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You may be looking for The Mos Eisley Tribune.

Title: Mos Eisley Chronicle
Publisher: Deborah Rubin (the first two issues were reprinted for a time by De-Van Press)
Date(s): 1978-1984
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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flyer for issue #2 -- someone's name was crossed out…

Mos Eisley Chronicle is a gen Star Wars anthology.

It ran for three issues.

Issue 1

Mos Eisley Chronicle 1 was published in Fall 1978 and contains 79 pages.

front cover of issue #1 (photocopy), Bruce Scivally
back cover of issue #1 (photocopy), Bruce Scivally

The art is by Bruce Scivally, Linda Woods, Marybeth Cooper, and Susan Wyllie.

From the editorial:

On May 25, 1977, STAR WARS opened in Washington. On that day, I decided to have a go at producing a zine. Little did I know what I was getting into.

I don't want to go into the many problems that delayed the appearance of this zine, but I do want to apologize to all of you who have been waiting so patiently. It is early September as I write this - a year and some odd months since my first announced plans for The Mos Eisley Chronicle. One more story remains to be typed, and it will be done, I think you will be pleased - at least, I hope so. I believe there is a lot of really fine material here, and a great deal of appreciation is due to those who contributed.

Once you have read the MEC, please, write and tell me what you think of it - good or bad. I cannot promise to answer every letter, but I am interested in your opinion. Would you like to see another issue? I know the flyers called this zine a one-shot, but if enough people are interested - and are willing to contribute - another issue is a possibility. Price would depend on how deep I go in the hole on this one. I've met a lot of nice people through this zine, and have enjoyed the experience - although there were a few times I felt like chucking it all in the nearest garbage heap.
  • editorial (2)
  • The Adventures of Mrs. Darth Vader, chapter one, by Susan Wyllie (3)
  • Star Wars Again and Again, article about the appeal of the movie, by Sharon Fordham (4)
  • Anra's Song, "a traditional ballad, as set down later by one who was not there," by Kathleen Resch (6)
  • SW on TV by E.E. Rubin (a collection of Star Wars mentions and content on television) (7)
  • Han Solo's Story, vignette by Robyn Thompson (10)
  • Transcript of the Dinah Shore Show with Harrison Ford, transcribed by Marybeth Cooper (11)
  • Star Wars Seek-a-Word Puzzle by Donna Lotze (14)
  • Quotes compiled by D.E. Rubin (16), (63, 64, 71)
  • Project Falcon by Ingrid Maack (tying the movie in with a letter campaign to NASA to encourage more space exploration) (16)
  • Reflections, vignette by Robyn Thompson (17)
  • The Adventures of Mrs. Darth Vader, chapter two, by Susan Wyllie (18)
  • Transcript of the Dinah Shore Show with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, transcribed by Marybeth Cooper (20)
  • Star Wars Seek-a-Word Puzzle by Donna Lotze (24)
  • The End, vignette by Robyn Thompson (25)
  • The Archives by D.E. Rubin (compilation of Star Wars in newspapers and magazines) (26)
  • The Adventures of Mrs. Darth Vader, chapter three, by Susan Wyllie (29)
  • Transcript of the Dinah Shore Show with Anthony Daniels, transcribed by Marybeth Cooper (33)
  • The Adventures of Mrs. Darth Vader, chapter four, by Susan Wyllie (36)
  • The Dark Lord, fiction by Kathleen Resch (38)
  • letters from fans about Star Wars (66)
  • From the Spaceport Bulletin Board, ads (71)

Issue 2

Mos Eisley Chronicle 2 was published in Spring 1981 and contains 92 pages.

The art is by Bruce Scivally and Marybeth Cooper.

