by Susan Foster 2005
The Burnaby Chronicles by Nightowl Blackfly Presses 2004
Cascade Beyond the Veil Skeeter Press
Cascade Effect Secret Pleasures Press
Chinook, Vol. 3 Blackfly Presses
Coming Up for Air - Delilah AU, 163 pages, previously net-published DE Press 2006
The Compassion Trap - Gil Hale M7 crossover Agent With Style 2006
Concrete Jungle anthology Anime House Press 1997
Conflicted and Assuaged anthology by Amanda 2005
The Ellison/Sandburg File - D.L. Witherspoon crossover with X-Files Agent With Style 1999
Evolution of Friendship Season One stories and illustrations by Annie DE Press 2007
Exits by Jody Norman Neon Rainbow Press 2005
Families - Sheila Paulson Agent With Style
Father Figure - Amethyst domestic discipline DE Press
Gemini - TM Alexander both slash and gen versions exist The Presses 1997
Gris Gris - TM Alexander both slash and gen versions exist 2001
Haywire - JET 2005
Hear No Evil (Sentinel zine) Blackfly Presses 2000
Hijacked! - D. L. Witherspoon Skeeter Press 2001
Holiday Sensations
Home Free
Intersections - Sheila Paulson SG-1 crossover
The Jobie Series by Annie Requiem Publications
Knitted Souls #1-9 LRH Balzer 1997-2003
Lifeline - Tate
Like Puppets on a String - Kelly Meding Agent With Style 2001
The Limits of Trust - Sheila Paulson SG-1 crossover 1999
The Mask of Khufu - Sheila Paulson The Master xover Requiem Publications 2009
Masks - Susan L. Williams Skeeter Press 2000
Merging Universes - Toshua crossover with SG-1 Nuthatch Press 2004
Merged Worlds Sentinel crossover zine Skeeter Press 2002
No Center Line - LRH Balzer crossover with Millennium and Nash Bridges LRH Balzer 1999
Noel - Romanse Requiem Publications 2007
Observations on the Function of a Modern Sentinel Blackfly Presses
Once Upon a Time - Sealie AU
See No Evil Blackfly Presses 2000
Seize the Moment Neon Rainbow Press
Sense of War xover with Rat Patrol Knightwriter Press 2000
Sensory Net #1-5 reprints netfic Neon Rainbow Press 2006-
Sensory Overload #1-4 Neon Rainbow Press 1997-
The Sentinel (Sentinel zine) #1-21
Sentinel in Space Blackfly Presses
A Sentinel's Guide #1-5 reprints Kristine Williams netfic
The Sentinel Special Gen Collection Neon Rainbow Press
Sentry Duty #1- Agent With Style 1997-
The Sentry Post #1-8 GraphicsOne 1997 - 2003
Sen Two Gen stories by Lyn and Annie Requiem Publications 2008
Silver Cloud, Dark Lining - KandaceK Skeeter Press 2000
Sins of the Father xover with Emergency by Audrey Lynne Criterion Press 2003
Sirocco - D.L. Witherspoon Skeeter Press 2000
Smarm (Sentinel zine) LRH Balzer
Speak No Evil (Sentinel zine) Blackfly Presses 2000
Spirit Journeys xover with LOTR by Sheila Paulson Requiem Publications 2010
Standing Sentinel #1-4 2001-
Therapy for the Soul - Lyn Townsend AllGen Press
This Only Happens to Other People - Panda
Three Short Sentinel Stories - Kenneth W. Myers Tria Demens Press 2003
Tribal Lore #1-2 DE Press 2006
Unsleeping by Martha Taylor Skeeter Press 2000
Upgrade AU by Yvonne McCool
What You See Is... xover with SG-1 2005
Y2K Sentinel by Lee Knightwriter Press


Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication Author's Choice Sentinel and SG-1 AllGen Press 2002
Inside a Broken Dream 1998


Sentinel and TS crossovers only

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
852 Prospect #1-2 anthology 1998-1999
After All - Candy Apple AMC Press
AfterGlow: The Collected Sentinel Slash Fiction reprints from Primal Instincts Light and Shadow Press 2006
All My Roads - Candy Apple AMC Press
