Savage Trade

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Title: Savage Trade
Author(s): Gail Adams
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1988-1989
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Savage Trade is a gen Star Wars novel issued in two parts. It is by Gail Adams and was published in the UK.

cover of first volume

Part of a Series

Issue 1

Savage Trade 1 was published in March 1988 and contains 57 pages. The cover is by DTP. There is no interior illustrations.

[From the zine]: After the destruction of the Empire's ultimate weapon, the Death Star, the Rebell Alliance gained much support throughout the galaxy. It grew from strength to strength, and enlisted help from the most unlikely sources ... a Tatooine farm boy, a Corellian smuggler and a two-hundred-year old Wookiee ... and then, of course, there's Princess Leia, and Leyan, the beautiful telepath rescued from her homeworld by the friends ...

Issue 2

Savage Trade 2 was published in November 1989 and contains 57 pages. The cover is by DTP. There is no interior illustrations.

cover of second volume
sample text, from the second volume
[From the zine]:

THE STORY SO FAR: Imperial scion Harnon Gerrit wants one thing and one thing only - the chance to revenge himself on the rebels who bested him on Sallus. Learning that the telepath Leyan is on Imra, he employs a slaver, Garff, to capture her so that she can be used as bait to draw the others into his net. Unbeknownst to him, Skywalker has also arrived on Imra aboard the Millenium Falcoln to collect Leyan, whose mission, to collect some data discs from the planet's underground leader, a likeable rogue named Galadyn Palermo, has been successfully accomplished. The Colonel-Supervisor of Imra, Azra Jerdic, with whom Gerrit is theoretically working, has, however, learnt of the Falcon's presence and has men posted around the ship's docking bay.

Although Garff's first attempt to capture Leyan is foiled by Luke, the second succeeds. Due to the large number of Imperial troops on the planet, the rebels have to wait for Galadyn to find Leyan; but the news he brings them is bad - Garff specialises in selling telepaths into slavery, using a telepath in his employ, Daviot, to keep his victims in line. They are aboard a ship en route to Lillenas, a planet famous for its slave markets. Narrowly escaping from the port when Jerdic overrules the better judgement of his garrison's commander, Farron, and has the bay in which the rebels' ship lies attacked, the Falcon heads out Into space with Galadyn joining the rebels on board. As Solo frantically works on the co-ordinates for Lillenas, somewhere ahead, the ship bearing Darth Vader is closing in on them fast . ..