A Matter of Healing

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Title: A Matter of Healing
Author(s): Catherine A. Siebert
Date(s): 1980-81
Genre: explicit het
Fandom: Star Wars
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A Matter of Healing is a het Star Wars story by Catherine A. Siebert.

It is explicit, and it features tentacles.

The story was printed in three parts in SLAYSU #1 (1980), #2 (1981), and #3 (1981).

About part one, from the zine:
The author of this story decided she couldn't write a Han Solo Rescue Story as well as George Lucas, so she concentrated on what might happen after the Corellian was rescued. Would life go on as usual? Or would he fall into the twin traps of paranoia and madness? This story explores those possibilities in a uniquely conformist manner. On another level, this is a lay Han story. it wasn't 'supposed' to be, but the author finally got her copy of Obsc'zine #4, saw the picture of her favorite Corellian, and added several scenes. She says she's going to do a story on the picture. Alas, it will have to wait for another issue of SLAYSU.
About part two, from the zine:
This story continues the adventures of Han Solo and the mysterious Lady. For those of you who missed the first part of the story, it takes place after Solo is rescued and returned to the Alliance camp. It shows how a Corellian smuggler deals with the problems he faces after his ordeal. This one Is also rated X though I personally don't find It quite so arousing. It could be an R since there is more story line to It. But we decided to try to keep all the parts of a story In the same rating as much as possible. Also, someone who doesn't like X rated stories might not read the first story and if we rated the second one R, and that person decided to read it, they would be lost unless they read the first one which might offend them. Anyway It sounds like a good explanation. However, don't think there aren't a number of good sex scenes.

Fan Comments

I have only had a chance to skim over SLAYSU I but I enjoyed the bits I read in "A Matter of Healing". The subject was handled wonderfully and maturely, the writing was pleasantly dull. After a while, reading goody-goody innocent-Luke-gets-the-Princess stories makes me feel like I've just finished reading a fifth grade textbook. Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy these stories a lot, but not to the point where I feel my I.Q. has dropped. [1]
Since you handled Han and Lady extremely well, it would be great to see one of Han and Leia after the unfreezing. What would their relationship be? Did she say she loved him just because she thought he might never be back to prove that love? The part I loved best in "A Matter of Healing" was when Han had that bad dream! Leia must also have some of these! No telling what Darth Vader did to her after the cell doors closed on the Death Star. [2]

At its most simplistic level, this is smut. Period. And I love It. To tell the truth, Chewle's my favorite character, but for pure and simple lust, it's Han far and away. On another level, it has the potential to be excellent psychodrama.

One of the things I don't like about the beginning of it is that it conflicts with Han's natural wariness (remember the first meeting In the cantina In SW, as well as his admission that he doesn't trust Lando In EMPIRE). On the other hand, it does a good job of pointing out the depths of Han's despair.

I think the scene with Luke in the bar could have been better defined. It adequately shows Luke's frustration with his inability to communicate with Han, and helps to show Luke's maturation since we first met him re: his apparent insight Into Han's current depression.

I like Bardls and that delightful spacer's tradition of caring for their own. I'd like to see more of Bardls, even if it's In another story, under another name and on another planet.


Poor Chewie, but I understand the reasoning. It is hard to hide a Wookiee. And a clever cover for the three Ls.

You show no justification for Han's snapping at Lady on the way to Fracti. Could definitely use more explanation here. (2-140, bottom).

Greater detail surrounding Han's nightmare would have added dramatic emphasis, perhaps a bit of the nightmare itself. What? I Another nightmare?! So soon?! PLOT MANIPULATION!!! Could there have been another way for Han to reciprocate? Or could the nightmare have been delayed until later in the story?

Bitch, bitch, bitch. On the whole though, I'm enjoying the story and am looking forward to seeing more of it (after all, we have to get Chewie out of stasis). [3]


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