Technological Terror

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Title: Technological Terror
Publisher: Lightspeed Press
Editor(s): Charyl Perry (editor) & Jennie Jivan (co-editor)
Date(s): March 1994
Medium: see below
Fandom: Star Wars
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front cover, Linda Stoops
flyer for issue #1, printed in Echo Three #1

Technological Terror is a 54-page Star Wars fanzine published in 1994.

Its publisher calls it "the first electronic zine... electronic version available on Macintosh computers (Apple II and IBM versions available). Mac version includes sound clips and animation." (from an ad in Southern Enclave).

The art is by Steve Hamaker, Chris Jivan, Jennie Jivan, Linda Stoops.

An Origin Statement

From Southern Enclave #37 (autumn 1993):

An artist friend of mine and I want to make a new kind of zine, I already have a title for it — Technological Terror. The submission guidelines are simple: "You make it, we take it." We hope to have a section devoted to each character, theme, side of the Force, or whatever you want. This zine will be featured as an electronic zine, but we will produce high quality hard copies for non-computer users. We're hoping to have it ready for holiday shipping. Some of the perks of the computerized zine will be real-time sound and visual effects, plus the ability to print the zine. I will bring my Mac to MWC '94 to give a demo of this new technology. Any help and/or submissions will be greatly appreciated.

From the zine:

Thanks for reading the first issue of Technological Terror!!

I was 9 years old when Star Wars came out, and like many of you, I became an instant fan. When I saw the Timothy Zahn books in May '92, I decided to get involved with on-line fandom. Using America On-line, I found Arwen R., zines, Media West, and the rest of you. It wasn't until after Media West '93, that I decided to go ahead with my long time dream of doing a Star Wars Stack (electronic magazine).

I want Technological Terror to cover many aspects and levels of Star Wars. This magazine is for YOU!! Send articles and stories you're interested in. I don't want to make a list of "don't sent this, and don't sent that." Just keep submissions in the true spirit of Star Wars. If you need story or artwork ideas, just let me know. I keep a list of possible stories on file. If there's anything you'd like to see in upcoming issues, let me know. I'm sure we can find some way to include it.


Between work, school, and the magazine, I try to find time to play video games, listen to music, use my Macintosh, and watch Star Wars (of course!). Drop me a line anytime. If you have a modem I can be reached at the following addresses: [contact info for this fan: America On-line, Internet (an AOL email address, Prodigy, and Fax].


instructions on how to access "Matters of the Force" (MotF)
  • Mind Probe: Interview with Skip Shayotovich, moderator of Fidonet BBS, the Star Wars Echo, by Jennie Jivan (1)
  • Leaving Day, poem by Yvette Ghilan (4)
  • Where is X-Wing?, a letter sent by a fan to George Lucas asking about "porting your X-Wing Simulator to the Mac," by Seth Bonder (6)
  • Confrontation, fiction by Linda Stoops (7)
  • Jabba Should Have Listened, vignette by Chris Jivan (10)
  • The Decision, poem by Yvette Ghilan (11)
  • First Kills, fiction Katherine Jackson (12)
  • Matters of the Force, introduction of what was hoped to be a regular column, by Cathy Bowden (includes a description of MotF: "MotF is a study of STAR WARS (tm); its philosophy, the movies, the books, the characters and the Force. MotF is part of the GEnie Science Fiction Roundtable (SFR.") (18)
  • History Project, fiction by Yvette Ghilan (20)
  • Star Wars Drinking Game (31)
  • Traditions, vignette by Tammy Olsen (33)
  • Sisterhood, vignette by Mary Jo Fox (36)
  • Lost Heroine, poem by Yvette Ghilan (38)
  • Solo, fiction by Linda Stoops (After the Battle of Yavin, Han does some late-night consideration of his place in the galaxy. Small character study of how he relates to his new colleagues. First appeared in Revisions) (39)
  • To Share, poem by Yvette Ghilan (42)
  • A Father's First Look, vignette by Jenny Jivan (43)
  • Star Wars Destiny, fiction by Skip Shayotovich (44)
  • Consolation, poem by Yvette Ghilan (48)
  • Darth Star Release 1.00, fiction by Author Unknown (49, 52)
  • Rebirth, a comic by Jeff Smith
  • about 15 pages of flyers for zines and cons

Inside Sample

The Proposed Second Issue

The second issue was never published.

flyer for the second issue (never published)

It was to have featured the artwork of Steve Hamaker, stories by Marti Schuller, and Mary Jo Fox, an interview with Lisa Cowan, Star Wars Insider writer, reviews of upcoming novels and comics.

There was to have been an electronic version available on Macintosh computers ("IBM coming soon"). The Macintosh version was to have included sound clips, and animation. The printed version was to have included color artwork (approximately 80 bound pages).