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You may be looking for S.L.Y.G.O., a Blake's 7 zine.

Publisher: Catherine A. Siebert & Kathleen B. Retz
Date(s): 1980-1982
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars & Battlestar Galactica (1978) & Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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SLAYSU is an explicit adult het multifandom zine anthology which contains stories by multiple authors.

a 1982 flyer

SLAYSU stands for "So Like and Yet So Unalike."

A continuation of this zine is Conflicting Impulses.

The Content Ratings

From issue #4: "Just remember, even if they are not erotic, submissions must be adult in story line (not necessarily true in humor), and preferably non-sexist —both of us object to this type of literature and we will let you know if you are guilty (horrors of horrors!) of this serious offense."

Each story is rated G, PG, R, or X.

While these designations refer to the level of sex and violence, they are also used by the editors in an unique way: the higher the rating is, the more of a PWP the story becomes. This system makes the assumption that, by definition, all sexually explicit stories have less plot than non-explicit ones.

G: Story line most important, no sex, no violence.

PG: Story line still important. Suggestive sex and/or violence.

R: Little story line. Sex and/or violence more openly portrayed.

X: Little story, mostly sex. We don't have any X rated violence.

From a 1982 Flyer

SLAYSU is one of those fanzines that makes you think. Now I'm not saying that to brag, but because the responses we've gotten from readers and contributors makes us think. I guess the reactions from LucasFilms made us think the most. We're multi-media, but mostly with the basic emphases: Star Trek, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Battlestar: Galactica, and Galactica '80. Future issues will deal with the other shows and movies that strike our fancy, including our current favorite, Simon and Simon (gods, is AJ cute!).


Stories range from G to X rated.

Chilling Effect: No More Erotic Star Wars Stories

In response to Open Letters to Star Wars Zine Publishers (1981), the editors decided to not print any more new explicit Star Wars fiction, but they refused to pull that fiction from the previous issues.

From By Any Other Name, a 1982 essay printed in the the fourth issue:

Because we don't want trouble, SLAYSU will not print any SW or TESB stories that carry any sexual overtones. I (Cathy) will continue to write them, so if you happen to know me or see me at a convention and we get to talking about erotica, then you can always obtain a copy, for what it cost me to make it.

Our apologies to Mr. Lucas and to you, the reader, who is really the one who suffers.

Peace and long life.

So, there will be no more R or X-rated STAR WARS stories (sexually that is) in future issues of SLAYSU. Hear that, George???? I adamantly refuse to pull any story printed so far and for different reasons than Cathy. Finances aside, I feel it is morally wrong to pull them.

The Same Sex Stories: By Special Request Only

The editors have an addition to their 1983 ad for "Slaysu" in Universal Translator #17, one that offers information about their slash stories. Fans were invited to send them a SASE for more information:

We have some stories available only on a request basis and only to legal adults. This is because many people have strange views on homosexual (or any type of sexual) relationships. If you are offended by such relationships or by stories about such relationships, these stories are not for you. These stories are short, graphic and all in fun. They are not meant to answer serious questions. The whole purpose is to offer an alternative to the ordinary.

Some of those stories:

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

SLAYSU 1 was published in November 1980 and contains 70 pages.

It has two Star Trek: TOS pieces (one story focusing on Uhura, and the other an ST biography), two Galactica 1980 pieces (one a love story, the other an article on the reality of Space Gods), five Star Wars stories (three on Han Solo after the carbonite, a story highlighting Chewie, and one about a Luke and Vader encounter story).

The fiction ratings: G=2, PG=4, R=2, and X=1.

The editorial by Cathy:

While standing around at Phantasmacon '80 trading stories with eaders, writers and publishers of various zines, we decided to put out our own zine. After all, we were writers. Kathy has given her version of our first meeting, suffice to say that Richard (the instructor) will never be the same.

Anyway, we dug through our piles of stories immediately (actually some time later) and came up with a few, a very few, that we thought might be suitable. After all, this was going to be a high class zine, only the best stories. We may have compromised somewhat, but we did our best.

Then just as we were getting into the swing of the things. The Empire Strikes Back came out and gave us (uh-- me) all kinds of ideas, mostly unprintable (not for that reason), and everything else happened.

[much personal and fannish things snipped]

All of the above, put our zine behind schedule. Not that we had any definite schedule, having heard too many horror stories about deadlines that didn't get met.

It's done, (as soon as Kathy finishes her Vader/Luke encounter and a few other minor things)

Having told you all the horrors that we endured (well not all, read Dirty Dishes, for further explanations), I will now tell you the good parts. I finally finished a really great Galactica 1980 story. Helva took over the story and wrote it for me) and then there's Corellian Condition which needs no explanation, except to say that fans of the redoubtable Corellian will either love it or hate it. And of course there is an Uhura story for those of you who find the lovely communications officer the center of your world. Unfortunately, Star Wars dominated this zine. Blame TESB for coming out when it did. Then there are a few articles, if things go well. Only one is finished.

I will not be responsible for the titles of any of the stories. I thought up the title of the zine. Kathy did all the rest of them. (She couldn't stand my titles particularly "The Gigantic Cockroach"/"Space Gods Go Home" or "The CorellIan and the Lady." I'm getting comments from my co-editor. Unprintable comments.

However she did consent to the title of one story (subtitle) "The Obligatory Han Solo Rescue Story". What else could you call it? Though I warn you It Is not like any others you have read or will read. -- Cathy

The editorial by Kathy:

Upon A Time a year ago, Catherine Siebert sat next to me In a science Fiction Writing Class. Eight months and several cons later, she asked me If I'd like to co-edit a 'zIne. Cursed be that day!

Actually, I was ecstatic. I'd been wanting to do a 'zIne for years and now I actually did It. Why oh why didn't I listen to all those other editors? I guess most fans are masochists at heart.

