Resolutions: Solo

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Title: Resolutions: Solo
Author(s): Homer Sapiento
Cover Artist(s): Rebecca Carey
Illustrator(s): one interior illo by Rebecca Carey
Date(s): 1984
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Resolutions: Solo is a 573-page het Star Wars novel by Homer Sapiento.

front cover
back cover

The front and back covers were by Rebecca Carey. This same art was reprinted two years later as the front and back overs of Flip of a Coin #9.

From an ad in Southern Enclave: "The complete story of Solo's life after he marries Leia. Much is revealed about his past. Great trashing and great mushy stuff."

interior page sample
interior page sample
interior page sample
From the author's foreword where he thanks:

Mrs. Joann Emerson without whom this never would have seen the printed page

the readers of Rogue's Gallery who appreciated this writers work and fed his ego

to my best friend, lover, and spouse without who this would have never been begun, and who lived with my faults, failings, and turmoil while it was.

the various manufactures of typewriter ribbon and paper, all of whom have seen their profits soar through this endeavor.

with thanks to all of the above, and to whoever might come after who reads the following: if you laugh a little, shed a tear or two, understand the characters involved and care about them, it is well done


1. The End
2. The Beginning...
3.Past, Present & Future
4. Truth at Last...
5. A New Generation...
6. Settling Down... and Other Great Calamities...
7. Into the Breach...
8. Old Friends... New Dangers
9. Regrets and Farewells
10. Into Civilization's Tentacles
11. Academia's Fire
12. A Night of Surprises... and a Plan
13. Back from the Dead
14. An Unwelcome Reception
15. A Lull in the Galactic Storm
16. Childish Complications
17. Into the Storm
18: Primitive... and Other Superstitious Nonsense
19. Kashyyk's Pleasures
20. The Falcon's Company... Plus Two
21. Underground Farming... and Precognitions
22. The Empire's Revenge
23. The Medieval Faire
24. The Trial of Han Solo
25. And the Truth Shall Set You Free
26. A Flight Into Destiny
27. The Final Conflict
28. Birth and Re-Birth
29. The Die is Cast... With Shadows of the Past
30. The Thread of Life