Hijacked! (Sentinel zine)

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Title: Hijacked!
Publisher: Skeeter Press
Author(s): D.J. Witherspoon
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): May 2001
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Sentinel
Language: English
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Hijacked! is a 112-page gen Sentinel novel.

Summary: Jim and Blair and a prisoner transfer and the plane has disastrous results.

Reactions and Reviews


If you ever enjoyed a D.L. Witherspoon story, you'll enjoy this one. It has all her good unsinkable bantery caring Jim and Blair team. It has Awwww moments and thoughtful moments, good lines and some good turns of phrase. It's nice and hefty in size, and doesn't drag for a minute; while we may have lulls between crises, they keep coming one after another. Another feature I appreciated was that it was fairly firmly set between "Vow of Silence" and "Flight", with some good continuity references, both forward and backward. There might be a few points which are unexpectedly smarmy, but that's okay. [1]
The other day when i told someone about DL Witherspoon's Hijacked, i was thinking somewhere along these lines. the premise is pretty preposterous, and some of the decisions the hijackers make are pretty strange. and i remember thinking 'do i really want to read this?' but i finally decided that hey, DL can write, so i read the rest of it. and it came off kind of like a _true lies_ romp. since i actually *like* that kind of stuff, i ended up liking _hijacked_. i can forgive a lot of things if the writing's decent:). [2]
I realize that not everyone likes DL, but I love her stories and purchased this as soon as it became available. Set early in the show, this has great tension and some wonderful comic moments. [3]


I haven't been able to rec since I've been on the road for the past couple of weeks but I'm going to try and catch up now before I'm off again. I've been going from airport to airport and whenever I'm waiting for my flight, I think about this story everytime. A story about a hijacked plane is probably not the best thing to think about when you're about to board one, especially this day in age, but I do for some strange reason. I watch the people around me in the terminal and it reminds me of the opening scene of Witherspoon's story [4]


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