Jim and Blair Do the Movies

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Title: Jim and Blair Do the Movies
Publisher: Blackfly
Date(s): 2001
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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Blackfly tends to put a "read anywhere" cover on top of the more risque covers. We call them "the zines you can read at family gatherings"." This issue has a cover that reads: "Evidence Gathering: A Workshop on Forensic Investigative Techniques"
inside front cover

Jim and Blair Do the Movies is a slash Sentinel anthology. It was published in 2001 and has 266 pages.

The zine has two covers, the first one is meant to facilitate the reading of this zine in public places.

Sister Zines


  • "Jim and Blair and the Eye of God" by Cara Chapel (Mysterious Professor Indiana Jones sends Sentinel and Guide to find a mystical relic. Will this quest doom their strained relationship?)
  • "Notoriety Comes to Those Who Wait" by Gena Fisher (Based on the classic film, Notorious, Gena's daring story will thrill and shock you. Blair Sandburg finally finds his father-an infamous crime lord! Then the DEA coerces the suddenly notorious student into infiltrating the Carasco Family. Agent Ellison is torn. Can he believe in Blair?)
  • "Sentinel in Black" by Jenny Saypaw (Police Observer Blair Sandburg is amazed his perp is an alien. Then handsome Agent Jay appears, and nothing is ever the same again. Jenny's adaptation of the Men in Black screenplay gives us the creativity, humour and angst that made the movie such a hit! Aliens, space ships, high-tech weaponry, and now Jim and Blair!)
  • "Entrapment" by Stormy (Plot, plot and more plot! Is Jim the jaded rich man who steals for entertainment or is he undercover to catch a thief? Is Blair a bored office worker, a novice criminal or a cop? Based on the screenplay, this story has more twists and turns than the Cascade Freeway.)
  • "The Haunting" by Rogue (Jim Ellison answers an ad that purports to be an experiment of one sort, but turns out to be something else altogether. He meets young Professor Sandburg and sparks fly, although who's haunting whom remains to be seen.)
  • "Sentinel's Van Doom Vacation" by Bog (A road trip to Nevada with Jim, Blair, Simon, Daryl, Rafe and Connor. What could possibly go wrong? Riiiiiight! Borrowing the premise from "National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation", Bog takes us on a wild ride with the Major Crime gang. This is the third and final story in Bog's amusing trilogy where Jim and Blair think they're being discreet - but everybody knows! (The first two are "Paramour's Canada's Blunderland from Jim And Blair Do Canada and "Amusement Spark" from Jim And Blair Do The World.)
  • "Tomb of the Pharaoh" by Geli (Early Hollywood director James Ellison wants the best from his spoiled star. The matinee idol, however, just wants him. This is a fascinating story of another era, brought to life with Geli's striking imagery and interesting characterizations. And watch for her signature blurring of the gender lines - but don't look for femme!Blair here!)

Reactions and Reviews

The theme is, of course, Jim, Blair and the movies. There is a wide range in the movie theme, from Jim and Blair having an adventure in which the theme is from a movie to Jim and Blair crossing over with a movie or Jim and Blair are associated with the movie industry. I've only seen one of these movies (don't get out much!) so I can't judge these really well. But I will say I wasn't "lost" for having not seen the movies! I do want to comment on the lovely cartoons by Bog. They are almost worth the cost of the 'zine by themselves! This 'zine has a nice double column format. For those of you familiar with the Jim and Blair Do... 'zines, you might note that this 'zine is full-sized (8 1/2 X 11). As usual, Blackfly has created a wonderful 'zine with their creativity. The faux cover reads:

Evidence Gathering A Workshop on Forensic Investigative Techniques Presented by A. Walking Crime Lab

Printed inside the cover is a graphic of a stage and stage curtains. The next page is a clear overlay with a silhouette of Jim and Blair at the movies inside a heart outline. It's very cute! The next page, the title page, has a black cutout of a filmstrip affixed to the page! Wow! I can't believe all the trouble these folks always put into their 'zines. And they don't seem to charge any extra for the effort!

The Haunting: AU. Jim/Blair first time. Pretty scary! movie: The Haunting.

Sentinel's Van Doom Vacation: If you've read the other Jim and Blair Do... 'zines you are familiar with Bog's wonderful stories. You don't have to have read them, though, to enjoy this one. Very funny! movie: National Lampoon's Vacation.

Jim and Blair and the Eye of God: Jim/Blair established couple. Post TSbyBS. While Jim is recovering from being shot and Blair waits for the next academy session, they are invited to London by Dr. Jones. Very nice story! movie: Indian Jones

Notoriety Comes to Those Who Wait: AU. Jim/Blair first time. To help Agent Ellison bring down the Carasco family Blair agrees to infiltrate the family. In order to keep his 'cover' he must marry Maya. So I guess there's sorta B/f here, but all ends well! movie: Notorious

Tomb of the Pharaoh: AU. Jim/Blair first time. movie: I don't think this is from a movie, its association is that they *are* the movies!

Sentinel in Black: AU. Jim/Blair first time. Agent "Jay" is Jim (in case you're worried, the author didn't just change their names, but that's the name Jim uses when he needs to). movie: Men In Black

Entrapment: AU. Jim/Blair first time. This was totally cool! I didn't see the Sean Connery movie, Entrapment, but I think I'd prefer Stormy's anyway! A lovely long story to end the 'zine with. I don't know if it ends the same as the movie, but I was very surprised! I thought this had great plot and was very well written. Stormy draws the scene so well that a few weeks after I had read this I was trying to remember which TS ep had a particular scene I wanted to see again and I finally remembered it was from this story! LOL! movie: Entrapment [1]


  1. from Destinies Entwined