Cathy and I have different styles of writing, as you will discover. My eyebrows resembled Spock's after one of Kirk's bad puns during the first few readings. Now, I just shake my head until the next scene — where I tch my tongue. I tend towards implication rather than exposition, not so for Cathy.

Cathy, in her Op. CIt. has explained all the factors against this zlne. My schedule Is probably the worst one. Between writing/school/work/and the Society for Creative Anachronism (there's a banquet the day after this 'zine goes to the printer's), I don't have much time left for a social life. Social life? What's a social life?

I certainly hope you enjoy reading this, lots of love has gone into it. The fans of "The Star That Beckons" have all told me "It's about time! I've only been working on various aspects of it for seven years. My Star Wars story, believe It or not, is my first attempt at SW stuff. It was done in a do-it-or-die context.

Okay, on a more serious note: Paramount (those JA's) has shelved the Star Trek sequel. Please let them know that a movie (with more Roddenberry and less Paramount) would be a worthwhile venture. Remember to make it polite, and with no mention of Trek on the envelope. -- Kathy

  • Op. Cit.
  • untitled Sulu poem (Star Trek: TOS) (2)
  • Dirty Dishes, by Kathleen B. Retz (not fannish) (4)
  • A Matter of Healing by Catherine A. Siebert (Star Wars, explicit het, features tentacles) ("The author of this story decided she couldn't write a Han Solo Rescue Story as well as George Lucas, so she concentrated on what might happen after the Corellian was rescued. Would life go on as usual? Or would he fall into the twin traps of paranoia and madness? This story explores those possibilities in a uniquely conformist manner. On another level, this is a lay Han story. it wasn't 'supposed' to be, but the author finally got her copy of Obsc'zine #4, saw the picture of her favorite Corellian, and added several scenes. She says she's going to do a story on the picture. Alas, it will have to wait for another issue of SLAYSU.") (5)
  • When I Last Died by C.A. Siebert (Galactica 1980) ("No one seems to be writing stories about Galactlca 1980. You'll find several (two) In this zlne. This one Is a love story. It was originally a long prose poem that got out of hand. Now It's a story that illustrates how even the best Intentions are really no excuse for the harm done. It also shows some ideas that we thought were important.") (18)
  • A Corellian Condition by C.A. Siebert (Star Wars, mpreg, Han Solo is also bisexual) ("Once upon a time there was a zlne called The Lighter Side of the Force. There was one story in there that I liked particularly, but I felt it would be better with a little more drama in It. So over the last few months, I wrote it.") (33)
  • Star Trek Word Search, first season puzzle by K.B. Retz (43)
  • Battlestar Galactica Word Search puzzle by K.B. Retz (44)
  • Whatcha Say? by K.B. Retz (article about hieroglyphs and language using symbols) (45)
  • Journey's End in Lovers Meeting by C.A. Siebert (Star Trek: TOS) ("Most Star Trek stories focus on the main characters (until recently almost all of them did). Having always been an Uhura fan, I decided to dig Into her personality and background. This story presents some ideas on how her life could be and introduces an old friend. It also gives me an excuse to spout off about things that I'm interested in. (47)
  • The True Scent by C.A. Siebert (Star Wars, a G-rated Han/Chewbacca story) ("This story Is an explanation of a very different culture, and a different way of looking at the universe. The author asked herself, why should beings of such disparate physiques work so well together, especially when there are obvious personality conflicts. This story is one of the possible answers.") (59)
  • The Star That Beckons: The Earth Ambassador by K.B. Retz (Star Trek: TOS) ("How did this come to be written? Well... On November 15, 1973, I was introduced to Star Trek. On December 27, 1973, Cynthia Oliver and I created the Garring sisters. At first they were your typical "sisters on the Enterprise" characters, but by February, they had taken on an interesting aspect of their own -- they left the Enterprise. Now, many years and several cross-country jaunts later... I have created what may be the first ST related biography (the entire life of a character). The Star That Beckons is the chronicle of Kathy and Cynthia Garring. The first chapter you hold In your hands. It starts as all life starts, (well, most anyway) with parents. "The New Ambassador Is the story of Thomas Garring and his arrival on Vulcan.") (63)
  • The Obligatory Han Solo Rescue Story by C.A. Siebert (Star Wars) ("Everybody knows that Han Solo Is going to be rescued. Even George Lucas wouldn't dare kill off such a lovable scoundrel. Even If he did, the fans would never believe it. So the stories are written rescuing dear Han, and other things are added just to entice the reader. Anyway, we decided to present a slightly different story. The author has a mind that veers. She takes the traditional and twists It just enough to make It not quite what you expect." (90)
  • filler by K.B. Retz ( 56)
  • A Woman's Touch, Part 1 by C.A. Siebert Battlestar Galactica (1978) (101)
  • Tears by K.B. Retz (Star Wars) ("Since The Empire Strikes Back came out, there have been several final encounter stories written as well as a lot of other stuff. We decided to do something along the same line. However, we started by asking several different people to come up with ideas. They were supposed to be short, a page or two at the most, vignettes. Well all we had on tap were long winded writers and this is the shortest one that we could come up with.") (119)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

See reactions and reviews for A Matter of Healing.

See reactions and reviews for A Corellian Condition.

One of my biggest complaints is phrasing. There are places I'd rather see commas than periods, and other places where there shouldn't oughta be commas. How explicit do you want this? I'd be willing to do it line by line IF YOU'RE INTERESTED.


The format Is good, although I cringe at the registered right margin. Never have cared for that, particularly In fanzines. Besides, the gaps left by the machines In some lines makes me feel as though some part of It wasn't printed.

Ooops! Was gonna tell you at the beginning of this letter that I only bought these for the SW stuff. Haven't read much Trek In the last year or so, and I never did get Into BSG. Sorry about that.

