Collected Circle of Fire

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Title: Collected Circle of Fire
Publisher: Nerfherder Press
Editor(s): Pat Nussman
Date(s): 1985
Medium: print
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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front cover by Martynn
back cover by M.R.O. Ludwig
inside pages, art by Martynn

Collected Circle of Fire is a het zine collecting Anne Elizabeth Zeek's Circle of Fire Star Wars stories. It ran for a single issue despite the fact it was labeled as "issue one" on the cover. It was published by Pat Nussman and is 170 pages long.

The front cover is by Martynn and the back cover is by M.R.O. Ludwig. The interior art is by Ludwig and Martynn as well.

A 1978 Speculation

It appears that this zine was planned to have been published much earlier and in different circumstances. In Masiform D #9, the editor and publisher of Poison Pen Press wrote:
I'm also involved in editing a STAR WARS novel (a cycle of stories, actually) being written by Barbara Wenk and Anne Elizabeth Zeek. I'm not really sure what my function is in this undertaking. Anne, publisher of TIME WARP, PERN PORTFOLIO, and RIGHT OF STATEMENT, surely doesn't need any help in publishing Circle of Fire, and she is also an accomplished editor. As for Barbara, who reads all my submissions and has an incisive (read—nasty) wit, and a sharp eye for poor writing. . . . (Though it is difficult to edit your own writing, Ghu knows.) Sometimes I think I'm just there as a buffer between the two authors. (Snarl! Gnarrish!).

A Famous Story: Re-titled

This zine contains the story "Aries Descending" which is a reprint of Slow Boat to Bespin.

This is the story that was one focus of the Star Wars Open Letters in 1981.

From an Ad idiosyncratic SWars universe comes to life, courtesy of Anne Elizabeth Zeek. All the stories from "Aries Rising "to the startling conclusion, making a complete alternate view of the SWars universe. Planned for '84, to be sold by reservation only. To reserve send $5.00 and SASE [1]

Permission To Copy

"Again, for the record, I officially give permission for fans to copy any of my OOP SWars zines (frankly, it's easier on me than doing the photocopying myself): JUNDLAND WASTES (all issues), ALDERAANI IMPERATIVE, COMPLETE CIRCLE OF FIRE 1 and COMPLEAT ZEEK 1. For the record, the last two never had second volumes because of various fiscal problems... SWars has become a fairly small market and the price of printing is way up." [2]


  • Aries Rising (Reprinted from Guardian #2) (2 pages)
  • Chinese Fire Drill (Reprinted from Twin Suns) (76 pages)
  • Catherine Wheel (Reprinted from Starwings #1) (80 pages)
  • Aries Descending (Reprinted from Guardian #3) (9 pages) (This story was originally published as Slow Boat to Bespin.)

Part of a Cycle, and the Proposed Second Volume

From the Author's Note:

You may have noticed by now that this collection has a "volume 1" in the back of the title. Originally, Pat and I had intended to put the entire "Circle of Fire" cycle into a single volume. But after I got started, we saw how much was already written -- more than enough to fill a zine. So, we decided to print the already completed stories as the first volume of a continuing story line. The four reprinted stories in this volume are intended to form a complete story "circle" of their own, spanning from the period from the end of "A New Hope" to "The Empire Strikes Back." The second volume will continue the saga with original stories, the only exception being two short reprints which will be completely rewritten. When finished, these two volumes will comprise an entire alternate SWARS universe.

The second volume and the rest of the "cycle" were never published, at least in the form in the author's note.


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