front cover of issue #1, Bruce Scivally
From a flyer in The World of Dark Shadows #27
Due out in late 1980, the MOS EISLEY CHRONICLE #2 will feature fact, fiction, art, humor, poetry, puzzles, and a few strange odds & ends. Mrs. Darth Vader is back, and she's having more strange adventures! The continuation of Susan Wyllie's popular feature from MEC #1. Who is the 'one other' that Yoda spoke of? Is it Leia? She was the one to hear Luke's call... [Kathy Resch] explores the possibilities in another of her masterful stories. What were Han's thoughts as he was lowered to an uncertain fate... and Leia's, as she saw him go? 'Monolog' by D.E. Rubin. Among the writers and artists who have contributed to MEC #2: Mike Entrekin, [a name crossed out], Jani Hicks, Bruce Scivally, Marybeth Cooper, and Alicia Sczenk -- more to come. Your contribution is welcome.
  • editorial (1)
  • cartoon by Mike Entrekin (1)
  • Before the Battle, poem by S. E. McGlasson (2)
  • John Williams Filmography by D.E. Rubin (4)
  • The Adventures of Mrs. Dark Vader, cartoon by Susan Wyllie (6, 31, 81)
  • Just a Word, poem by Jani HIcks (7)
  • The Empire Strikes Back Word Search Puzzle (8)
  • Warstars, cartoons by Mike Entrekin (10, 77, 84)
  • SW on TV by D.E. Rubin with Mike Entrekin (television credits that have SW mentions, interviews, or content) (11)
  • Cinema Showcase with Anthony Daniels transcript, transcribed by Mike Entrekin (20)
  • Social Science Fiction (a reprint of a February 1978 article in the magazine "Psychology Today") (27)
  • Carbonite, poem by Jani Hicks (32)
  • Race to Troliine, fiction Kathleen Resch (33)
  • double puzzle (75)
  • Monolog, poem by D.E. Rubin (76)
  • Notes, Quotes & Trivia compiled by D.E. Rubin (78)
  • Roll the Credits! (quiz) (79)
  • Letters of Comment (82)
  • Puzzle Answers and Trivia (89)
  • From the Spaceport Bulletin Board (ads) (91)
  • copy of a poster for THX 1138 (94)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

I just finished reading MEC2...I have one minor complaint - might as well get that out of the way first. I had just gotten the zine and taken it out of the envelope when it just came apart, staples and all. [Editor: Sigh]. Maybe you should consider having it bound differently. To paraphrase Han, she's holding together, but barely.

You really put out an excellent zine. I would prefer to see more fiction, but I had a wonderful time (or a terrible one, depending on how you look at it) with the word search. I got down to Star Cruiser and Tauntaun and couldn't find them anywhere. Someone else ended up finding them for me. I'm partially through the other puzzles and things. I'll finish them when I have more time.

The front cover is very nicely done, especially Han. My complements to Bruce Sclvally. Your major story, "Race to Torliine," Is excellent. Kathy Resch is a very fine writer. I was moved to tears in some places and I feel this is the mark of a good story, if it can affect you emotionally. I would have preferred to see Han more Involved in his own rescue, which I think (hope) he will be in the next film. How he revels in the excitement arid danger of a fight! I noticed this in STAR WARS when he was trying to escape the Imperial Cruisers and when he and Luke were fighting the TIES. The adrenelin was really flowing and he was in his element. For the record, I don't believe Darth Vader is Luke's father, but 1f he were, the explaination given in the story is certainly plausable. I was even able to feel some liking for Lando, which is not easy - try as I might, I haven't been able to excuse his actions. He has to be one of the great cowards of all time. [Editor: I can't agree with that; I think there are depths to hime that we haven't found out about yet.] I really feel he will have to put himself totally on the line in REVENGE to win my (or Han's) forgiveness. I really can't understand how anyone could prefer Lando over Han, but to each his own.

It was interesting to have Leia and Luke turn out to be sister and brother. However, I think Luke was able to contact her through his own power; she was probably receptive because of the bond between. them. I also think that Han and Leia will stay together; it's as
 plain as the nose on anyone's face that they are very deeply in 
love and devoted to each other. Luke knows and understands this
and is mature enough to accept It. That's why I like your
 "Monolog" so much and also Jani Hicks' "Carbonlte." That's my Han - brave, resolute, and very, very loving and tender.

Almost forgot about the (SW) radio program. We are In episode 6 and I think It's very good - exciting and with a lot more Information than we got in SW. I'm dying to find out how Perry King does Han -everyone else has done a fine job so far. Unfortunately, I missed the first episode with Luke and Biggs. [1]
What can I say except that I'm Impressed. Your John Williams filmography was rather complete. He's been rather busy over the years for sure ! "The Adventures of Mrs. Darth Vader" are cute. Who would've thought..."SW on TV" was (is) a good Idea. I like that and seems as though It's rather complete. The transcript is nice for those who are unable to see the show or missed it. The only problem is the staples...But I know how difficult that can be. Definitely worth the wait. [editor: One of these days. I'll solve the staple problem and shock everyone.] [2]

MEC2 arrived last week, and here are my thoughts on it.

