List of Original Trilogy Star Wars Zines

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NOTE: This list was created before we had multiple categories for zines. Therefore, the below information is WILDLY outdated. For a complete list, see Category:Star Wars Zines.

This list includes multimedia zines with heavy Star Wars content. A more complete list can be found at the Star Wars Collector's Bible which has generously allowed us to borrow both covers and fanzine details. Thanks also to the many other fanzine publishers and zine collectors for their data. (UTC).)

Zine Title Year of Publication Genre Type (Fanzine unless otherwise listed)
Abode of Strife #9 1987 gen novel: The Reluctant Jedi
Against the Sith 1978-1980 ? ?
Alderaan (Star Wars zine) 1978-1981 ? letterzine
Alderaani Imperative 1983 gen anthology with an emphasis on Princess Leia
Alliance & Empire 1993-1994 gen anthology
Alliance (Star Wars zine) 1994-1997 ? anthology
Alliance Archives 1978 unknown unknown
The Alternative Universe of Star Wars ? gen anthology, AUs and Star Trek crossover
Anakin (Star Wars zine) 1991 adult gen two stories, character-specific
Another Sky 1991-Present gen Luke Skywalker stories
Apprentice (aka "Lifestar") 1987 ? novel
Apathy 1981 gen ?
Aren't You a Little Short for a Stormtrooper? 1998 ? non-fiction
Bad Karma & Other Fallacies ? ? ?
Baselines 1981-1986 gen multimedia anthology
Better Idea Zine 1987-1996 gen Harrion Ford zine, letterzine and fanfic
Bloodstripe 2000-Present gen anthology, #1 Han Solo-specific
Bound by the Force 1982-1997 ? letterzine
Blue Harvest (Star Wars zine) 1993-2000 ? letterzine
Blue Milk 1983-1984 ? actor-centric zine
Blue Morning, Blue Day ? het novel zine
Bright Center of the Universe 1991-2001 gen one Han/Luke story in #1
Bounty Hunter 1992-1999 ? clubzine
Burning Skies 1991 ? Luke Skywalker story series, first three appeared in Syndicated Images
Calheeraan 1981 gen novel
Cantina Workshop 1980-1983 (?) nonfiction costuming
Carbonite Maneuver 1981 gen anthology
Catalyst 1985 gen single author zine
Catalyst! Collected 1986 gen single author anthology, reprints
The Celestial Toybox 1986-? gen multimedia
Child of Darkness, Child of Light 1995-1997 ? anthology
Children of the Sith 1980 ? novel
Chronicles of the House of Alderaan 1991-1993 gen anthology, Han and Leia, AU for book canon.
Circle of Light 1984-1987 gen anthology
Cloud City Freezing Chamber 1993 ? fiction, articles, cartoons, and art
Clumsy Master Hyper ? gen doujinshi
Collected Circle of Fire 1985 ? single author antholgy, reprints
Combining Forces 1981-1982 gen anthology
Comlink 1981-1992 ? multimedia review and letterzine
The Complete Zeek 1986 ? single author anthology, also Star Trek and Indiana Jones
Concupiscence 1991-1997 slash multimedia
Conflicting Impulses 1985 ? anthology, Star Wars and Indiana Jones
Convergence 1983 gen novel
The Corellian Jedi 1982 ? novel
Contraband 1983-1984 gen anthology
Corellian Chronicles ?-1981 ? German clubzine
Corvette Press 1980s ? Japanese actor-centric zine about Mark Hamill
Cosmic Landscapes 1980s ? multimedia anthology
Cosmic Shooting Star 2006 slash doujinshi, prequel trilogy
Crossfire Zone 1993-1995 ? anthology
Crossed Sabers 1980-1983 ? anthology, formally called "Millennium"
Dagobah: On A Clear Day You Can See Forever 1985-1995 gen ?
Danna's Song 1995 ? ?
The Dark Fire Saga 2001 gen ?
Dark Interlude 1978 ? ?