Do you have someone editing vour stories for you? (Back to those damn commas...) (and that fluctuating detail...) I really think that another opinion before going Into print — as well as rewrites —will help tighten the stories and clarify some parts of them. You're a good writer, lady. It's just that with a thorough editing, you could be a terrific writer! You've a marvelous Imagination, and I want the best for youl I want the best from you.

Well, I hope that my worst fears have not been realized. I've tried to balance the "warm fuzzies" and "cold prickles" so as to avoid alienating you completely. And I am sincerely looking forward to SLAYSU 3.


The True Scent: Give me a little more time with this one as I'm not quite ready to accept It. Definitely have mixed feelings about this one.

[See this fans comments about A Matter of Healing, A Corellian Condition, and The Obligatory Han Solo Rescue Story. [1]

I have only had a chance to skim over SLAYSU I but I enjoyed the bits I read in "A Matter of Healing". The subject was handled wonderfully and maturely, the writing was pleasantly dull. After a while, reading goody-goody innocent-Luke-gets-the-Princess stories makes me feel like I've just finished reading a fifth grade textbook. Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy these stories a lot, but not to the point where I feel my I.Q. has dropped.

I couldn't help but skim over another story "A Corellian Condition". I, too, have read the story in "Lighter Side of the Force" to which you referred.) The idea of Corellian males bearing the children -- argh! With Han's macho, I just don't see it, but then again, it the unexpected twists that keep us Han-atics amused the most! (How about Leia hustling on the side information from the Imperials, or and Chewie having as affair, or Threepio instructing Luke in the basics every young man should know? [2]

In reference to issue number 1 of "SO LIKE AND YET SO UNALIKE", the story "A CORELLIAN CONDITION". I would just like to inform you that if I ever get my hands on you, I will tie you to 20 spooked Banthas and send them charging in 20 different direction! How dare you say that Han Solo has taken a MALE LOVER!!!!!


I am a Californian (didn't you see the address?), although I don't know If you could say conservative, well, anyway I got to the bottom of your rather unusual story, (stay calm...must stay calm)...


I was somewhat surprised by what your letter didn't say. You mean it doesn't bother you that Han had gotten pregnant and (at the end of the first story) was considering giving birth to an illegitimate child? Would you think that would be much more controversial.
Of course I really can't guess right about people's reactions being a conservative Californian. (Definition: I don't give a damn what people do, as long as no coercion (either physical or mental) is involved). Guess you could say I'm pro-choice.
I am also saddened that you missed all the background work I did on "Corellian Condition". I wanted to point out how much biology has to do with culture. The culture was the easy part. But looking up marsupials and adapting their methods to humanolds was difficult. Had to do some convoluted thinking. Anyway, the point of the story was the relationship of childbearing to lack of economic, social and political power. A side effect of this is that homosexual relations among powerless persons are usually trivialized, more than actively repressed. It Is only when economic independence becomes possible, frequently through effective methods of birth control, that such relationships are openly attacked by society.
Back to more important things. Did you like the rest of the zine? Does your ethnocentric bias mean that you don't want to read SLAYSU #2?
Another comment. Your letterhead says "Dedicated to Freedom In the Universe" -- if you plan to continue using your present belief system. i.e. What's right for me, is right for everyone, then you'd better change your motto, or be prepared to have it mean no more than any other revolutionary slogan does. Most rebels are fanatics and have a tendency to remove opposition with much the same violence as their opponents. The main problem Is that to me, "Freedom" means "Freedom of Choice".
As an optimist, I've Included a flyer for SLAYSU #2, In the event you liked SLAYSU #1, (other than the one story). [3]

I really like SLAYSU 1 & 2. The way they are presented and everything! My favorite stories are: "A Matter of Healing" (I love Han Solo!!), "Corellian Condition" (gave me a new way to look at things.), "A Woman's Touch", & the graffiti.

Since you handle Dillon and Troy better than G'80 did, why don't you try your hands at a Battlestar Galactica one?

And since you handled Han and Lady extremely well, it would be great to see one of Han and Leia after the unfreezing. What would their relationship be? Did she say she loved him just because she thought he might never be back to prove that love? The part I loved best in "A Matter of Healing" was when Han had that bad dream! Leia must also have some of these! No telling what Darth Vader did to her after the cell doors closed on the Death Star. [4]

Just a short LOC. it was fun receiving both issues 1 & 2 of SLAYSU at the same time — getting to read parts 1 & 2 of so many of the stories one right after the other. I enjoyed all the stories — even the Star Trek ones. I say even because after the debacle that was ST:TMP — I found myself off ST Lit. But parts 1 a 2 of "The Star That Beckons" were poignant and beautifully told. The characters were reminiscent of Jean Lorrah's all in all, it was in top form.

But my favorite fan lit has always been Star Wars related. My three favorite tales were "Recruitment", "A Corellian Condition", and "The Obligatory Han Solo Rescue Story" -- I look forward to the coming sequels.

At the end of SLAYSU 2, you ask about any stories we'd like to see. I would like to see some stories exploring the deepening relationship between Han and Leia-both pre-and-post-TESB. I look forward to #3. [5]

I really enjoyed SLAYSU 1. All the stories were above average, I almost cried when I read "Tears." I thoroughly enjoyed "A Woman's Touch" and "A Corellian Condition" and can hardly wait to find out if Han has a son or a daughter, or the Force forbid, twins. [6]

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy your fanzine "SLAYSU". I think you and Kathy Retz write wonderful stories. My only complaint is when you write stories on Galactlca they are never from the original series. I would love to see a story on Starbuck! [7]

I really would like to know why Helva is such a sex fiend and why she did such a damn fool thing at the end of the second chapter. She could have killed a lot of innocent people. And why did Lady have plans to kill Han when she doesn't need him anymore? Seems kind of tacky to me. [8]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

SLAYSU 2 was published in February 1981 and contains 155 pages (some issues have different pagination and contain 94 pages, but the actual content appears identical.)

