Far Horizons (multimedia zine)

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See also Far Horizons (disambiguation).

Title: Far Horizons
Publisher: out of Salinas, California
Editor(s): D.S. Ingram, assistant editor was Margaret Ingram
Date(s): 1981
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: multimedia
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Far Horizons is a gen multimedia 202-page fanzine published by D.S. Ingram in 1981.


The first issue may have been the only issue.

It has art by Tabitha Amber, Nan Dalton, Charli Frank, E.K. Horton, D.S. Ingram, M. Ingram, and Fred Sellingner. The cover art is by Charli Frank and E.K. Horton.

It has content from Star Wars, Buck Rogers in the Twenty-First Century, and more.


  • Horizons' View, Editorial (3)
  • Like His Father by Jodi Joyce (6)
  • Field Agent by D.S. Ingram (14)
  • Star Trek Word Search (20)
  • Creatures of Grace by H.L. Ingram (23)
  • Recompense by Sarah James (24)
  • Darkness, for Love's Sake by Shiloh Thomas (42)
  • A Matter of Taste by Elizabeth Frame (46)
  • Bittersweet by Jodi Joyce (48)
  • Wanted... a writing contest (78)
  • Knots of Winter by D.S. Ingram (80)
  • Friend-Search by Chewbacca (84)
  • From the Nerf Department, ad (86)
  • What Do You Get a Dragon for Christmas? by Alicia Keyser (90)
  • Searcher by D.S. Ingram (92)
  • Little Man by Linne Addams (104)
  • To Han by H.L. Ingram (106)
  • Could It Be Magic? by Elizabeth Frame (108)
  • Get Away by Linne Addams (114)
  • A Matter of Semantics by D.S. Ingram (162)
  • Wookiee Business by Volney Farnaha (172)
  • It's Not Easy by Elizabeth Frame (193)