Running Home

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Title: Running Home
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Author(s): VampyrAlex
Cover Artist(s): Geli
Illustrator(s): Geli
Date(s): May 2001
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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cover by Geli

Running Home is a 144-page slash Sentinel novel by VampyrAlex. The artist is Geli. It is an AU novel set in the old American West.

From the distributor, "Two men meet on a wagon train heading to a brand new land. This is the story of their struggle to survive as they face danger, loss, joy and finally love."

Reactions and Reviews

Once I started this 144 page 'zine I read straight through with only one short break. I was totally enthralled. Not only is this a first-time story, but it is a virgin, VIRGIN Blair story. What can I say? I'm a sap for that theme! The story is set in 1845. Blair has escaped his evil step- father and brother, but not without serious owies! Blair is found, nearly dead, by a woman who is with a wagon train which is traveling to Cascade. The woman, Megan, takes Blair in and begins nursing him back to health. Shortly after Blair joins the travelers a woman dies giving birth, leaving behind a distraught husband, Jim, and newborn child. (Don't worry, the Jim being married part is harmless and his wife is dispatched promptly. I don't mean to sound cold, but... well, she's in the way!) Jim isn't too happy to have Blair in his presence, but must accept him so that his child has a chance at life. The whole story, except the last page and a half (an epilogue) takes place as the wagon train heads toward Cascade. Many of the people traveling with the train have a past they are trying to forget or escape from. There are lots of owies as Simon, Rafe, Henri, Jim, Blair and others fight against the baddies from both Jim's and Blair's past who are determined to make our guys suffer. I love how VampyrAlex brings in all the bullpen guys and gals. We even get Cassie and Lash! I was especially endeared to VampyrAlex' Megan! If you like AU's I highly recommend this one. VampyrAlex writes a wonderful blend of innocent, yet tough-when-he-needs-to-be Blair. And I have a soft spot for mean!Jim who quickly sees the error of his ways and, though he tries to fight the attraction, finally gives in with devoted passion. Yum! The art, by Geli, is a wonderful addition to this 'zine. There are two interior full-page b/w drawings. Her sad!Blair piece is very touching! The other is a very sweet, nude Jim 'n Blair lying together. Just a small warning, there is death of a supporting canon character. This story also contains death of original characters. Due to a printers error, page 49 in the first run editions of this 'zine was inadvertently left out. [1]


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