Your John Williams filmography was excellent, and certainly Informative; he scored some of "Gilligan's Island"?!? God almighty!, he's come further up in the music world than I thought. I saw the 1968 TV "Heidi" again several weeks ago, and since the credits did not appear until the end, I didn't know until then that John Williams had done the score. Considering how excellent I found the music to be, I wasn't surprised. There were two small omissions that I noticed; Williams was signed to do the score for "Meteor," I have an advance ad which credits the score to him, but either AIP couldn't afford him, or he saw the film and figured he'd better get out while he still could, as the score (a crummy one, by the way) was done by Lawrence Rosenthal. Also, Williams did the main title theme for "The Deer Hunter." [Editor: I don't count Meteor as omission, as the filmography included only those Items Williams actually did score; The Deer Hunter simply wasn't listed in any of the reference sources I used.]

I very much enjoyed seeing more of Susan Wylie's "Mrs. Darth Vader" cartoons. Her talent for drawing certainly impresses me. For Instance, her strip on p. 81, we've all seen the gag before (or actually done It in school), but her sense of composition, simple, pleasant style, and even her lettering give the strip a sense of freshness.

I liked "Before the Battle" too, the author certainly put a lot into such a short poem. [3]

I enjoyed reading the article reprinted from Psychology Today. I particularly found the references to Darth Vader as a father figure to Luke interesting.

The reference to Lucas being Inspired by World Mar II movies reminded me of something... I was watching a 1943 flick "Bombardier" a few weeks ago, and after having sat through Its rather boring first 80 minutes or so, I noticed that the final battle sequence seems almost a shot for shot blueprint for the battle between the Millenium Falcon & the TIE fighters after the escape from the Death Star. If the film shows up, try to catch the last 15 minutes of it.

"Race to Torliine" was easily the highlight of the zine for me. This, like last issue's "The Dark Lord," is Kathy Resch at her best. Again, she picks up where the previous film left off, and completes the story admirably. I especially enjoyed seeing Lela as the strongest lead character, and the fact that she did not detail the violence, except where necessary to the plot. And I do agree that Leia is the "one other" that Yoda spoke of, although because she and I are not the only ones who believe it, they may have to spring a surprise on us after "Jedi" is released. I think you did a good job with "Monolg" too. You caught the feeling of he characters very well in such a short piece, and added to my enjoyment of a single line from "Empire."

I'm glad you had such a large letter column, and a nice variety of intelligent opinion.

I did notice the addition "Episode Four - A New Hope" to "SW" and I was really happy to see it added. Makes it seem more likely that they'll really film nine episodes.

As of now, they've aired 11 episodes of the SW radio serial. I wholeheartedly agree with you that they seem to end just as they're getting started - the height (or depth, if you prefer) of this was surely reached in eps 6 & 7, which took 2 episodes to detail what took up 10 minutes in the film. Some of it drags a bit in pacing, and a lot of it lacks the style and sharp pacing of some other SF radio shows, from "X Minus One" to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," and I'm not thrilled with the actors who are doing the parts of Obi-Wan and Leia, and Perry King as Han doesn"t have very good timing. Like in the scene of Han, Luke & Chewie taking over the command station of the Death Star, that little conversation between Han, trying to pass himself off as a stormtrooper, and some officer's voice on the comlink, Harrison Ford's believeability and sense of timing made that little scene believable to me, but King overplayed it horribly and with no subtlety at all. But, on the other hand. Brock Peters is quite good as Darth Vader, and Keene Curtis (the voice of Judah Zachary on Dark Shadows) comes closest of all to capturing the personality of one of the characters played by someone else in the movie (Moff Tarkin) and several episodes have made brief hints at characters & events which come later on in "Empire." One episode, either 8 or 9, gave more credence to the theory that Leia is the "one other" in one line.