Dark Jedi (US Star Wars zine) 1994
Dark Jedi (UK Star Wars zine) ?-1999
Dark Lord (Star Wars Swedish zine) 1979-1981
Dark Lord (Star Wars US zine) 1982
Dark Master, Dark Servant 1997-2000 gen
Darkshine Rising 1998 gen
Darkside 1994-1997
Darkwalker 1980
Deceptive Journey 1984
Delta Source 2000-2003
Delusions of Grandeur 2000-2003 gen
Diverse Dimensions 1982-1984 gen
Docking Bay 1981-1984 gen fanzine
Dormant Empire 2003 gen
Dragon's Teeth 1986 gen
Dreamship 1980 gen
Echo Base 1997-2002 gen anthology in Hungarian
Echo Three 1994-1995 gen
Echo Seven 1984
Eclipse (Star Wars zine) 1987 gen
Elan Vital 1978-1980 non-fiction
Elusive Lover 1996-2001 slash
Elusive Lover - Alternate Visions 1999 slash
Empire Review 1980-1982 gen
Empire Star 1978-1981
The Enemies 1985 gen
Enemy Territory 1987 gen novel
Enterprising Falcon 1983
Equal Space 1980
Errantry 1983-1984 gen
Esper! 1983
Evolution of a Rebel 1981
Facets 1980-1983
Face to Face (Star Wars zine) 1998
The Faith 1979
Fanfaring late 1970s gen & het novel
Falcon's Flight 1978-1980 gen anthology
Falcon's Lair (Star Trek: TOS and Star Wars zine published in 1978) 1978 anthology
Falcon's Lair (Star Wars zine published in 2006) 2006 gen novel
Falcon's Landing 1983 or before gen
Far From the Home I Love 2001 gen novel
Far Horizons 1981 anthology
Far Realms 1981-1987 gen
Farthest Horizons 1983 or before gen
Fesarius 1976-? gen
Fikcje (Polish) 1988? gen
Flash-in-the-Pan 1982 gen
Flip of a Coin 1983-1996 gen & het
The Force of Fate (Star Wars zine) 1996
Force Sensitive 1990-1995 ?
Force's Light 1994 gen
Force Whisperer 1997 gen anthology
Force Yourself 1990s gen anthology
From a Certain Point of View 1985-1990 gen & het
Future Wings 1978 gen
Galactic Falcon 1981
Galactic Flight 1979-1980 gen
A Galaxy In Flames 1982
A Galaxy Far Away 1983-1987
Galaxy Travellers 1996-?
Green Harvest 1980s adzine
Grip 1978-1988 gen
Guardian 1978-1988 gen
Han Solo ? gen
Han Solo: Musings of a Corellian gen
Harrison Ford Filmography 1982
The Healer's Revenge 1993 gen
Heroine's Showcase 1981-1984
Hi-Gain 1979 newsletter Harrison Ford zine
Hibernation Sickness 1987-1992
Hoth or Bust 1985
Hydrospanner Zero 1981 gen
Hyper Space 1977-1978 gen
I Care 2000-2002
I Don't Care What You Smell 1995-2003 gen
I Have a Bad Feeling About This 1994-1996
Illuminations 1984 gen
Imperial Entanglements 1982 gen & slash
Imperial Joke Book 1984 gen
Imperium 1983-1997 gen
Incident on Ardnor 1980 gen
Innocent Blood (Star Wars zine) slash doujinshi
Integrity (multimedia zine) 1991
Interspace 1981 anthology
Jandra 1993
Jedi (Star Wars zine) 1981-1982
Jedi Dawning 1986
A Jedi in King Arthur’s Court 1981 crossover
Jedi Princess 1997-1981
The Jedi Journal 1986
Jedi Journeys ?-2004 gen anthology
Jedi Riddle: Tale 10 of the MacShannon Chronicles 1983
JediStarDarkFalconKnight 1984 gen
Kessel Run 1981-1984 gen
Kessel Slave 1984 gen novel
The Key 1988
Kingdom of Shadows 1996-1999 slash
Knight of Shadows 1982 gen
The Lair of the Blue Falcon 1995 gen
Landspeeder 1977-1983
Lasergram 1977-1978 gen
Legacy (Star Wars zine) 1986
Legends of Light 1982-1984 gen
Life Was Not Meant to Be Easy 1980
A Light from the Dark 1984
Lighter Side of the Force 1980 gen
The Lighter Side Strikes Back 1983 gen
The Light Sabre 1977-1997 newsletter
Like Father, Like Son gen cartoons, also BSG
The Lost Jedis 1981-1982 gen
The Lost Trail 1982 gen
Luminous Beings 1981 gen
The MacShannon Chronicles 1983 gen
Marginal Error 1987 gen
May the Farce Be With You 1982 gen
Melange 1983-1986 gen
Metamorphosis 1998 gen
Memoirs of the Jedi 1995
Millennium (Star Wars fanzine) 1980 gen
Millennium (multifandom zine) 2001-2007 gen
The Millennium Deal 2001 slash
Millions of Voices Cried Out poetry
Mobius Theatre Presents: Stage Wars, or Who's Biggs? gen
Moonbeam 1978
Mos Eisley Chronicle 1978-1984
The Mos Eisley Tribune 1978-1979
Motley Archives 1978-1984
Multiverse (fanzine) 1979-1999 gen
Nerfherder's Companion 1981-1982
Never Say Die 2000-Present gen
