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Title: Property
Publisher: Greycloud Services
Author(s): Rowan
Cover Artist(s): Lilac
Date(s): 2003
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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Property is a slash AU Sentinel novel by Rowan.


From a distributor: "Set in an alternate America, where two countries oppose each other on issues of slavery and democracy, Blair has searched all his life to meet a Sentinel. Taken into slavery and ending up as one of Simon's possessions, he finally finds a Sentinel of his own, only to lose him again. War between the countries erupts over the issue of slavery, offering hope as well as despair. An intriguing story of espionage, social issues, and love."

From a distributor, Agent With Style: "In a world where a unified America never happened, there are two countries: one where all its citizens are free, and one where black masters rule over white slaves. In this second country, Blair is owned by a cruel and sadistic man who uses him as a sexual 'sweetener' to get businessmen to agree to deals. Blair meets Jim Ellison, a fellow slave who belongs to a different owner, in passing while on a grocery shopping trip, and Jim gives him a phone number for a slave underground. When Blair's owner promises him to a large party of businessmen to secure their business, Blair calls the number, and begins a journey through the underground to the freedom of the neighboring country. Once there, he's tested and declared a Guide, and is asked to go back, to become the Guide of Sentinel Ellison, who is working undercover to help slaves escape and to bring an end to slavery. Can Blair handle going back into slavery now that he's tasted freedom, especially to help a man he's only briefly met? Can Blair and Jim, together with Jim's sympathetic owner, Simon Banks, actually bring about such huge social change?"

From the publisher: "This story is set in an alternate America, where what we know as the United States is two nations. In El Dorado, the only whites are slaves and the whole country is based on a slave-run economy. Next door, in Pembroke, blacks and whites live in harmony, though with the constant threat of border raids. Until his capture on a border raid, Blair had devoted his whole life to the finding of a Sentinel. The kings of Pembroke are supposed to be Sentinels but he has never moved in such exalted circles and is therefore looking for one of his own. In El Dorado, he has a brief meeting with another slave, Jim, whose kindness gives him the strength to contact the underground railway and escape. Back in Pembroke, Blair is taken to John Cassidy for debriefing. He has never felt more comfortable with another man and John reveals that he is the King's Guide and Blair is also a guide. Jim, who Blair met so briefly, is the King's son and is in El Dorado working towards an end to slavery, with the help of Prince Simon. Joining them in El Dorado, Blair sees a totally different side of slavery and bonds with the Sentinel for whom he has been searching his entire life. He also discovers a Sentinel in the El Doradan Royal Family and, with Simon's blessing, produces the definitive work on slavery, written by a slave. Then the Abolitionists attack a Reception, and Blair is ripped away from Jim and forcibly returned to Pembroke, together with prominent El Doradans whose ransom is the freeing of slaves. Jim is given the power to negotiate on behalf of Pembroke but it seems that they are going to be separated for a long time and, even when they are reunited, there is little hope of their being able to continue to live with Simon."