I still think my favorite episode was the second one, which gave us some really good background on Leia that wasn't in the film. Don't think I don't like the show, tho, I just wish they could have tightened it up, storywise, a bit. [4]

Very nice cover. Never did think of who was Luke's blood relative - I suspect Owen, too. Once I thought about it, I realized I'd. been unconsciously assuming that all along. Enjoyed "Before the Battle" - caught the cynical/nostalgic tone of Han - really feels like something he would be thinking. Very Informative fllmography. Hell of a movie for him to start out with. Jani Hicks does nice poetry. Like Showcase" transcript was quite interesting, and much better than those usually are. A lot of actual Information on the subject at hand. Instead of the usual chitchat. "Social Science Fiction" - now that was one thought the simplicity and stream of consciousness in "Just a Word." The "Cinema provoking article. I loved all of the "Mrs. Darth Vader" cartoons by Susan - my favorite being the 'obscence phone call' one. Great! Gads, I made a lot of typos in my story. I enjoyed re-reading it. Came out a lot better than I thought it had.

I enjoyed your "Monolog." I thought it came out very nicely. Nice drawing to accompany it. All of Mike's cartoons were terrific -- particularly the "some days it doesn't pay" one.

The LOCs were interesting. , particularly Sharon Emily's... I really can't follow her reasoning [Editor: Me neither]., but it made for fascinating reading anyway. [5]
I loved the MEC#2, especially "Race to Torliine" by Kathleen Reach. Once I started reading it I couldn't stop. It was great to read about the saga again! [6]

I received my copy of the Mos Eisley Chronicle #2 back in April and have been enjoying it ever since. I have now decided to end my procrastination and write to let you know about it. The highlight of the issue was Kathy Reach's "Race to Torhine I don't necessarily agree with her theories on the Luke-Leia-Vader connection, but she presented them very well. A fine story.

My own pet theory is that Luke's mother was the sister of Leia's father. Remember that Leia's father served with Obi-Wan in the Clone Wars [Editor: Wasn't that Luke's father?] - perhaps Obi-Wan's favorite protege did too and so met Luke's mother. I then theorize she was somehow killed and Luke's father was led to use the Dark Side of the Force to avenge her death which led to his being possessed by the personality that is Darth Vader. Thus when Obi-Wan remarks "There is another" he referred to the good side of Luke's father which is now trapped within the mind of Darth Vader. ((Interesting - but it was Yoda who spoke the line, after Ben said "That boy is our only hope" - referring, of course, to Luke)) Ah well, George Lucas may yet out-smart us all again. (I sure never expected Vader to declare he was Luke's father. My jaw was hanging in surprise for days after I first saw TESB).

To get back to the rest of MEC2, the rest of the contents were very interesting, too. I especially liked the John Williams filmography and I appreciate the hard work that must have gone into compiling it and the "SW on TV" feature as well.

The cartoons were also very good, but I got my biggest laugh out of that little reprint from the Washington Post, on page 19. The fellow must have had a crack in his crystal ball. [7]

I enjoyed the Mos Eisley Chronicle #2. Kathy Reach's Race to Torliine" was superb! She certainly tied up all the loose ends, and considering all the loose ends left dangling at the end of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, that was no easy chore! Mike Entrekin's cartoons are entertaining too.

The letter colum is interesting. It's always nice to see what other people think. But Sharon Emily's letter was a bit perplexing. I can't quite see Darth in the role of a benevolent God sacrificing his only son Luke for the hope of a better future. I agree with the "power and majesty" part, though. No one could question Darth's power and power that awesome can appear majestic at times, but I doubt if he can be turned to good at this point, Darth had a choice to make and he made it — a long time ago. He chose the Dark Side of the Force. I do think it was a bit sneaky of Obi-Wan and Yoda to train Luke to go out and commit patricide without even mentioning that little fact to him. I know Luke hasn't killed Vader yet but it's been obvious all through Luke's training that Vader will be and is his main opponent. A final confrontation between them seems inevitable — unless Leia manages to do away with Vader somehow.

I enjoyed listening to the Star Wars radio serial a few weeks ago. It's being rerun now on several stations and will probably be rerun many more times since the Public Broadcasting Stations bought the rights to the programs outright and they can play them as often as they wish. Anyone who hasn't heard it should write to the PBS radio station in their area and ask them when it will be broadcast. [8]
I received the MEC2...I really enjoyed it and am already looking foward to I have changed my opinion from what I said in MEC2 though. After watching Empire 6 more times and thinking alot about things said in both SW & Empire, I now believe Darth really is Luke's father. [9]

MEC II was an excellent followup to the premier issue. Both stories and artwork were exceptionally good, as were the informative parts. It's always interesting to find out the media coverage after one of the SW movies has been issued. Of particular interest was Kathy Resch's story...a most interesting premise ...Luke and Leia being related. At least that solves the "triangle" in a way not to be tampered with. As a diehard Han/Leia fan, am happy the story turned out the way it did. I wasn't particularly impressed with SW, and it was only after viewing EMPIRE and Harrison Ford's performance, did I become involved in SW fandom! Han Solo certainly matured between the first two movies, became more charismatic instead of the freewheeling superstud most fans like to picture him as.

