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Title: Hi-Gain
Publisher: Harrison Ford Association of Corellian Misfits out of Australia
Editor(s): J.J. Adamson and Jenny McLean
Date(s): Summer 1979-
Medium: print
Fandom: Harrison Ford
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Hi-Gain is a gen Harrison Ford newsletter. From the editor in the July/August 1979 issue: "Please write to us, keep in touch with us, share your news and your gossip, tell us if you would like to correspond with other Fordfen."

Hi-Gain Had High Help

From Empire Star #3:

We would like to make special thanks here to COLUMBIA PICTURES, who have been kind enough to supply a veritable mountain of photographic material for the upcoming Harrison Ford Association zine, HI-GAIN. What we would do without the help of the various studios- and COLUMBIA in particular, we just don't know!

There is no formality attached to the Association: all you have to do is- 'belong,' and that is this simple: write to J.J. Adamson and/or Jenny McLean [addresses redacted], and just keep in touch. HI-GAIN is to be a letter zine... and right now all we need is letters: the stills and so on are all waiting for 'go' time, so how about it, fans?! WRITE!!

Issue 1

Issue 2

Reactions and Reviews

I just received my copy of HI GAIN, it was even better than I expected. I've never seen so many photos of Harrison Ford in one place, and they all came out terrific.[1]
Needless to say my eyes fell out when I opened your package and saw what you had sent me!! I'm flabbergasted! HI GAIN is incredible and such an obvious labour of love - and those photos of Harrison are absolutely unimaginable!! I've practically ravaged every magazine printed in this country for 2 1/2 years looking for shots of Harrison - but those pix have never appeared in any American mags that I've seen - and what a pity too. I know many of his fans would go wild to see them.[2]


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