All the King's Horses, All the King's Men - Valaria Songs from the Sewers Press
The Alternate Sentinel AU anthology Agent With Style 2000
Alternate Visions novel by Ophelia, art by TACS AMC Press
Alternity - Legion AU, xover with SG-1 Requiem Publications
Angel On My Mind Virgin!Blair anthology, Angel Wings Press/Requiem Publications 1999-2006
Another Nine Months mpreg, sequel to Nine Months and Twelve Months Angel Wings Press 2002
Anything (Sentinel zine)- Lucy Hale Rafe/Simon Agent With Style 2000
The Bait 2003
Bakari - Alyjude Requiem Publications 2000
Beefstick and Lambchop #1-2 NoShaman Press Quantum Fire Press 1997-1999
Best of Alyjude Angel Wings Press
Best of Bast Requiem Publications
The Best of LilyK Requiem Publications
The Best of My Mongoose Requiem Publications 2002
Between Dusk and Dawn novel by Jack Reuben Darcy
Betwixt and Between Elf AU ffluxpress 2000
Bittersweet jungle AU by LilyK Angel Wings Press 2002
BJ Sandburg - Gillian Middleton also het AMC Press 2000
Blame It On the Night Agent With Style
Bonded #1-7 DE Press 2004-
Borders - Meercat AMC Press 2001
Breathing in Sequence - LilyK Requiem Publications
Broken Bonds - LilyK Angel Wings Press
The Broken Cage - Mirenna AU novel Agent With Style 2002
Broken Wings - TM Alexander gen and slash versions exist The Presses 1999
Broth3rs - Legion crossover with Numb3rs Requiem Publications 2009
Buried Secrets - Candy Apple Blackjag Publishing 2004
The Calling - Lady Ra xover with SG-1 Agent With Style 2006
Cascade Visions Nut Hatch Press 2003
Catalyst AMC Press 2000
Cat Corps - Bast Requiem Publications
Classic Tiger Tyger Light and Shadow Press 2003-2006
Club Doom Collection Agent With Style 1998
Collected Sentinel - Nadja Lee anthology Requiem Publications 2009
Come to Your Senses 1996-?
Common Ground (Highlander/Sentinel zine) Highlander xover novel AngelWings Press 2000
Conjugations apocafic AU AMC Press 2000
Crossed Swords & Senses anthology with Highlander xovers In Person Press
Crossroads anthology Teeny Gozer Production 2000
Damage Control - Mickey M. Almost Foolproof Press 1997
Dancing Agent With Style 2007
Dante AU, xover with original fic AngelWings Press
The Darkest Evening Lionheart Distribution
Dedicated Hearts Lucy Doty 2000
Derailed novel by LilyK Requiem Publications 2005
Destined for Love AU novel Secret Pleasures Press
Destined: Tales of a Sentinel and His Guide #1-2 anthology by Nancy T DE Press
Detour Almost Foolproof Press
The Diary Series by Candy Apple Lionheart Distribution 1999
Doors of Perception xover with Lone Gunmen/X-Files Agent With Style
Dragons and Kings - Yvonne McCool Elf AU AMC Press
Essential Sentinel #1-6 Requiem Publications 2000-
Everlasting anthology by Shadow AngelWings Press 2000
Extra Touchy Frisky #1-10 Almost Foolproof Press 1997-2000
Family Secrets - Serena AMC Press 1999
Faulty Connection AU Requiem Publications 2002
Favorite Things stories by Legion Requiem Publications 2001
Fenfaer AU Lionheart Distribution 2000
Fight for Justice AU DE Press 2006
Freedom of Choice Agent With Style
Friend of the Family Songs from the Sewers 2003
Four of a Kind - Shadowfax xover with CSI: Vegas, sequel to Winner Takes All (a CSI zine) AMC Press
The Further Adventures of James Ellison and the Professor by Serena AMC Press 2001
The Game's Afoot - Serena sequel to Family Secrets AMC Press 2000
Gemini - TM Alexander both slash and gen versions exist The Presses 1997
The Gift - Dené 2001-2003
The Good Friend - Jack Reuben Darcy Agent With Style 2000