The interior illos are by K.B. Retz and E. Austin.

It includes fan fiction stories from Star Wars, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica. It contains a different Luke and Vader encounter story, a story about the wackiest ship in Starfleet and a vignette on a very young Yoda.

The fiction ratings: G=2, PG=2, R=4, and X=1.

From a flyer:

In SLAYSU #2 we plan the following stories: More of Helva's adventures aboard the Galactica. The further adventures of Han and Lady. Vina and her pet Orly. The second chapter of The Star That Beckons. A Story of the Battle of the Edge In which Colonial and Terran fighters battle Cylons and other things. A Sequel to "Corellian Condition." A Star Trek story in which only the strong survive. A hilarious ST parody from the wackiest ship In Starfleet. Another Vader Skywalker final meeting. Plus rhymes, cartoons, etc.

From the editorial:

Well, here we are again, the second issue of SLAYSU. This one was typed in record time. Less than a week, Considering we have a grand total of two typists (US!) this is nothing short of phenominal [sic]. (We do cheat somewhat, since the computer prints the final copy, and mistakes are easier to correct with a text editor system.)

Ain't we something?

This time we have more artwork (though the portrait of Vina didn't turn out quite as well as we had hoped. (It looks as if Lando drew her). And more poetry (we had to fill all those spaces somehow, it's better than obnoxious one liners, of which we have plenty).

This zine is a tad longer than we had anticipated, even though we dropped one story. I (Cathy) couldn't get it to work. And I refuse to treat the subject improperly (I don't want to be lynched).

There was also the problem with stories that kept growing. "Once upon a Paradise" was supposed to be about eight pages. It is somewhat longer. "That's One I Owe You" was supposed to be a short sequel, perhaps five pages; it went to eight. And "The Obligatory Han Solo Rescue Story" grew so long that it is now a three parter instead of the originally planned two parter.


To get back to the subject. We hope you enjoy all our continuations. Zines just aren't long enough for prolific writers such as ourselves (at least we're trying to keep them all in the same zine so you don't have to go chasing all over the country for the rest of the story. It also gives us time to breath between issues.)

For that reason, the next issue will be slightly longer in coming out, not till at least the end of May (Hopefully, fingers and toes crossed). It will also give us time to do other things (such as that Sherlock Holmes story Kathy's been working on and her trilogy and an alien non-contact story.

  • Op. Cit.
  • A Lesson in Humanity by Catherine A. Siebert ("This story takes place in the same universe as "When I Last Died" --approximately at the same time that Dillon is remembering Keene. The title Is In the mid-twenty-first century. Earth's technology is comparable to that of the Twelve Colonies. In the process of learning to work together, the Colonials learn that their Terran brethren are not quite what they'd expected; or in the Colonial vernacular, "Flying a simulator Is not the same thing as flying a Viper.") (Battlestar Galactica) (1)
  • Recruitment by Kathleen B. Retz ("While we were selling SLAYSU 1 at Loscon last Thanksgiving, several people asked for stories about Yoda. After saying "no" several dozen times, I decided to rectify the dilemma by writing a Yoda story. Perhaps the most curious thing about Yoda is how he became a Jedi in the first place.... I plan to make this the first of a series of vignettes about Yoda and his life as a trainer of Jedis.") (Star Wars) (29)
  • Star Wars Word Search by K.B. Retz (32)
  • Once Upon a Paradise by K.B. Retz, art by Retz ("Once upon a time several decades earlier, the USS Eurasian was a normal ship, with a normal crew. Now, however, this Is not the case. Salek, the first officer, can tell you when exactly this change took place, but for now let us be satisfied knowing that when Kendra and Kirsten Ashe came aboard, the change became permanent. The captain himself wasn't too straight, which distressed Salek to no end, but surprisingly enough, Peter Doyle was a capable officer. John Austen ran his engineering section with typical British honor and humor, while Kendra Ashe headed the medical department. Only Kirsten Ashe, Salek decided, was anywhere near the norm, for a half human, half Vulcan, anyway.") (Star Trek) (33)
  • A Woman's Touch Part 2 by Catherine Siebert ("This story continues the adventures of Helva aboard the Galactica. She has managed to survive her first two weeks without being discovered, or suspected of being of Terran birth. However, she has developed other problems. She knows too much about the wrong things and some people are beginning to wonder about her. Helva, though still worried that she will be seized and assaulted by homicidal maniacs In revenge for the deaths of their people, finds that the Colonials are just people, with the merits and faults of her own race. She also discovers some interesting things about her own reactions to the situation. For those of you who read this and wonder how the author thought of these scenes, please be advised: Helva Is still writing this story. So sit back and enjoy her view of a not quite perfect world.") Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (50)
  • Fantasy, poem by K.B. Retz (67)
  • Whatcha Say?, article about hieroglyphics by K.B. Retz (68)
  • A Corellian Condition: "That's One I Owe You" by C.A. Siebert ("For those of you who wondered what happened after the events in "Corellian Condition" we offer this story. It follows a logic all its own. If the first story in this series offended you this one is even more likely to do so. In which case, avoid it. However, if you have a I which case, avoid it. However, if you have a warped mind, or just like to view things from a slightly different perspective, read on.") (Star Wars, mpreg) (71)
  • Night Image, poem by K.B. Retz (79)
  • Star Trek Word Search, second season by K.B. Retz (80)
  • The Obligatory Han Solo Rescue Story, Part 2 by C.A. Siebert, art by Edward Austin (Star Wars) (81)
  • WRITE NOW by Bjo Trimble (a fan campaign to support the United States space program) (98)
  • The Star That Beckons, chapter two: Ni Var for a Marriage by K.B. Retz (99)
  • What Though the Field be Lost? by Dylan Turner, art by Edward Austin ("QUESTION: How would you feel if you discovered the one man In the galaxy that Is feared and hated above all others, the master of evil that you have been taught to despise with passion and fervor, a murderer of your father, your aunt and uncle, your revered teacher, was, you father? ANSWER: A little pissed? Well in this rebuttal to K.B. Retz's "Tears" (SLAYSU #1) I attempt to tap the thoughts of the son of Darth Vader. And decide who 'really' wins, P.S. If you decide to voice your opinions about this story, please keep In mind; All letter bombs will be returned to sender.") (Star Wars) (77)
  • A Matter of Healing, part 2 by C.A. Siebert ("This story continues the adventures of Han Solo and the mysterious Lady. For those of you who missed the first part of the story, it takes place after Solo is rescued and returned to the Alliance camp. It shows how a Corellian smuggler deals with the problems he faces after his ordeal. This one Is also rated X though I personally don't find It quite so arousing. It could be an R since there is more story line to It. But we decided to try to keep all the parts of a story In the same rating as much as possible. Also, someone who doesn't like X rated stories might not read the first story and if we rated the second one R, and that person decided to read it, they would be lost unless they read the first one which might offend them. Anyway It sounds like a good explanation. However, don't think there aren't a number of good sex scenes.") (Star Wars) (122)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

