No Surrender

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Title: No Surrender
Publisher: Skeeter Press via BlackJag Publishing
Author(s): Firefly
Cover Artist(s):
Illustrator(s): Frost Doll
Date(s): March 2003
Series?: yes
Medium: print, republished on CD
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
External Links: Zine available on CD from BlackJag
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No Surrender is a 125-page slash Sentinel novel by Firefly. It is NC-17, and an age statement required.

It is a prequel to Panther Tales written with Saraid's permission.


No Surrender, by Firefly, Archived version


This zine was also available as a CD, which makes it an early example of this form of technology regarding fanfiction: "Buried Secrets on CD. Self-contained HTML-based .exe and Palm OS .pdb file. Rocket eBook .rb upon request. Want multiple zines on one CD? Find out how." [1]

Author's Introduction

From the excerpt online:

Note: This is only a taste of the novella it took me nearly four years to write. Barbara, Dayspring, DCPriestess, Susan -- thank you. You kept me going and in places hoisted me over the rocks when I needed. It is to you that I dedicate my New Year's offering this year.

To the rest of you out there, I finished this story in November after nearly four exhausting years. It is set to be published by Skeeter Press Slash in February/March 2003 in time for Senticon. While the story is ultimately slash, the part I am sharing with you all is not. For the strictly genners, I think, I hope I've left it at a good stopping point for you. The rest of you, I hope I'll wet your appetite enough to want to order the zine when it's available. ;-) [2]


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