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Title: Partisans
Publisher: Wendy Rathbone, Kathy Resch, Dovya Blacque
Date(s): May 1987
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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front cover by Brad Epstein
back cover, Tom Howard

Partisans is a Star Wars 119-page Star Wars gen anthology edited and published in 1987 by Dovya Blacque.

It was put together for the Star Wars 10th Anniversary Convention in Los Angeles and contains fiction by Kathy Resch and Wendy Rathbone, poetry by Wendy Rathbone, and non-fiction by James Van Hise.

From Media Monitor: "Why was starship captain Han Solo booted out of the Empire, and how did he become a smuggler?"


  • The Dark Lord by Kathy Resch ("John shivered, though it was not cold. Vader was closer now; he cold sense it. He spared a moment to glance down the mountain side and instantly regretted it. In the darkness, he could see nothing, and he was wasting precious time.... 'John,' came a soft voice from below, and he looked down, blinking away tears in his eyes. Obi-Wan regarded him with an expression of support and sympathy.") (3)
  • A Star Wars Poetry Portfolio by Natasha Solten (21)
  • Star Trek vs. Star Wars by James Van Hise (article reprinted from Enterprise Incidents) (31)
  • Solo's Solo, poem by Robin Hood (34)
  • Rollercoaster, poem by Robin Hood (34)
  • Reluctant Hero by Wendy Rathbone ("Han squinted as blackness threatened again. But he managed to keep it at bay as his eyes focused on a rich, brown face and dancing mahogany eyes. 'You're not really an Empire officer, now, are you? The clothes don't quite fit. Want to tell me about it?" Han coughed before he finally found his voice. 'Wh... who are you?' 'The name's Lando. Lando Calrissian. You looked like you could use a friend and I... well, you caught me on a generous day.'") (35)
  • Luke: Encounter, poem by Kathy Resch (66)
  • Darth Vader: The Counting of the Ways, poem by Kathy Resch (69)
  • Race to Torliine by Kathy Resch ("Han was alive. Luke was certain of it. It was there, somehow, in the Force. But the tiny thread of life that he recognized as Han and no other wasn't clear enough to even try to locate him. And Leia, though she'd never spoken of it, blamed him for that...") (reprinted from Mos Eisley Chronicle #2) (72)

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