Resolutions/Freedom's Fare

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Title: Resolutions/Freedom's Fare
Editor(s): Cheree Cargill
Date(s): May 1999
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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cover of "Resolutions," author's name redacted
cover of "Freedom's Fare"

Resolutions/Freedom's Fare is a two-author Star Wars zine, edited by Cheree Cargill. The art is by ZP Florian.

It contains the novellas:

  • Resolutions by Ltlj (name author chooses to use on Fanlore and elsewhere)
  • Freedom's Fare by Cat Anson

The zine was designed to be flipped for each story -- i.e., at the end of one story, rather than turning the page to start the next, the reader would turn the entire zine over and upside down, to start reading at the other cover.


Resolutions is 43 pages long, and it is currently available online in three parts here.

Summary from an ad for "Resolutions" in Southern Enclave: "Han and Leia embark on a mission to root out the Imperial agents that could expose the Alliance supply line from a neutral system. But the two get more than they bargained for -- in order to convincingly infiltrate the matriarchal system, the smart-mouthed Corellian smuggler and the acid-tempered Alderaani princess must be legally married by the local ruler! And that's just the beginning!"

Freedom's Fare

Freedom's Fare is 88 pages long, and is not currently available online.

Summary from an ad for "Freedom's Fare" in Southern Enclave: "There are those who had much to lose when the Empire fell, financially and politically, and they will stop at nothing to hold onto their ill-gotten gains. Luke, Han and Leia find that the war isn't over yet and that freedom has a price that must be paid over and over."