SLAYSU 3 was published in May 1981 and contains 77 pages.

The sparse art is by Shari Kay.

The fiction ratings: G=3, PG=1, R=1, and X=4.

  • Op. Cit. (i)
  • Sleeping Dragons... (iv)
  • Beware of All Enterprises that Require New Clothes by Kathleen B. Retz, art by Shari Kay ("This story came into being because Kathy wanted to make a new Star Fleet uniform. In the process of making the pattern she cursed the one piece pants/boots. And like any good writer asked herself, how would the crew of the Enterprise, especially Captain Kirk, whose penchant for destroying uniforms is well known, react to the new uniforms? You hold in your hands one answer.") (Star Trek: TOS) (1)
  • The Decision by K.B. Retz, art by Shari Kay ("This is the second In a series of vignettes about Yoda's early life.") (Star Wars) (8)
  • A Simple Dream by K.B. Retz (non-fiction, a description of going to see the landing of the space shuttle, Columbia, on April 14, 1981 at Edwards Air Force Base.) (11)
  • Where Youth and Pleasure Meet by Justine Mercedes ("A while back I read a story that became the straw that broke the tauntaun's back. As with a lot of fan fiction. It very neatly avoided the Intimate situation between that bastion of heroics, Luke Skywalker, and an interested and Interesting female character (not Leia Organa). Is this avoidance due to a writer's embarrassment, fear, lack of Ideas, or Is It due to respect and reverence for Lucas, his creations, and the 'pure and Innocent' entertainment he has given us? I too respect the characters, but as they groy; on the screen, so too must fan fiction. My special thanks to Brian C. for furnishing the Idea of the last line of dialogue, thus providing me with a way to end the story to my liking.") (Star Wars) (15)
  • Two Monstrous Evils by K.B. Retz (essay, comparing Darth Vader to Shakepeare's character, Iago) (Star Wars) (23)
  • A Woman's Touch Part 3 by Catherine A. Siebert ("This story continues Helva's adventures aboard the Galactica. Those of you who count such things will notice that she's racking up quite a score. She's also learning more about the Colonials and their culture. It begins to look more and more like her own, but with some very strange differences. She finds the differences acceptable and the Colonials accept her also.") (Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (25)
  • The Obligatory Han Solo Rescue Story, Part 3 by C.A. Siebert ("Well, here It Is people, the final part of "The Obligatory Han Solo Rescue Story". The clapping you hear In the background Is my co-editor. This has not been one of her favorite stories. The fact is, she hates to put the title on the page. Anyway, this story didn't exactly turn out as originally planned. Those of you who have been with us for awhile know that It was only supposed to be a two part story, but with both Leia and Tandyc sticking their two cents worth In, It didn't work. Please note the rating. It applies only to the way in which the subject matter is presented, not to the subject matter Itself, which may be distasteful to some people, though as usual I do have a reason for what I do. (Well, usually). Anyway, for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the final return and reunion of our(?) favorite Corel 1 Ian, dig In and enjoy the final segment.") (Star Wars) (34)
  • And Yet Another Star Trek Trivia Quiz by K.B. Retz (43)
  • Comedy and Kisma by K.B. Retz ("This story was originally written when the author was younger than the Kuhlins. It retains certain youthful elements. But the writing has changed for the better. Still it remains a light-hearted adventure yarn. This continues the adventures of the wackiest ship in Starfleet — the Eurasian. "Equal time for the crew!" And her strange crew, too.") (Star Wars) (44)
  • A Matter of Healing by C.A. Siebert ("As we left our oddly matched couple last issue, they were about to land on Man in. In this story they have done so and are in the process of dealing with the people there who need some help with a rather peculiar problem.") (Star Wars) (57)
  • Starbuck's Return by C.A. Siebert (Battlestar Galactica) (68)
  • Her First Ten Minutes... Officially by Rainbow T'Pyr (Star Trek) (75)
  • Insanity, poem by K.B. Retz
  • In/"%%*!$"/out, letters of comment ( 77)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

SLAYSU 4 was published in March 1982 (reprinted in April 1984) and contains 95 pages. The interior illos are by S. Kaiafah.

The fiction ratings: G=5, PG=1, R=2, and X=1.

