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Title: Nadir
Publisher: Agent With Style
Author(s): QSS
Cover Artist(s): K9
Illustrator(s): K9
Date(s): October 1999
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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cover by K9

Nadir is a 182-page Sentinel rape and BDSM slash novel by QSS.


From the publisher: "This highly erotic and very kinky Sentinel novel is emotionally charged and may not be for everyone! But if you dare look into the dark recesses of your mind and acknowledge the sexual fantasies you would die rather than let come to light, 'Nadir' will thrill you to the tips of your toes! Kidnapped and sexually ravaged for a 12-hour period by men he can only identify by Greek names, Blair is forced to confront parts of his psyche he's never seen before and closely examine his manhood and everything he thought he knew about himself. And he does so, seeming to put the assault--and all the attendent feelings it calls up--behind him. Until Jim is kidnapped by the same group... Will the anal-retentive cop be able to bend to the will of his sadistical abductors--or will he break before Blair can rescue him, as the pain/pleasure they force him to feel overwhelms him?"

The Author's Foreword

This is my first, perhaps only, pornographic novel. It deals with DDSM (bondage/domination and sadism/masochism). I've rated it X for the simple reason that I wanted to write pornography, and any hint of merit is the result of guilt over inflicting sexual torture on fictional characters t happen to care about very much. Yes, I follow the ongoing on-line debate over adult fiction NC-17 and X ratings. I still say this is X. It's total hardcore.

For this reason (and many others more suitable to a debate on morality and personal responsibility), I urge you to keep this story out of the reach of anyone not of legal age to read such material. I also want to point out several aspects of the story itself. The fetishes I describe are real. Consensual practitioners of these various forms of sexual pleasures derive a great deal of gratification from them. I neither condemn nor condone such practices among consenting fact, I'm sure I'd enjoy some of them a lot However, gutless wonder that I am, I'll probably never explore these fetishes first hand. Soma of these practices are very, very dangerous in the hands of the inexperienced. Anyone tempted to venture into this realm should consult the web for advice and sources for the professional equipment necessary to have a healthy, safe experience. Consider this my "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME" warning label. I have had only limited exposure to pornography (most of it badly written) from which to draw my information. Catalogs of sex toys assume a working knowledge of their wares, and while titillating in their content, complete descriptions of likely responses to the use/abuse of such toys are woefully lacking. I've extrapolated what I could and attempted to remain within the bounds of plausibility. However, because this is a fantasy BOSM story, I felt comfortable giving my imagination free rein to inflict enormous torture without delving into the likely physical damage that could result, never mind the crippling emotional aftermath of such an experience. But I stress again—I tried to remain plausible while at the same time allowing my imagination to travel freely through the universe of sexual depravity.

My fellow perverts, with all of this said —— I welcome you to MasterD's dungeon of demented delights....

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