Integrity (multimedia zine)

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Title: Integrity
Publisher: Integrity Press/Aspirations Press (agented by Bill Hupe)
Editor(s): Diann Thornley/Melva Gifford
Date(s): 1991
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Darren J. Albertson

Integrity is a gen 327-page anthology (featuring science fiction fandoms.

The art is by Darren J. Albertson (cover), Dave Bastion, Steven Keele, Leigh Moto'oka, Lorna Breshears, Marian Howarth, Jean Rohrer, Linda Rae Bowe, Kendis Chase, Vicki Brinkmeier, and Minds-i-View (back cover). Jamie Jonas

The cover art of this zine, without the lettering, was also available for sale from Bill Hupe.

Submission Request

From a 1990 submission request in The Clipper Trade Ship #70: "INTEGRITY is looking for fiction concerning our favorite media characters performing great acts of loyalty or friendship for which we have come to enjoy them. We are looking for multimedia stories putting our favorite people into situations where they show their best. INTEGRITY is searching for fiction/art concerning themes of sacrifice, loyalty, devotion, friendship, and of people aspiring to greatness. We want plots similar in mood to such cinema greats as A Man For All Seasons, True Grit, A Tale Of Two Cities, I Claudius, 1776, The Abyss, Laurence of Arabia, Ben Hur, Chisum, and Lost Horizon. Let us see relationship stories of our beloved favorites at their best, or perhaps, while working together to overcome enormous odds. The universes we're interested are: Star Trek, Alien Nation, Blake's Seven, ST:TNG, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, Wizards and Warriors, Broken Arrow, V, Johnny Quest, Land of the Giants, Rat Patrol, Man From UNCLE, and original science fiction and fantasy. We already have some great submissions and are looking for more. We expect this to be a big issue. Artists, please send photocopy samples of your art. Also, please tell us what universes you would prefer to illustrate. Other universe submissions not mentioned above are dependent upon editors' discretion. Hurt/Comfort is permissible, as long as the characters remain in character. The zine will cover G to PG rating. Send submission or inquiries with SASE to INTEGRITY, Melva Gifford, Roz Allen..."

From a 1992 ad in Zine Scene: "A new 270 page [1] multi-media anthology edited by Melva Gifford, portraying our favorite characters performing acts of loyalty, friendship, sacrifice, and integrity. Contains material from both Star Trek series, B7, Alien Nation, Wizards and Warriors, Star Wars, as well as some original fiction. Primary emphasis on Star Trek (both) and B7."


  • Lottery by Lorna Breshears (Blake's 7) (4) (the cartoon for this story originally appeared in The Liberator Log)
  • In Any Reality by Jean Rohrer (Star Trek) (13)
  • Beginnings by Kristy Merrill (Star Trek) (46)
  • Alien Nation Glossary by Vicki Brinkmeier (Alien Nation) (50)
  • Priorities by Barbara R. Hume (Star Trek: TNG) (64)
  • Rachel by M. Shayne Bell (Science Fiction) (138)
  • Friendship by Cathy Errickson (Star Wars) (151)
  • Ritual After Kolinahr by Nancy Lynn Hayes (Star Trek) (154)
  • A Jedi Knight in King Arthur's Court by Diann Thornly (Star Wars) (164)
  • The Harp of Fflewddur Fflam by Cathy Errickson (Science Fiction) (194)
zine flyer with story summaries, click to read
  • Arrow's Song by Melva Gifford (Science Fiction (196)
  • My Captain My Friend by Kristy Merrill (Star Wars) (201)
  • The Eleventh Hour: Anna's Story by D.J. Walters (Blake's 7) (204)
  • T'Hy'La [2] by Kristy Merrill (Star Trek) (220)
  • The Vow by L. Binckle (RoboCop) (221)
  • Kindred Spirits by Kristy Merrill (Star Wars) (248)
  • Sunset on Saurain Major by D.J. Walters (Blake's 7) (250)
  • Ballad of Luke Skywalker by Kristy Merrill (Star Wars) (251)
  • Reflections by Joanna Lewis (Star Wars) (252)
  • The Healer by Nancy Lynn Hayes (Wizards and Warriors) (256)
  • Respect for Family by CarolMel Ambassador and Alinda Allain (Star Trek) (294)

Sample Interior Gallery

Reactions and Reviews

I was disappointed in Integrity, a 330-page zine also from Bill Hupe and Peg Kennedy for $21. There were only a couple of Star Trek stories and the rest were mixed media and general science-fiction, which I couldn't get into, except for a Star Wars one about King Arthur's time. One of the Trek stories was concerned with what might have happened if Kirk had stayed female, a follow-up to another pro-published story in which an alien civilization would change the sexes of passing ship crews. I believe it was called "Procrustian Petard" (sp). The other one was about Sarek calling Spock home for a Vulcan ceremony making him his heir. [3]


  1. This difference in page count may be due to a different printing, perhaps when it was agented by the Hupes?
  2. Yes, spelled that way.
  3. from The Trekzine Times v.3 n.2/3