Goodnight, Love - Saraid Agent With Style
Gris Gris - TM Alexander slash and gen versions exist 2001
Hand in Hand - J.M. Griffin poetry Griffin & Associates Press
Harmonic Convergence - Blue Champagne Agent With Style
Healing Requiem Publications
Healing Touch - Dené Neon Rainbow Press
Here Be Dragons - Serena Agent With Style
Holiday Happenings Requiem Publications
Howl of the Wolf #1-3 anthology by Bluewolf Agent With Style 2003-2007
How Soft the Scarf, How Deep the Water - Marion AU DE Press
Ice Cream and Pickles mpreg anthology Requiem Publications
I'm Not Cutting My Hair anthology 2000
In Another Life - Saraid and Sinead Agent With Style 1999
Indigo Panther Panther Pause Publishing
Insight - Rogue AMC Press 2001
Interesting Times
In the Jungle Requiem Publications 2007
Jim and Blair Crossover crossover anthology Blackfly Presses
Jim and Blair Do Canada Blackfly Presses
Jim and Blair Do the Movies Blackfly Presses
Jim and Blair Do the Time Warp Blackfly Presses
Jim and Blair Do the Town Blackfly Presses
Jim and Blair Do the World Blackfly Presses 2000
Journey of the Senses #1-3 Requiem Publications 2004-2006
The Jungle Book AMC Press 1998
Leap of Faith - Legion 2003
The Lesson The Presses
Lord Ellison - Bast mpreg Requiem Publications
Lost and Found The Presses
Love and Guns #1-16 AMC Press 1997-2002
Magick - Kim Gasper AMC Press 1998
Make It Go Away - Nancy T Agent With Style
Mating Rituals #1-7 Neon Rainbow Press
Ménage a Enterprise - Wally xover with TNG Nuthatch Press
Mentor- Grey Requiem Publications
Missing Links The Presses 1998-1999
Mr. Sandburg Goes to Town - Stormy Stormheller Blackfly Presses
Nadir - QSS Agent With Style 1999
Nature Series by Francesca Greycloud Services 2000
Never Ever Shall Be - Rowan xover with SG-1 Greycloud Services
New Beginnings - Joy Eaglefeather 2001
The Nia Chronicles kidfic by Little Eva Agent With Style 1997
Nights in Seacouver, Nights in Cascade Also contains Highlander stories
Nine Months mpreg AngelWings Press/Requiem Publications 2001
No Matter What - Little Pinky xover with Lethal Weapon AngelWings Press 2001
No Surrender - Firefly prequel to Panther Tales Skeeter Press
An Old Married Couple #1-2 collects ObSenads by Jane Mailander Almost Foolproof Press
One Kind Deed - Dolimir elf AU Requiem Publications 2001
One Step at a Time Angel Wings Press
Other Lives #1-2 AU Clueless Press ?-2004
Outside Influences - Candy Apple Starsky and Hutch xover AMC Press 1999
Panther Paws zine for Panther Paws Sentinel Party In Person Press 2001
Panther Tales - Saraid
Past, Present and Future Sense Blackfly Presses
The Past Redeemed - KAM Crossover with Law&Order
Pictures of the Past - Katrina Bowen 1997
Power Play Devious Developments Press 2004
Pregnant Pauses mpreg anthology HEMP
The President's Son AU novel AMC Press
Previous Loves - Otter AMC Press
Primal Instincts #1-4 Asbestos Press and CrowRow Productions 1997-1999
Primary Subject - Candy Apple Starsky and Hutch xover AMC Press 2000
Property - Rowan AU Greycloud Services
Radar Love Angel Wings Press 2001
Rainier University Workshop: Cross Cultural Communication crossover zine 2003
Reflections of Rafe Angel Wings Press
Reign of Terror - Serena AMC Press 2000
The Reluctant Prince fusion with The Man In The Iron Mask Devious Developments Press 2003
Resolutions - Nancy T
Retribution - TM Alexander 2002
Rhythms of the Heart - J.M. Griffin 2003
Right To Dream - LilyK Requiem Publications
Rituals – Candy Apple Starsky and Hutch xover AMC Press 2005
Rough Trade - Kathleen AMC Press 1998
