A Corellian Condition

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Title: A Corellian Condition
Author(s): Catherine A. Siebert
Date(s): 1980-81
Genre: explicit het
Fandom: Star Wars
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A Corellian Condition is a het and implied slash Star Wars story by Catherine A. Siebert.

Two unique things about this fic. 1) It is a very early mpreg. 2) Han Solo is portrayed as having had a male lover in the past, as well as speculating on whether he should seduce and bring Luke to his bed.

The story was printed in two parts in SLAYSU #1 (1980) and #2 (1981). The first part was rated PG, the second part was rated R, and had the subtitle: "That's One I Owe You."

About part one, from the zine:
...there's Corellian Condition which needs no explanation, except to say that fans of the redoubtable Corellian will either love it or hate it.... Once upon a time there was a zlne called The Lighter Side of the Force. There was one story in there that I liked particularly, but I felt it would be better with a little more drama in It. So over the last few months, I wrote it.
About part two, from the zine:
For those of you who wondered what happened after the events in "Corellian Condition" we offer this story. It follows a logic all its own. If the first story in this series offended you this one is even more likely to do so. In which case, avoid it. However, if you have a I which case, avoid it. However, if you have a warped mind, or just like to view things from a slightly different perspective, read on.

Fan Comments

I couldn't help but skim over another story "A Corellian Condition". I, too, have read the story in "Lighter Side of the Force" to which you referred.) The idea of Corellian males bearing the children -- argh! With Han's macho, I just don't see it, but then again, it the unexpected twists that keep us Han-atics amused the most! (How about Leia hustling on the side information from the Imperials, or and Chewie having as affair, or Threepio instructing Luke in the basics every young man should know? [1]

In reference to issue number 1 of "SO LIKE AND YET SO UNALIKE", the story "A CORELLIAN CONDITION". I would just like to inform you that if I ever get my hands on you, I will tie you to 20 spooked Banthas and send them charging in 20 different direction! How dare you say that Han Solo has taken a MALE LOVER!!!!!


I am a Californian (didn't you see the address?), although I don't know If you could say conservative, well, anyway I got to the bottom of your rather unusual story, (stay calm...must stay calm)...


I was somewhat surprised by what your letter didn't say. You mean it doesn't bother you that Han had gotten pregnant and (at the end of the first story) was considering giving birth to an illegitimate child? Would you think that would be much more controversial.
Of course I really can't guess right about people's reactions being a conservative Californian. (Definition: I don't give a damn what people do, as long as no coercion (either physical or mental) is involved). Guess you could say I'm pro-choice.
I am also saddened that you missed all the background work I did on "Corellian Condition". I wanted to point out how much biology has to do with culture. The culture was the easy part. But looking up marsupials and adapting their methods to humanolds was difficult. Had to do some convoluted thinking. Anyway, the point of the story was the relationship of childbearing to lack of economic, social and political power. A side effect of this is that homosexual relations among powerless persons are usually trivialized, more than actively repressed. It Is only when economic independence becomes possible, frequently through effective methods of birth control, that such relationships are openly attacked by society. [2]
[One of my favorite stories in the zine was] "Corellian Condition" (gave me a new way to look at things.) [3]
I thoroughly enjoyed "A Corellian Condition" and can hardly wait to find out if Han has a son or a daughter, or the Force forbid, twins. [4]
For me this one alternates between overwhelmingly fascinating and "fluff". I find the concept (males bearing the children) decidedly interesting, but part of me wants it to be other than Corellian to be considered seriously, I have the horrible feeling I'm not expressing myself as well as I should. Part of me recognizes this as dead serious, but part, of me insists your tongue is jammed into the fleshy pert of your face between maxilla and mandible. Han's dual sexuality Is marvelous!!!! I love it!! And a pregnant man getting a woman pregnant is a delightful twist. Keep it come 'in'! [5]
The "Corellian Condition" proved very thought-provoking and my sister and I both enjoyed this one. Too bad Lucas won't use it! [6]
I picked up SLAYSU 1,2,3 in a sale for a friend and while I had them here I decided to look them over. Skipped over some things, but "A Corellian Condition" caught my eye and, as Solo and Chewbacca are the only two characters I really enjoy reading about, started to skim. I nearly fell out of bed laughing (almost got kicked out when I wouldn't stop). [7]


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