Sentinel Special Slash Collection

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Title: Sentinel Special Slash Collection
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Jody Norman & Cinda Gillilan
Date(s): 2001 (101 page edition)
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
External Links: zine page at Neon Rainbow Press
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Sentinel Special Slash Collection is an anthology of fiction previously published in Neon Rainbow's multimedia zines.

The content of an older 64-page edition:

  • Christmas Wishes ....1 by Ruby from The Yule Tide #3
  • Resurrection ....13 by Ruby from One In Ten #2
  • Heat ....28 by Magnolia Watson from One In Ten #2
  • Good Samaritan ....34 by Casey Squire from One In Ten #2
  • Second Chances ....43 by Lee Seibert from One In Ten #4
  • Jungle Love ....58 by Casey Squire from One In Ten #4

The content of a newer 103-page edition:

  • Christmas Wishes (Jim/Blair) by Ruby, previously in The Yule Tide #3 (11 pages)
  • When the Past Visits (Rafe/Krycek) by Methos, previously in One in Ten #5 (xover with The X-Files) (15 pages)
  • Never Forgotten (Simon/OMC) by Bast, previously in One in Ten #5
  • Resurrection (Jim/Blair) by Ruby, previously in One in Ten #2 (14 pages)
  • Heat (Jim/Blair) by Magnolia Watson, previously in One in Ten #2 (6 pages)
  • Softly (Jim/Blair) by Bast, previously in One in Ten #7 (2 pages)
  • Love Thing (Jim/Blair) by Bast, previously in One in Ten #7 (2 pages)
  • Angel (Jim/Rafe) by Shorts, previously in One in Ten #7 (51 pages)

Reactions and Reviews

I really like the idea of publishers collecting the TS stories appearing in multi-media 'zines into a single TS 'zine. I really can't bring myself to pay for a 'zine with one or two TS stories! Anyway.... The contents page shows which stories are available in the gen edition as well as the stories in the slash edition. The pages are direct from whichever 'zine they appeared in, so the page numbers reflect that. In other words there's no page numbering in the index (I just counted them). So Christmas Wishes, even though it's the first story, has a page number of 157. This doesn't bother me personally, I'm just thrilled they made these stories available to us! But I'm commenting because some people like to know how a 'zine looks. I did have a slight problem with my copy you should be aware of.... the last story (which happens to be numbered 76-94) has the pages mis-printed out of order. So when you read it and get to page 89, watch your page numbers! When you turn the page it's numbered page 91 instead of page 90. If you just watch the page numbers and read them in order, you'll be okay. The strange thing is, you can continue to read from page 89 right into page 91 and not notice anything is wrong 'til you're suddenly reading page 90! Confused? Well, just watch the page numbers! The stories themselves are all great. All first-time stories except Good Samaritan which could be. Jim and Blair get away to explore their new relationship, so it could be considered a first time even thought at the start of the story they've already recognized their love for each other. Christmas Wishes is a sweet little story where Blair realizes the importance of his real family, Jim. I have a real soft spot for Christmas stories! Resurrection is my favorite... Jim angst! Blair owies! Jungle Love deals with the more mystical side of the Sentinel/Guide bond. Second Chances starts where S2part1 leaves off. Heat is a PWP. Hey, sometimes a good sex scene is all that's required in life! [This zine is] well worth the price! I'm glad they kept the cost down by not re-editing it for the page numbers. Yeah it's a little weird, but I'd rather pay less than have the page numbers! One of the few 'zines I've bought where I felt the publisher was truly altruistic in their efforts. I think they went to considerable effort to make these stories available for the fans and I really appreciate that. [1]

And a reviewer responds to the review above:

I didn't count blank pages (presumably present due to the original story layout in its initial multi-media zine run), so my total page count doesn't quite match up with theirs. The (undated) form letter in the front says that there's 103 pages of slash stories, but their site states 64 pages... lists the current contents as well. Unfortunately, I found out about the change *after* I'd already ordered from Waveney, based on your rec. To be precise, I found out when I got it, and it wasn't quite what I'd expected, so I checked the Neon RainBow site. *sigh* I was looking forward to the Lee Seibert and Casey Squire stories listed on [this] site, and they turned out not to be in the zine. *sigh* I'm not going to do a full review of the zine, but I will state that I was definitely disappointed, since the longest story in it (over 1/3 of the zine) was Jim/Rafe and therefore not of interest; I quit reading as soon as I realized where it was heading. Unfortunately, Neon Rainbow doesn't list pairings along with the stories on their site, so even if I'd checked there prior to ordering, I wouldn't have been forewarned. However, the story is by Shorts, an author whose writing is generally excellent, so for those who enjoy the J/R pairing, it's probably well-worth reading. The two stories by Bast are both J/B and good, but very short. Mere ficlets, really (one virgin!Blair post-Cypher get-together, and one established-relationship anniversary PWP). I think the edition of the zine listed on your site was definitely the better deal, at least for those who are only interested in J/B stories, but that one doesn't appear to be available anymore. [2]


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