Royal Protection Requiem Publications
Running Home - VampyrAlex old West AU Requiem Publications 2001
Running with the Storm - Serena AMC Press 1999
S/nergy Agent With Style 1998
Sacrifices and Miracles sequel to Bittersweet Lionheart Distribution
The Sandburg Subject hookerfic (with Jim as hooker), also het Agent With Style 1998
Scared Senseless also gen Agent With Style 1998
Scorpions - Lady Ra xover with SG-1 Agent With Style 2006
Second Chance - W.D. Hawthorne In Person Press 1999
Sense of Discovery anthology of fiction by Barbara Nice-Miller Agent With Style
Senses Awry Agent With Style
Senses of Humor Agent With Style
Senses of Wonder #1-3 BlackJag Publishing 2001-2005
The Sensual World Mkashef Enterprises 2001-2007
Sentiments The Presses 1997-1999
The Sentinel Activity Book #1-2
Sentinel Special Slash Collection Neon Rainbow Press
Sentinel Stories from the Abode anthology by Bast Requiem Publications
Sen Two Slash Requiem Publications
Separated - KAM Lionheart Distribution
Shadows of the Past - Candy Apple sequel to After All AMC Press
Shady Dealings 2002
Shaman - Toshua Nut Hatch 2001
A Silence Full of Music - Nancy T contains Without Words Requiem Publications
Simon's Side of the Fountain - Valaria het and slash Songs from the Sewers Press
Sinful Simon Agent With Style 2000
Sins of the Past - KAM Crossover with Law&Order
Soul Quest #1, 2 Elf AU Requiem, DE Press 2003, 2006
Star Crossed Genesis - KAM AU novel 2006
Stories With a Different Hue kink anthology by Legion AMC Press 2001
Storm- Legion Quantum Leap crossover Requiem Publications
Storm Sign 2000
Sweet Memory - Sasquash AMC Press 1999
Sweet Sensations Asylum Press
Synergy #1-9 Light and Shadow Press 2001-2006
Tales of Cascade Requiem Publications
Thinker, Tyler, Soldier, Spy Zortified & Fredicated Productions 2000
Those Who Can - Sihaya Black Almost Foolproof Press 2001
Through the Ages Angel Wings Press
Time and Again - M-n-M Almost Foolproof Press 1997
Time Marches On - Barbara Nice-Miller Unicorn Press
To Lie Down By His Side #1-2 anthology by Annabelle Leigh Agent With Style
To Thine Own Self Be True - Rainy Day AMC Press 1998
Too Hot to Handle collection of Legion fic Secret Pleasures Press 2002
Transience - TM Alexander The Presses 1997
Transfiguration Duet Press
Tribe of Two Twilight Press 2000
Tropisms - Kit Mason Sentinel/Sports Night novel by Kit Mason Blackfly Presses
Trust Your Senses #1-3 Unicorn Press
Twelve Months mpreg, sequel to Nine Months Angel Wings Press 2002
Two Spirit Agent With Style
Under Construction
Understanding - Saraid novel, art by TACS Agent With Style 1997
The Underwear Drawer
Vampyre Academie Bast Requiem Publications
Waiting in Vain/The Wall novel by Myrna Almost Foolproof Press 2000
Warriors #1-5 In Person Press 2001-
The Weaker Vessel - Marion AU DE Press 2007
The Web After Dark reprints net published stories
We Gather Together - Alyjude sequel to Everything's Jake Requiem Publications
Werefaer AU, sequel to Fenfaer Requiem 2000
What You Get Is... xover with SG-1 Nuthatch Press
Whispers of the Heart #1-9 Angel Wings Press  ?-2003
Will You Welcome Me? - Tiger Moon Angel Wings Press
Without Prejudice - Cherokee Girl AMC Press
Without Words - Nancy T Angel Wings Press
Without You - April Valentine In Person Press
World AIDS Day - April Valentine In Person Press 2000
A Year with Mason - Patt Nuthatch Press
Your Kink or Mine Angel Wings Press


Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Just Another Frisky Almost Foolproof Press 1997