  • Op. Cit.
  • Once, During A Snowstorm On Hoth by Kathleen B. Retz (Star Wars) (3)
  • Las Pobrecites, cartoon by K.S. Retz (4)
  • A Woman's Touch Part 4 by Catherine A. Siebert ("Well, people here it is, the next installment. I haven't gotten too much feedback on this story. My co-editor hates the main character and is unable to give an unbiased opinion of the story because of it. But then Helva is not supposed to be lovable. She is insane, not only by the standards of the Colonials, but by the standards of her own culture. I think that she reacts in the only fashion a sane person could, by rejecting that which insists that she be what she is not. I admit she goes a little overboard, but then maybe that's a good thing once in a while. Anyway, here is the story. Lean back and read. Helva does all those things that a woman cannot do. Things vhich most women wouldn't want to do, but which every human being should have a choice to do, or not do.") (Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (5)
  • Final Exam by Betsy Jacobs (Star Wars) (17)
  • Grafitti (sic) Page by Retz, S. Barrett, S. Kaiafah and Siebert (18)
  • Outcasts from the Land by C.A. Siebert ("Here it is as promised. I realize this story vas promised over a year ago, but it kept fighting back. As you read it, you'll understand why. I couldn't do it the justice it deserves. That would take a full length novel, which I'm not up to at the moment. Maybe someday I'll rewrite it and put out a special edition with all the frills that would please everyone, but right at the moment, I think it better to print the story as is. I hope everyone enjoys this story. I have a feeling we're going to get a lot of comments. Don't worry. We're braced. And our mailman is getting used to all the mail we receive. I think he's getting suspicious. Enjoy yourself. Add to his suspicions.") (Star Trek: TOS) (19)
  • Reflections by Siebert, art by S. Kaiafah ("For those of you who have read the Galactica stories, here's another one. This story follows (or takes place in the middle of) "A Lesson in Humanity". Several people complained that I hadn't given a good reason for Troy to be so upset (and resist so strongly) Laur's seduction (rape?). Upon rereading it, I realized that they were right. I'd completely forgotten to explain, because it was so obvious to me. A common failing among authors and a habit I have been trying to break, with moderate success. So here is the explanation. Enjoy.") (Galactica 1980) (34)
  • Excerpts from the Journal of the Terran Ambassador, poems by Rainbow T'Pyr (36)
  • Academic Life, cartoon by S. Kaiafah (38)
  • The First Port by K.B. Retz, art by Kaiafah ("For those of you who haven't bothered with reading the first two episodes in the Yoda series, here's a very short synopsis: While sitting in a tree during the Festival (when the cloud cover would lift for a day — happens every thirty years or so), Yoda sees a space ship land near the swamp. He runs over and meets with Jonah Kerenhappuch (the black Corellian pilot) and Jaquetta (Jedi Knight on a recruitment trip) and the Emperor's Nemesis, the Corellian's ship. After an argument with his father, Yoda leaves with the aliens. Jaquetta tells him about the Force and that she knows/senses that he has a natural ability. The time is the end of the first Empire and the setting up of the first Republic, eight hundred years before the opening of Star Wars. We pick up the story after the Emperor's Nanesis lifts off the surface of Dagobah.") (Star Wars , The Empire Strikes Back) (39)
  • By Any Other Name by Retz and Siebert (essay about Open Letters to Star Wars Zine Publishers (1981)) (44)
  • Las Pobracites, cartoon by Retz (46)
  • Kerrious Interludes by Jamie Boll ("We hadn't planned on running this story, but since we're so far behind, we found we had time to type and proof it. It's one of our many submissions (hint, hint). This story gives a rather interesting and somewhat different view of Corellian society and culture. Note the rating (PG). All the sexy parts were excised (with the author's permission). So here it is. The story you've all been waiting for, about Han Solo and the 'niece' he left on Corell.") (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back) (47)
  • Standard Military Procedure by Mary Turner ("This is a submission from a reader who decided to try her hand at an Apollo story. I read it and liked it. Several rewrites later, the author and I are satisfied that m it is as good as our combined long distance skills can make it at this time. The story goes a long way back, shedding light on Apollo's youth and why he may be the type of man he is. I think it still leaves a lot unsaid, but I'm sure you can fill in the blanks, and will enjoy doing so. We're also trying to get the author to do a sequel. If she doesn't, I will. I already have a few ideas on where things would go, but she has such an interesting way of putting words together that I think I'd rather she write it. So for those of you who keep hounding us to do more Galactica stories, read on. And don't say we didn't warn you.") (Battlestar Galactica ((1978)) (53)
  • The Lost Heritage Part One by Betsy Jacobs ("The Lest Heritage is the first of a fan series based on the situation left fans after The Empire Strikes Back. It's the result of well over a year of work done by a fan who didn't become a fan after Empire, yours truly, Betsy Jacobs. The first version was done before I ever read a SW fanzine, unless you count the two or three shorts Warped Space had shortly after The New Hope. Since then, this story has run through six versions, the last being a six part series (the result of exposure to MediaWestCon). Instead of an attempt to guess what might happen in The Revenge (Return?) of the Jedi, the purpose is to have fun with a story that could only exist in a fanzine, or an alternate universe. I've attempted to do romance, mystery, a character study, humor and action in the tradition of Star Wars — perhaps a touch of horror and definitely some leg pulling. WARNING - your leg already has been.") (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back) (56)
  • The Star That Beckons Part 3 by Retz ("Here at last, is the third chapter in The Star That Beckons, just as promised. I think the series is coming far enough along to start giving a short synopsis before each chapter. A year and a half ago, Thomas Garring, 26, arrived on Vulcan as the new junior ambassador to the Earth Embassy in ShiKar. In the first chapter, we were introduced to Garring, his neighbors, and his work. He also meets, through the efforts of Amanda, T'Pranj—a teacher at the Acadeny. He falls in love and proposes at the end of Chapter One. Chapter Two opens with, their wedding. They settle into a quiet routine in the large home provided by the Embassy. T'Pranj becomes pregnant and Thomas is overjoyed. It was doomed from the start, however. T'Pranj, not ever a strong person, falls ill as the pregnancy progresses. She refuses to tell Garring and by the time he finds out, it is too late. T'Pranj dies a day after giving birth to a girl. Grief-stricken, Garring secludes himself from the galaxy and tries to care for an infant alone. And the roaster bedroom is sealed off. Chapter Three, "Interim", is a time for healing...") (Star Trek: TOS) (73)
  • Las Pobracites, cartoon by Retz (82)
  • Footnotes (83)
  • Ibid. (90)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

See reactions and reviews for By Any Other Name (Star Wars meta).

