Jim and Blair Do Canada

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Title: Jim and Blair Do Canada
Publisher: Blackfly
Date(s): February 2000
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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""Blackfly tends to put a "read anywhere" cover on top of the more risque covers. We call them "the zines you can read at family gatherings"." This issue has a cover that reads: "The Ontology of Tribal and Modern Urban Sentinels."
inside cover

Jim and Blair Do Canada is a slash Sentinel 106-page anthology written by Canadian writers.

The zine has two covers, the first one is meant to facilitate the reading of this zine in public places.

Sister Zines


  • A Mountie Always Does His Man by Pumpkin (How does Jim react to Blair's fantasy for the 'red serge'?) (1)
  • How Smutty Is Your Mind? .... word search puzzle by Bog (14)
  • Discounted by Stormy (Jim's ploy to get a reduction on the cost of plane tickets doesn't sit well with Blair.) (17)
  • Paramours' Canada Blunderland by Bog (Obsessed with seducing Blair, Jim fails to notice the maniacal killer stalking them across the Ontario landscape.) (25)
  • Name Scramble... name scramble game by Nightowl (60)
  • Fire and Ice by Jenny Saypaw (Things heat up when Jim and Blair go snow camping in northern Quebec.) (61)
  • Obfuscation .... a deduction puzzle by Nightowl (86)
  • Yours 'Til Niagara Falls by Bog (Blair attends his mother's wedding at Niagara Falls.) (87)
  • The Story of the Blackfly by Nightowl (Jim encounters Canada's most irritating pest.) (103)

Reactions and Reviews

We get some interesting tid-bits about Canada. Sort of a mini-geography and cultural lesson. There are some puzzles and games included....word finds, word scrambles, etc. What a fun idea! A nice effort by one of our smaller publishers in the fandom. Bog has a great sense of humor. Discounted is Stormy's first story and I think it's a very nice contribution. And it's a first-time for the guys, too! Someone, I think it's Jenny Saypaw, did a nice job of putting Jim and Blair in Canadian settings in some of the illustrations! Very cute. [1]


  1. from Destinies Entwined