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Title: Interspace
Publisher: Remember Press (Rembember?)
Date(s): 1981
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Interspace is a Star Wars anthology with two issues.

Issue 1

Interspace 1 was published in November 1981 and contains 80 pages.

  • Also a Woman by Hannah Cremaster, art by Elizabeth Cisco (4)
  • Union and Reunion by Kate S. Lloyd, art by Elizabeth Cisco (11)
  • Before the Fall by Elizabeth Cisco, art by Cisco (21)
  • The Fire Banked by Hannah Cremaster (40)
  • Union and Reunion, part 2 by Kate S. Lloyd (47)
  • The Way of the Jedi by Elizabeth Cisco, art by Cisco (52)
  • The Lord of the Starlight by Hanna Cremaster (64)
  • Droit Du Seigneur by Elizabeth Crisco, art by Crisco (72)
  • afterward (79)

Issue 2

Interspace 2 was published in November 1981.