I really enjoyed The Star That Beckons. I thought they ware well written, paced and plotted. The characters were intriguing and I like the insights into Spock as a small boy. The only negative thing was that it seemed a bit rushed and perhaps could have used a bit of fleshing out in places. (My biggest complaint is that they were too short and I'm going to have to wait so long for the next installments.) I must say that the story I really liked and would dearly like to see a continuation of (what a character and what the author could do with her. I also like really strong female characters in conjunction with Spock) was "Journey's End in Lovers Meeting". Any chance? I'm having a friend pick up SLAYSU at MediaWest.

I'm really looking forward to it. Please feel free to use any part of either of my letters in your LoC column. I don't know why you'd want to, I'm sure others have said all this much better than I, but as I said, feel free. I'm afraid I didn't read "The True Scent". I'll have to borrow the zine and check it out.

And yes, I did enjoy Kirk's comments in "Beware of All Enterprises That Require New Clothes". But then considering my opinion of the ST: TMP uniforms...[9]

I must now air my one complaint (aside from earlier grousing on Lucasfilm). You seem to be one of the many people who can't believe Han and Leia can live happily ever after. I was more than glad to see the end of "The Obligatory Han Solo Rescue Story." Thrilled wouldn't be strong oiough. Parts 1 and 2 were pretty good, but at the end of 3 you had the pair as bed-partners who didn't really like each other. Try as I might I couldn't inject/read any real love or tenderness into their actions. I'm not so dense that I fail to understand your intentions. It's just an awfully hard line and cynical ending to what is essentially a fairy tale. I don't know why I bothered with this. I'm not likely to change your opinion. I intend no offense. I guess I'm just getting fed up with these less-than-romantic theories, some of which (I hope not The Lost Heritage!) don't even leave Han and Leia together. Just a thought, but if you get tired of outraged letters from all us romantics there's a simple solution. Write stories pre-SW or pre-TESB and you avoid the Han-Leia problem entirely.

On Tandyc and Vina: The situation is very interesting with a lot of possibilities (imagine the situation when Han finds out Chewie helped Tandyc dupe him into unknown fatherhood). Of course, I absolutely detest both those women, but the characters are unusual. If you ever get around to printing these outside of St. George's rules (or for that matter any stories with Han) I'd be interested.

I believe I forgot to mention, but I really like "A Corellian Condition", too. And my gripe is the same. It's a fascinating idea. Even if your rather harsh attitude in stories grates on me, you certainly have some unusual plot lines. Food for the imagination.

Also, I think forgotten was "Kerrious Interludes" — less erotic, but at least more romance. The Lost Heritage is off to a good start. [10]

"The First Port" is great, every bit as good as I expected (even better). "Once, During a Snowstorm on Hoth..." was funny. Han and that Tauntaun were definitely not made for each other. "Outcasts from the Land" was very poignant (I hope the er "real" Star Fleet isn't that prejudiced), you're going to make me cry. "Kerrious Interludes" is another good one and it didn't seem to suffer from the editing as far- as I can tell. The Lost Heritage looks like it's going to be fun, I'm looking forward to the r The cartoons are great (especially "Academic Life) an so are the two-liners. Please keep "Las Pobrecitas" (I

knew that address sounded familiar.) Looking forward to SLAYSU 5.[11]

Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed all 4 issues of your zine SLAYSU. And that I'm glad I ordered them all at the same time. It's nice when you can read one chapter of a story and then go right on to the next without waiting, fty favorite stories were, "A Corellian Condition" (I must admit that when I found out what was wrong with Han I had to laugh. You will forgive me, but for some reason I just can't see Han Solo pregnant. But it was a good story — something different. You have a very good imagination.) I also enjoyed The Lost Heritage by Betsy Jacobs in SLAYSU 4. Combining Star Wars and Star Trek makes for a very interesting story. I look forward to read ing the next part of the story very much. Will it be in SLAYSU 6? I wonder how Han, Chewie, Luke, and Leia would react to Jim, Spock. Bones, and the rest of the Enterprise crew? It would make a very interesting story, don't you think? And if you're thinking, why I don't I write one, well, I hate to admit it but I couldn't write a story if my life depended on it! And truthfully I'd rather have someone who knows how to write a good story do it. It would come out a hell a lot better, believe me. [12]

Re: age statement [that you sent me]. Thanks for the warning but, no I'm not offended by graphic sex scenes. I've got two kids and I know where they came from—and how, etc. My poor uptight Mommy "explained" it to me about a - quarter of a century ago. (At least she got the "facts" right — I've ended up defining love and morality for myself, as should we all.) If you need a "sworn" statement I could ask Mother to write me a note like she used to do for school. If she asks what for, I'll tell her "dirty zines" and take off while she's trying to figure it out. That should give my sister a chuckle or two!

You guys don't go for graphic violence? You must just ove it when Darth dusts Luke's hand! (What gets me in TESB is listening to Han scream — I can't take that for long! Sounds too real...) Or are you thinking more along the lines of Conan's battle scenes? Or Night of the Living Dead — which I cannot watch! [13]

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

SLAYSU 5 was published in August 1982 (reprinted February 1983) and contains 99 pages.

The fiction ratings: G=3, PG=3, R=0, and X=3.

printed in issue #4, the original plan for issue #5

From the editorial by C.A. Siebert: "She won't let me print my Apollo/Boomer story in SLAYSU."

