The Cascade Quarterly

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Title: The Cascade Quarterly
Editor(s): Cindy Shannon
Date(s): August 1997-March 1998
Fandom: The Sentinel
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The Cascade Quarterly is a Sentinel newsletter that ran for four issues.

The plan was for it to be published quarterly: Winter (January/February), Spring (April/May), Summer (July/August), and Autumn (October/November).

The Tearsheet: Protection from TPTB

The first issue contains a bright orange "tearsheet," a separate flyer inserted in the newsletter.

Special Announcement
from issue #1, the flyer/tearsheet

Welcome to the first issue of The Cascade Quarterly. You are probably wondering why this tearsheet was included in your issue. I will explain. When I began this club, I had some inquiries from fellow fans regarding running ads for Sentinel related items such as fanzines and web pages that have fiction links. Although you may think that it is an obvious choice to include these things in a fan club newsletter, it is a bit more complicated. Although this club is not officially sanctioned by Paramount and they were not able to grant me exclusive rights to a fan club for The Sentinel, it is being produced with the full cooperation of the production company (which answers to Paramount). This means that the materials I obtain come from the source and therefore, I was hesitant to include ads for anything that could lead Paramount to fan fiction. As we all know, fan fiction is a copyright violation and most studios turn a blind eye to the production and distribution of fan fiction on the net and zines. The reason they are able to turn this ‘blind eye’ is because no one is shoving it under their collective noses. What they can’t see doesn’t need to be addressed. I do not want this newsletter to force anyone at Paramount to have to address the issue. Out of sight, out of mind, so to speak.

So, after all this, what do I propose? Well, this supplement is what I propose. I will compose and include a flyer such as this with every issue, that will list ads for zines, web pages and the like. It will be enclosed with every newsletter, but will not be apart of the actual newsletter. So far so good?


Well, that’s about it. This supplement will accompany all newsletters mailed out to members. I hope this is a satisfactory solution for everyone. The information will be out there for fellow Sentinel fans without running the risk of bringing the wrath of Paramount down on our collective heads. The last thing we want is for someone to put the stop to fan fiction - that would be a tragedy of epic proportions, now wouldn’t it? :-)

Issue 1

The Cascade Quarterly 1 was published in August 1997 and contains 14 pages.

from issue #1

From the first issue:

Welcome to the fan club for The Sentinel. This newsletter, The Cascade Quarterly, will be your source of information and discussion of all things Sentinel. Although the above description summarizes what the show is all about, we will hopefully go much farther with this newsletter. Subsequent issues will contain updated information on the show itself, a detailed episode guide and a ‘frequently asked questions’ guide, plus many other great features like interviews and behind the scenes reports. I am hoping that this newsletter and in fact, the fan club, will be a work in progress. In other words, I want it to reflect your wants and needs. If you have a suggestion for a feature or column, let me know. It’s a group effort folks, and our common interest is The Sentinel.

This first issue will serve mostly as an introduction to The Sentinel. The information contained herein was graciously provided by the public relations firm for The Sentinel. I want to thank them for their ongoing assistance. This newsletter and this club is being done with the cooperation of both Pet Fly Productions and The Sentinel’s public relations firm.I also want to thank both for their assistance in the production of this premier issue and to thank them in advance for all the help they will be providing for future issues. Also, in this first issue is a transcript of a phone interview I was fortunate enough to conduct with Richard Burgi, Garett Maggart and Bruce Young in July. I want to thank all three gentlemen for participating in this interview and to those involved in setting it up. Also, this first issue contains some wonderful teasers for the first episode of the new season, slated to air in September on UPN. I know it promises to be another great season for The Sentinel so let’s get started!!

  • Newsletter Info and Addresses (2)
  • Introduction and Explanation (3)
  • Just the Facts: Biography - Richard Burgi as Detective Jim Ellison (4)
  • Just the Facts: Biography - Garett Maggart as Blair Sandburg (5)
  • Just the Facts: Biography - Bruce A. Young as Captain Simon Banks (6)
  • Interrogation Room: transcript of an interview with Burgi, Maggart, and Young ("On July 8. 1997,1 was fortunate enough to be able to interview Richard Burgi, Garett Maggart and Bruce Young by phone. The interviews were done individually - Garett and I spoke first, then later Bruce and I spoke and finally Richard and I spoke. Each interview lasted approximately 15-20 minutes. The following are transcripts of those three interviews. Thanks to all of you who suggested questions. Thanks also to the guys for taking the time to talk with me. It was a lot of fun!")
    • Maggart (7)
    • Young (9)
    • Burgi (10)
  • Station House Humor (screenshots with captions) (12)
  • The Informant's Corner ("I know we are all eagerly anticipating the start of the third season. Well, I was fortunate enough to obtain an advance videotape copy of the first episode (“Warriors”) due to the kindness of the powers that be. So without further ado, here is a spoiler for the first episode. Since I can’t put in spoiler spaces, this will be your only warning, if you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now. If you like being spoiled (just a bit), then read on!") (13)

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4