A Gathering of Hawks

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Title: A Gathering of Hawks
Author(s): C.A. Rien and Catherine Siebert
Date(s): 1986
Length: 13 pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
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A Gathering of Hawks is a 13-page slash Battlestar Galactica Apollo/Boomer story by C.A. Rien. It was advertised for sale in Pop Stand Express #10 and cost seventy-five cents plus an SASE. It is the sequel to A Flower Springs Up.

From the editor: "...short, erotic, graphic, and all in fun. Not meant to answer serious questions. The purpose is to offer an alternative to the ordinary, and to enjoy... Takes place a few months later when Boomer and Apollo meet Boomer's heir -- sister, Evanna, and three of her (their) their seven children, as well as a Cylon raiding party. On top of that, Boomer's disinherited mother, Avia, wants to meet Apollo and make sure he's good enough for her favorite son."

In 1983, there was this ad supplement to Slaysu in Universal Translator: "We have some stories available only on a request basis and only to legal adults. This is because many people have strange views on homosexual (or any type of sexual) relationships. If you are offended by such relationships or by stories about such relationships, these stories are not for you. These stories are short, graphic and all in fun. They are not meant to answer serious questions. The whole purpose is to offer an alternative to the ordinary."