A Gathering of Hawks

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Title: A Gathering of Hawks
Author(s): Catherine A. Siebert
Date(s): 1986
Length: 13 pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
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A Gathering of Hawks is a 13-page slash Battlestar Galactica Apollo/Boomer story by Catherine Siebert.

first page

It is the sequel to A Flower Springs Up.

It was advertised for sale in Pop Stand Express #10 and cost seventy-five cents plus an SASE.

A Rarity

This fanwork is a rarity due to several reasons.

While it was advertised in a very limited way to fans, it is closer to drawerfic than more "formal" zines.

It is also a rarity in that it is a single fic, rather than a zine, for sale. Most fans in the print era procured their fiction in roughly four ways: buy it in a zine, get it from a story circuit,[1] pass it around a small circle of friends, or have someone photocopy or retype a story from the previous three sources. Writing and selling a single fic was something that didn't happen very often.

This story is also a rarity due to the subject matter; there wasn't all that much Battlestar Galactica slash available.

From the Editor

Summary: "...short, erotic, graphic, and all in fun. Not meant to answer serious questions. The purpose is to offer an alternative to the ordinary, and to enjoy... Takes place a few months later when Boomer and Apollo meet Boomer's heir -- sister, Evanna, and three of her (their) their seven children, as well as a Cylon raiding party. On top of that, Boomer's disinherited mother, Avia, wants to meet Apollo and make sure he's good enough for her favorite son."

Summary from top of the story itself: "For those of you who have waited so long (four months? Has it really been that long?) here is the sequel to "A Flower Springs Up". It is not the end of the story certainly. There are several more in the series as well as half a dozen universes taking off from the original premise. Some of the contraverses look more interesting than the original altiverse.

Oh well, this story deals principally with Boomer's family and their reactions, which are somewhat different. Read and enjoy."

Regarding This Author's Similar Fanworks

Siebert wrote and sold several fics in this fashion. They were all slash.

In 1983, there was this ad supplement to Slaysu in Universal Translator:
We have some stories available only on a request basis and only to legal adults. This is because many people have strange views on homosexual (or any type of sexual) relationships. If you are offended by such relationships or by stories about such relationships, these stories are not for you. These stories are short, graphic and all in fun. They are not meant to answer serious questions. The whole purpose is to offer an alternative to the ordinary.


  1. The Professionals fandom had The Professionals Circuit.