A New Force to be Reckoned With 2010? slash
News of the Rebellion 1978-1982
A New Challenge 1985
New Dimensions in Star Wars ?1982 or before gen
A New Hope (Star Wars zine) 1986-1989 fanzine
No Disintegrations 1996 fanzine
Nodes in the Web of Time 1993 gen & het fanzine
Nowhere to Run 1986
The Old Republic Reader gen newsletter
On a Clear Day You Can See Dagobah 1985-1995
Once Upon a Galaxy 1984
Only A Wookiee 1988
Only Hope 1994-1997
Organia 1982 gen & het
The Ormand Factor 1994-1996
Osiris Files 1988- gen
Outlands Chronicles 1983-1987 gen
Pantechnikon 1979 gen novel
Partisans 1987
Passage to Arms 1982
Pegasus (Star Trek: TOS and Star Wars zine) 1976-1987
Perceptions 1984
Phoenix (multimedia zine) 1980-1989
Planet of the Sith gen novel
The Princess Tapes 1981-1982 gen
Prisoners of Palentar 1982 gen
Pursuit of the Nashtah 1994
Quest (Star Wars zine) 1980
A Question of Honor 1984 gen
The Rancor's Tooth 2004-2005 gen
Rebel Alliance (Star Wars zine) 1993-1994
Rebel Alliance Cookbook 1982 or before ? cookbook
The Rebel Standard 1984
The Rebellious Reader 1979
The Reluctant Rebel 1982
The Reluctant Renegade 1992
The Renegade and the Rogue 1994 fanzine
Renaissance (Star Wars zine) 1997
Resolutions/Freedom's Fare 1999
Resolutions: Solo het
The Rest of the Garbage 1999-2001 het & slash
The Revenge of the Rest of the Garbage #2 het & slash
The Return of the Rest of the Garbage #3 het & slash
The Menace of the Rest of the Garbage #4 het & slash
Resurrection 2004 gen
The Return (Star Wars zine) 1984
Revenge of the Jedi (Star Wars zine) 1986
Revenge of the Sith (Star Wars zine) 1986
Revisions (multimedia zine) 1979
The Sacrifice (Star Wars zine) 1996
Sanctuary (zine) 1988 fanzine
Sanctuary Moon 2003 slash
Savage Trade 1988-1989 gen novel
Sarlacc 1996-1997
Scott's Superspectacular late 1970s newsletter
Scoundrel Sheets 1984
Scum & Villainy 1979 gen
Secret of the Sith 1977 gen
The Secret Sharer 1997 slash
A Season of Darkness 1984 gen
Shadow Dance 1983
Shadow Jedi 1994 gen
Shadowstar 1980-1994
Shooting Star 1982
Showcase Presents 1979
Signs of Wisdom 1985
The Silent Knight 1985 slash doujinshi
Silent Victory 1982
Size Matters Not 2001-2004
The Sith Yearbook 1983 gen & slash
Skyhook 1998
Skyhopper 1988-1989 nonfiction, gen
Skywalker (Star Wars zine) 1978-1982
SLAYSU 1980-1982
Snowfire 1995-1998 gen
Solo (Australian Star Wars zine) 1979
Solo (US Star Wars zine) 1986
Sons and Daughters of the Force 1980-1997 gen newsletter
Southern Enclave 1983-1997
Southern Knights 1985-1986
Southern Lights 1985-1993
Star Journeys 1979
Starnodes 1993
StarQuest 1988
Starshadow 1979-? gen multimedia
The Star Wars Bibliography of Stories 1994 lists of SW zines
Star Wars Encyclopedia 1981 encyclopedia
Star Wars: For the Republic 1991-? gen fic series
Star Wars Probe 1991-? nonfiction articles, photos
Star Wars Vision 1994-1996 gen
Starwalking 1989-1994 newsletter
Starwings 1982-1984 gen
Storm (Star Wars zine) 1979
A Storm in Every Port 1990 gen novel
Tales from the Cantina 1992-1996
Tales of the Empire 1998-2000
Tales of a New Republic 1995-1997
Tauntaun Express 1984
The Teachings of the Force 1978
Technological Terror 1994
Through the Force 1986
Thousandworlds Collected 1986
Thunderbolt: the Adventures of Young Han Solo 1986 gen
Time Warp (multifandom zine) 1979-1984
Timeframe 1977-1985
The Toll of Power 1993 gen novel
To Raise the Jedi 1983
Trackless Voids 1981
Trek Force 1979
A Tremor in the Force 1987-2007 gen
Trust 1980
Turnabout (Star Wars zine) 1986
Tusken Farms 1993-?
Twin Suns 1980-1982
Tyderium 1993-1997
Vendetta 1978
Visions (Star Trek & Star Wars zine) 1982-1983 gen
Voices (Star Wars zine) 1994 gen poetry
Voices of the Force 1994 newsletter
Warped Space (some issues) 1970s-1985 gen
Warrior's Justice 1999
The Whills 1981 & 1984
Who's Scruffy Looking? 1994 gen
The Wookiee Book of Fun 1980? jokes
The Wookiee Commode 1984-1990 gen
Wookiee Rendezvous 1999
You Could Use a Good Kiss 1999
You Could Use Another Good Kiss 2000