One of my favorite parts of a fanzine is fast becoming the poetry. Deb's poem was truely lovely and one of the best to portry Han's last thoughts before being "frozen." After all the fan speculation, it will be most interesting to see how George "does it." Cheer up fans, only 14 more months and we'll all know!

Again, MECII was an excellent zine and I am looking forward to MECIII! [10]
...I enjoyed it (the MEC2) very much. I especially enjoyed all the little trivia notes and info, and the 'SW on TV' section. I love reading stuff like that. [11]
I got my copy of the MEC2 and I enjoyed it ever so much. I thought it was every bit as good if not a bit better than MEC1. I especially liked SW on TV articles and cartoons. That cartoon that had Darth turn out to be Barnabas made me laugh. I also liked the variety of different material used, it really is an excellent zine and a welcome addition to my collection. [12]
I find MEC to be very good, especially the art and the Darth Vader comic strip. ... I had trouble staying interested in the story of John Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi -- the most interesting part to me was the conclusion. [13]
I have really been enjoying the MEC. It's so beautifully done. I just love it. A lot of people will be surprised when they get a zine like that for only $2! [14]
One of my favorite items in MEC was "The Adventures of Mrs. Darth Vader." Never have I seen a running comic like that on SW, and quite an original idea at that. I hope that Susan continues running it. I enjoyed the transcripts of the talk shows immensely. There were two shows with H. Ford and A. Daniels that somehow never made it to my area, or else I had missed them. I try to collect recordings of all shows the actors are on, which is no easy feat when one must be at work at the same time the show is on. Takes plotting and planning to get out of work early! [15]
I just had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed the Mos Eisley Chronicle! The stories and the artwork are fantastic! I was hoping someone would come up with a fanzine about our beloved Star Wars. [16]

Issue 3

Mos Eisley Chronicle 3 was published in summer 1984 and contain 72 pages.

front cover of issue #3

The art is by Susan Wyllie and Marybeth Cooper.

From the editorial:


This is the Last issue of the Mos Eisley Chronicle. There simply hasn't been enough support, in terms of either contributions or subscriptions, to keep the zine going.

My deepest appreciation to all those who have supported the MEC throughout its limited run.

I would appreciate any comments, criticism or praise you may care to send my way regarding the MEC. I 'll try to answer all letters, but please, enclose an SASE. Thanks!

A number of people have asked about the availability of back issues of the Mos Eisley Chronicle. Back issues are now available in reprint form from De-Van Press. See their ad in this issue for details.

May the Force be with you all....
  • The party's over (editorial) (2)
  • Requiem by Stephanie Purvis (3)
  • Contributions of General System Theory to the Understanding of the Scientific Applications of Science Fiction by Agustin Castellanos, M.D. (8)
  • Follow-Up Letter by Augustin Castellanos, M.D. (11)
  • John Williams Filmography Update by DER (14)
  • Notes, Quotes, and Trivia by DER (15)
  • Thoughts for a Falcon by Lynda Vandiver (16)
  • The Kiss by Barbara Brayton (17)
  • Jedi Word Seeker Quiz by Marci Erwin (18)
  • Odds and Ends by DER (20)
  • Twin by Kathleen Resch (21)
  • Yoda's Thoughts by Susan Wyllie (23)
  • Musings of a Jedi by Stephanie Purvis (24)
  • Some Interesting Characters by DER (25)
  • Evil in the Air! Star Wars on Radio, review by Mike Entrekin (26)
  • The Adventures of Mrs. Darth Vader by Susan Wyllie (32)
  • Speculations on Future Star Wars Films by Tom Rorher (33)
  • A Page of Puzzles by Lynda Vandiver (35)
  • SW on TV by DER with Mike Entrekin (36)
  • Post Celebration by Barbara Brayton (46)
  • Shadows of a Dark Lord by Linda Walden (48)
  • Letters (54)
  • Puzzle Answer Pages (66)
  • From the Spaceport Bulletin Board (1ds) (68)


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