  • Op. Cit.
  • cartoon by Mel White (2)
  • Hero Worship by Kathleen B. Retz ("Hey, guess what! Star Wars came out this weekend! And guess what! I saw it again! (what an incredible smell you've discovered...) So...I had to write a short short, there was no way around it. This takes place the night before the award ceremony at the end of SW:TNH and hopefully explains the funny looks Han and Luke exchange all during it. Hope you like it. If you don't...(shrug)...there's always SLAYSU #6...") (3)
  • cartoon by S. Kaiafah (4)
  • Non-Standard Military Procedure by Catherine A. Siebert ("Last issue we printed a story by Mary Turner entitled "Standard Military Procedure" and I sort of half promised there would be a sequel, either by the author, or with her permission, by me. Well, Mary is working on other stories and said, "Sure, go ahead." So I did. What you hold in your hands is the story of Lt. Blynn's next assignment.") (Battlestar Galactica) (5)
  • cartoon by S. Kaifah (9)
  • first Grafitti Page
  • The Lost Heritage, chapters 6-11 by Betsy Jacobs "(This is the last installment of The Lost Heritage. Luke had a serious discussion with Yoda about his parents, Han showed and the gang talked about Luke's parents, and then they stumbled upon the sole survivor of the crashed Enterprise, also discovering a link to Luke's parentage — Anita. Hmnm, seems like a one track story so far. Well, have no fear! Diversity is here! (gag) On a serious note, a lot happened in the last installment and I refuse to go into it here, you'll have to buy Slaysu #4 and read it yourself, so there. And we apologize for two things. One: the lack of art; got lost and ran out of time. Two: the place where we leave you hanging...") (This story is continued in Conflicting Impulses #1) (Star Wars) (11)
  • Wanted: One Understanding Shipmate by Rainbow T'Pyr ("Yeomand rand is having difficulty with spacelag." "This story came to us from a poet who is also a writer. She writes delightful stories and considering how heavy and tiresome zines can get, we include something to break the monotony. We sincerely hope that our zine is not monotonous, but know that it could easily become so if we don't snowcase other writers. Anyway, this story is about Janice Rand. It details some of the difficulties one might encounter on board a starship. It also proves the old adage: Everyone knows that recruiters lie, even when they tell the truth.") (Star Trek: TOS) (31)
  • Adventures of Indiana Jones, comic by Retz (34)
  • Wings of Silver, Wings of Gold by Gerry Stout ("Not all people agree with the stories written in SLAYSU. Some write stories which they think portray the characters as they should be; this author in particular, and she's often right. Ah well. It keeps the ego down. I admit that some of the stories in SLAYSU are biased. They're based on different assumptions than most people use. But we will print different opinions, especially if the story is well written. This story shows a different Troy from the one seen in "A Woman's Touch" or "A Lesson in Humanity". Perhaps the Troy in this story is closer to the character portrayed on the TV program. They haven't rerun the Galactica '80 series in my area, so I can't be positive, but it is a valid characterization. Anyway, enjoy.") (Battlestar Galactica) (35)
  • Las Pobrecitas, cartoons by Retz (39)
  • Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan Quiz and Word Search by Retz (40)
  • Alderaani Refuge by Retz ("When we last saw our hero, Yoda had just drunk Jonah Kerenhappuch and his friend RayLem under the table at the Potsoi. "The First Port" was Yoda's first experience off Dagobah and in the larger galaxy. If you missed that installment of Yoda's life — too bad, you missed out on a lot of fun.") (Star Wars) (41)
  • All My Stormtroopers, cartoon by Kaiafah (46)
  • A Woman's Touch, part 5 by Siebert ("Finally, the fifth chapter of "A Woman's Touch". As usual, Helva is in trouble. But this time, it's not all her fault. She is trying to control her paranoia (her conscience says with little success). Other people are also starting to have problems. After all, you simply can't have an enemy alien on a Battlestar without someone chasing her. But not all problems are different. In many ways, the Colonials have much the same problems as humans from Earth, and are about as successful in dealing with them.") (Battlestar Galactica) (47)
  • Trivia Quiz Answers (56)
  • All My Stormtroopers, cartoon by S. Kaifah (Star Wars) (57)
  • The Lady I Left in Mos Eisley, filk by S. Kaiafah (reprinted from SKR-APA #6) (Star Wars) (58)
  • Second Grafitti Page (60)
  • The Only Magic Used by Siebert ("This story came about because, quite frankly, I couldn't think what to do for a project in my women and mythology class. So I did the only thing I can do, I wrote a story, a modern day myth. My teacher gave me an A on it, so I guess it was okay. Then I started fiddling with it and now (I think) it's better. Gerry found typos and gave me some helpful comments. It's nice to have someone who sees faults that you miss because they're right under your nose. Always listen to advice, even if you don't take it. By listening, you open your mind to other points of view.") (Battlestar Galactica) (61)
  • Oops by Mel White (65)
  • Las Probecitas of R2 and K9, cartoon by Retz (66)
  • The Star That Beckons, part 4, "For the Sake of the Children" by Retz, art by Susan J. Sprouse ("Thomas Garring, at age 26, was the youngest human to be assigned to the Embassy on Vulcan. He settled in, made friends — especially with Ambassador Sarek's family down the street — and was soon on his way in the political life on Vulcan. He met Dr. T'Pranj at a party, they soon married, and they had a daughter, Kathy. The birth was too much for the weak T'Pranj and she died two days later. In the last chapter, "Interim," Thomas Garring was struggling to raise Kathy alone, and work on the Project. The Einbassy and Academy assign Dr. T'Pael to work with him in T'Pranj's place. Garring resents this, but attempts to make the best of things. He wrestles with his feelings over T'Pranj, finally coming to grips with her death and opens up the master bedroom again. The time is about a month later, and Garring's life is undergoing some more radical changes.") (Star Trek: TOS) (67)
  • cartoon by S. Kaiafah (85)
  • All My Stormtroopers, cartoon by S. Kaifah (Star Wars) (86)
  • In/"%%*!$"/out, letters of comment (97)
  • Ibid (99)


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