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Title: Fikcje
Publisher: Śląski Klub Fantastyki
Editor(s): Piotr K.
Type: fanzine
Date(s): see below
Medium: print
Fandom: science fiction
Language: Polish
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Fikcje is a Polish gen science fiction anthology. Issues #53 and #54 have Star Wars content and were bootleg translations of the movie.

Fikcje #53 was published in 1988 and has "Gwiezdne Wojny"[1] on the cover. "This magazine contains an excerpt of Star Wars: A New Hope as well as 2 hand-drawn images of the space battle. Star Wars is one of at least 5 different shorts presented in this 'zine. The segment of the movie presented is a mere 8 pages long." [1]

Fikcje #54 was published in 1990. It has "Imperium Kontratakuje"[2] on the cover. "Unlike #53, which only featured an excerpt of Star Wars, #54 features the entire story of The Empire Strikes Back... "Han Solo and the Lost Legacy" was the last of the bootleg novels to be made and was dated 1987, these fanzines were issued in 1988, and the first licensed printing of Star Wars arrived in Poland in 1990. It's very possible these fanzines were the last unlicensed printings that had to be read in Poland." [ [2]]


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