The Sacrifice (Star Wars zine)

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You may be looking for The Sacrifice Affair, a Man from UNCLE zine.

Title: The Sacrifice
Publisher: A Barkie Yorkies Outlaw Ex-Press Publication, reprinted by Bill Hupe
Author(s): Monica Ruggles
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1996
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Star Wars
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The Sacrifice is a Star Wars digest-sized fanzine 22-page novel written by Monica Ruggles. It was published in 1996, is digest-sized and has 22 pages.

front cover


Luke is captured by a woman who is trying to blackmail him into marrying her.


The zine's disclaimer:
This is a fan publication and does not intend to infringe upon any copyright's. I'm sure everyone who contributed their stories and poems for this zine did the best job possible.If any mistakes are found,well,just remember that's why they call it amateur publishing.